Foreign Investment In South America Continues To Grow

There is always an opportunity to expand your business in markets that are reasonably stable and do not have the same type of security concerns that trouble parts of the world. Today, that describes South America pretty well, with all countries growing their purchasing power and ample resources available for development.

In fact, after the US Navy left Argentina a couple of years ago, it marked the first time that they did not have a presence in South America for many decades- a sure sign that companies wishing to expand or investors wanting to invest are able to do so without worrying about potential major conflicts upending their firms.

Here are some of the leading innovators in bringing investment opportunity for others in South America:

Uruguay: With the election of a former anti-regime President, Uruguay moved to the center and successfully showcased its agricultural value to investors abroad. The reason that the country is not more publicized in North America is that a lot of the investment dollars were coming from families that owned conglomerates in Southeast Asia. Today, they have a stable economic base, the second safest city in the world: Montevideo, and a large area of land available for development.

Cláudio Loureiro Heads: Long known as one of the most dynamic voices on behalf of Brazil, Cláudio has spent the past couple of decades running Heads Propaganda, a corporate communications agency that features some of the top Brazilian and global brands as clients. He is particularly noted for encouraging investment in areas like Ipanema and other parts of Brazil that investors may not see in their rush to get to the better-known Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo. He has also worked behind the scenes to bring celebrities like Woody Allen and a host of other international guests to Brazil to see what the country has to offer as an investment.

Imaginot: After spending time in various parts of South America, the US company with South American roots started talking to the public in California about the depth of the opportunity in Buenos Aires. The net result was a new rush of people that found careers popularizing Malbec, adding to Argentina’s drive to become the 5th largest wine producing country in the world. They also helped drive millions of dollars in real estate investment in the Buenos Aires market at a time when the US market was tipping over in a hurry. Today, although the Argentine currency has dropped in value, the real estate investments that were made turned out to be very profitable for many.

Due to continued stability and growing purchasing power, South America looks like it will continue to be an attractive place to expand for quite some time. Finding a partner that can introduce you to a country like Brazil at a level that can positively impact your business is a pretty good way to get started.

CCMP Capital Helps Middle Market Companies Grow

The private equity business does not always generate a lot of publicity. That’s somewhat surprising, considering how important of a function it serves for a healthy economy. Private equity firms make investments at key times in the life cycle of corporations. Many of these companies are operating squarely in the middle market. They cannot go to the next level without a major infusion of capital. They are not yet big enough for the public markets, so they turn to private equity firms instead.

Private equity firms, like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, bring a lot to the table when they invest heavily into companies. Obviously, the major infusion of capital helps solve several immediate problems the company may be experiencing. Perhaps more importantly, though, the firm also brings in industry contacts and a certain amount of prestige that readies the enterprise to deal with the “big boys.” Middle market companies generally don’t have enough bulk to compete on an international stage, even if they’re extremely good at what they do.

The amount of money involved in private equity deals has soared since the year 2000. This has happened primarily due to the knowledge that the deals they make really increase investor and company value. Stephen Murray, who lead CCMP for many years after its inception, lead the company through an incredible growth phase that saw them partner with numerous companies in four tightly defined categories. CCMP stayed the course and was able to chart a number of large successes in the past decade. Private equity firms have a relatively long-term horizon for their investments. It’s their job to help a company achieve rapid growth after they buy in, and then attempt to sell at the top.

The private equity market has grown increasingly competitive as major successes poured in for firms like CCMP Capital. The trend in recent years has been for private equity firms to completely buy out companies or do select partnerships as needed. This gives them a high level of control over their investment, which reduces their risk significantly. Whether the equity firm works with current management or not is largely a matter of preference and style. CCPM Capital has maintained a friendly relationship with company management for the last few deals they’ve done. This has helped them to achieve growth faster than if they tried to install a whole new business model and management team.

The next big factor affecting private equity could be rising interest rates. Most people in the industry expect that rates will continue to rise and that will shrink the available amount of capital as well as increase the risk of making deals. One thing seems certain, CCMP Capital is well-positioned to thrive in its niche markets regardless of what comes next.

What are Capital Markets?

According to Investopedia, capital markets are ones that sell and buy debt instruments and equity. The aim is to increase capital without it costing too much. They act as the medium between those who need capital and the suppliers of capital. Different from money markets, they usually involve medium and long term stocks and bonds. Many people participate in capital markets including individual and institutional investors, the government, banks, as well as companies and businesses. These also include primary and secondary markets. It’s no surprise that good lawyers are needed when the stakes can be so high. Capital market lawyers deal with the ins and outs of this type of market. They’re experts in settling disputes, and they help everyone to put their best foot forward. One such lawyer is Sam Tabar.

