QNET: A Philanthropic Company Co-Founded By Vijay Eswaran

QNET is a company based overseas in the Philippines that sells a variety of products for health, nutrition, personal care, and also has home environment and jewelry products in its inventory as well. QNET is also affiliated with QI Group, and both use the same style of direct selling and marketing their products. Yet unlike most other businesses that you would find in the Western Hemisphere, QNET has philosophies of being personally involved with people who need QNET’s products to improve their way of life, and find the ultimate happiness that they’re looking for. QNET also takes a percentage of every item sold and gives to their charitable organization, the RHYTHM foundation.

Leading the company in its endeavors to make a difference is co-founder and Chief Executive Vijay Eswaran. Eswaran first got into business around 1984 where after working various jobs that had no leads in them, he got into marketing and enhancing his skills as a multi-level marketer. He did this kind of marketing for Synaptics, an IT development company in the US after getting his MBA at SIU, but he began to feel something was missing from the whole picture. In 1998, he decided to return to the Asian lands and teamed up with another entrepreneur who had spent his time in a monastery, Joseph Bismarck. Together, he and Bismarck started up QI Group and QNET and it has grown exponentially since that time. He also has a WeForum profile.

Eswaran’s accomplishments both for QNET and independent work are nothing small. He’s been recognized by Forbes Asia in the top 25 of richest Asians, the NGI Award for philanthropy, and won CEO of the year in 2013 from the Asean Business Advisory Council Malaysia. Like his fellow businessman Bismarck, Eswaran is also a firm believer in integrating spiritual practices into the workplace and stimulating the personal well-being of his employees. He especially embraces meditation and finding inner quiet to avoid distractions that modern-day technology brings to the workplace. Eswaran has published books about his work and his beliefs including In The Sphere Of Silence, In The Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones, and On The Wing Of Thought.

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