ITEC Growing with Brian Bonar’s Vision

ITEC, which is also known as Imaging Technologies Corporation, is a major creator of software and hardware for color management and digital imaging. They also provide service for their products. This company was started nearly thirty-five years ago and it is based in San Diego, California. ITEC provides various market segments with imaging products, such as software, copiers, printers, and plotters. They specialize in clients who are running medium to small businesses. Customers appreciate the total package of ITEC’s system solution. Everything they need is bundled together, such the supplies, computer software and service agreements. ITEC services what it sells.

ColorBlind © is one of their prominent software packages which combines applications to make images successfully over various platforms of software and hardware. The program has won awards and is easily ran by new or experienced professionals. Clients can also get supplies such as paper, toner, and ink through ITEC’s e-commerce branches, www. and These sites also provide service support and helpful information concerning software products and color education.
During the past year or so, ITEC has developed from a manufacturing/developing corporation to one of marketing/servicing. The company plans to use its knowledge and experience in imaging products and services to broaden their acquisitions and to serve a larger client base. ITEC specializes in serving small and medium businesses by offering various administrative services.

Recently, ITEC sought to diversify their executive services by acquiring a professional employer organization. Virginia’s SourceOne Group, Inc. is now a branch of ITEC and helps clients with human resources and other payroll services. ITEC hopes this acquisition will enhance services, keep loyal clients and boost profits. ITEC also is working with small to medium reseller businesses in order to reach customers and other sources of revenue globally.

As the CEO of ITEC, Brian Bonar has a lot of experience in imaging services. For nearly twenty years, he worked with companies such as U.K. ltd. and IMB. Later, he worked in an Alabama company called QMS as its executive director of engineering for over four years. His hard work and expertise took him to San Jose, California to work for Bezier Systems, Inc. as their vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. In two years, he accepted the position of executive vice president and COO. Finally, in 1998, Bonar was named CEO and was chairman of the board doe Bezier, Inc. Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

Brian Bonar’s vision as CEO of ITEC is inspiring for all those who work with him. He has been interviewed by several leading financial journals and is considered and expert in the field of imaging services. With all their new services and acquisitions, it is expected that ITEC will continue to expand with Bonar’s experience and competent leadership.

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