Sam Tabar is a New York City based capital markets lawyer. He’s known for his strategic expertise, and he has a lot of career experience. He’s been employed as the Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development at the SPARX Group Company, also known as PMA Investment Advisors. He has also worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Good lawyers like Sam are needed because our economy depends on capital markets. Therefore, having everything run smoothly is imperative. In fact, these markets do not only make an impact on the United States, but they effect the world as a whole.

Why do we rely so much on these markets?

Referencing the Capital Markets Authority, capital markets serve as a resource of capital for important ongoing projects. This type of market also helps to meet our needs as a society, such as water and public transportation. Not only that, but capital markets are efficient when money is scarce. In any economy, this is vital. Capital markets also help the economy to be productive for both private and public institutions. This encourages foreign investors by making our country a safe place for them to invest in the first place.

New Brunswick Success Spells Rejuvenation For Newark

Spurred by previous large scale successes in New Brunswick, real estate developer Omar Boraei, president of Boraie Development compared that project with the planned development in Newark. This was reported in a recent publication of NJBIZ.

The thinking in Newark has made a dramatic turn around as far as the planning for the city’s rebirth is concerned. Over the years, developers and city authorities had placed their hopes for desperately needed revitalization on projects commonly referred to as “Big Bang” or massive single unit expansion projects.

Boraie Development has taken an alternate route with their highly successful development in New Brunswick 40 years ago. The feeling was that the project was destined to fail.That endeavor faced the same challenges that Newark faced, but proved to be a rousing success. That success changed the way money should be spent when rejuvenating a city.

Rather than invest in a single massive housing structure, developers will instead design multi unit Class A buildings that when completed will have an impact much larger than one huge structure might generate.

Boraie Development has gone on record in favor of this type of plan. Their reasoning states that the impact of a larger, more extensive housing project built simultaneously, will have a major impact on the public’s perception and acceptance of a true renaissance in the city. Furthermore, it will encourage more spending on infrastructure and amenities to help draw a continual rush of new residents to the city.

New Brunswick was the model and inspiration for Boraie Development and other key developers to move forward in Newark. Currently there are ten individual multi building Class A projects underway or in the advanced planning phase. The Boraie team has a 16 story housing unit underway in the heart of Newark. the initial structure in their multi unit development.

When completed, the scale of these large upscale residential units is expected to generate much interest and a wave of new residents to the state’s largest city. Expectations are high. For the first time, the city of Newark sees a brighter future and a true renaissance for their city.

Changes called for after economic study into Olympic Valley


The Sierra Sun is reporting the latest economic study into the economic feasibility of incorporating Olympic Valley has become a major source of controversy. The study has been challenged by the Incorporate Olympic Valley group as they search for the best path forward in achieving their goal, which has included stating the company responsible for the study has not made the correct adjustments in its calculations. Incorporate Olympic Valley state the study should offer options for the level of services provided, including the reserve fund, law enforcement department and levels of services.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has been one of the leaders in opposing the incorporation option through its CEO and President Andy Wirth. The German born philanthropist has backed the report into economic feasibility after financial experts from Squaw Valley Ski Resort gave it their seal of approval. Wirth works within the Lake Tahoe community in a bid to make sure the economic and environmental future of the area is secured and the best decision available is made about the future of Olympic Valley in terms of incorporation.

The battle over incorporation looks set to continue as the Incorporate Olympic Valley group is set to fund more areas of study about incorporation,, including an economic impact study that must be submitted before any decision can be made. The process of investigating the best way forward for Olympic Valley began in December 2013 with the initial application for incorporation made by the Incorporate Olympic Valley group, according to The Sierra Sun. Service levels and the continuance of services offered to the community at a similar level to those offered by Placer County are a major source of debate for those interested in the incorporation battle.

Kenneth Griffin: Weathering Life’s Storms to Stay Afloat

Kenneth Griffin is the billionaire founder of Citadel LLC. After being on the brink of collapse seven years ago, today he is on an aggressive approach to reclaim his spot near the top of hedge-funds heap. Since the beginning of 2014, his company’s assets have surged by over ten million. Another idea they are kicking around is going public. It could happen by the end of 2015. It appears that Griffin on is riding the surge after what has been a tumultuous year. Though his business is on the upswing, he has a high publicized divorce going on, and his wife has made accusations that he threw a bedpost at her. Though they are in settlement negotiations, it has been a rough year for him.

The 2008 financial crisis humbled hedge funds. Some closed after having the worst stretch performance on record. To avoid high risks, some are targeting annualized returns. Some are avoiding the term hedge funds altogether. Citadel doesn’t seem shaken by the risks; they are amplifying bets and using borrowed money. They are using a forceful approach and making history as one of the best comebacks.

To understand Citadel, one would have to understand the passion and dedication that Griffin has for his company. He began investments at the age of nineteen. From his Harvard dorm room, his investment career took off quicker than he ever anticipated. Early on he was dubbed as gifted and a convertible bond trader. In his 20’s, he started Citadel. He was making money hand over fist from buying distressed assets from companies like Enron Corporation. However, when the tide shifted, and the financial crisis hit, he lost more than eight billion dollars. Investors wanted to avoid collapse and withdrew their money for almost a year.

Rather than shut their doors like many companies, they weathered the storm. It took over three years to get back all the money they lost, but the fact is they did get it back. Citadel continues to place bets both on markets increasing and decreasing worldwide. They invest in many different markets to keep their investments diverse. In an expansion effort, Citadel developed a unit that buys and sells securities. Known as market making, it is diving into an arena that most banks have avoided. One-third of US stock orders is routed through Citadel. Routing these stocks provides an excellent ten percent revenue.

Mr. Griffin has learned the hard way to spend the bulk of his time concentrating on the overall investment procedure rather than pondering individual positions. Finding the right balance and trying not to drive people away is hard. His life has been out of balance due to his wife, Anne Dias, filing for divorce. Their marriage in 2003 was lavish including a beautiful melody from Donna Summer. His wife has pulled out all the stops to extort money from him. She went as far as to ask the court to order expenses that exceed a million dollars, as well as asking for the prenuptial agreement to be voided. While this was a devastating blow, he still has weathered much bigger storms in his life financially. Those last sixteen weeks during 2008 made his divorce seem like a stroll through the park.

Griffin is one of the incredible stories out there of people who have been beaten down by life, but they still manage to hold their head high and move on. With Citadel rebounding nicely, perhaps it will be smooth sailing for a while.

Steps To Finding the Right Lawyer In Brazil

Any time you need a lawyer, you want to choose the right person for the job. There are many good lawyers in Brazil but you don’t want to select just any lawyer that you find. It is advisable to go with a lawyer who has a track record of providing high quality service to clients.

You need to always keep in mind you are looking for someone who is professional, reliable, and who will handle your case effectively. As with any business, recommendation is a great way to find a good law in Brazil. It is one of the best ways to find out who has provided good representation to clients.

Ask lots of questions before choosing a Brazilian lawyer. You don’t want to spend time and resources with a lawyer who cannot help you. Set up an initial phone consultation or email correspondence with the lawyer on your list of possibilities. You may speak with an office manager, receptionist or secretary during the before you actually meet with the lawyer. If so, ask the secretary or office manager pertinent questions about the lawyer’s practice. You can ask how long the lawyer has been in practice. Also find out if the lawyer’s practice focuses on a particular area of law.

When it comes to fees, there are different ways lawyers assess fees and each lawyer works differently. Find out how the lawyer assesses his or her fees, and how often the lawyer bills. If you don’t understand the fee structure or billing as again, and they can give you clarification. In addition, make sure that you choose a lawyer you are comfortable with.

Once you decide to hire a lawyer ask that your contract or agreement be put in writing, to avoid misunderstanding in the long run. This agreement or arrangement can be recorded or outlined in the form of a formal contract, or a letter. It should specifically state what services the lawyer will provide for you and how much the fees will be. If you have oral agreement and no written contract, you have still made an agreement and are responsible for legal fees charged by the lawyer and his or her office.

A good Brazilian lawyer must be able to negotiate properly, or litigate effectively, in order get the best possible outcome in your case. While many cases settle out of court, it is still very important to choose a lawyer who has good litigation skills and can file motions if necessary. The lawyer you choose must be well experienced in Brazilian law, and should have a lot of courtroom experience.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent Brazilian litigation lawyer who is highly recommended by clients. His legal advice has been outstanding, and will support your business plans or other transactions in Brazil. He has great expertise in business law and litigation, and he has vast experience handling high profile cases. Mr Ricardo Tosto owns some of the most well-established law firms in Brazil, with a high reputation for effectively handling business related matters.

BRL Trust Financial Investment Company

BRL Trust is a Brazilian financial investment company founded in 2005. The company offers several financial related services ranging from loans, financial assistance, and financial management services to financial legal assistance.

The company has a team of skilled and professional financial officers, with an outstanding knowledge on matters to do with financial management to legal financial matters. BRL policies conform to the present world financial policies. The company is premised on a transparent and legally approved firm structure that is open to scrutiny by relevant legal authorities and does not indulge in acts that breach financial regulations such as acts of money laundering or any other action that violates financial and legal ethical standards. BRL engages with clients who have met financial legal requirements and after a rigorous scrutiny of their portfolio.

BRL services are open to all individuals who met the required criteria laid. Those in need of loans must provide a well orchestrated plan to show how they will use it. Their previous credit repayment behaviour is also assessed to ensure that they have a good record. BRL can also advice on the best investment opportunity for a concerned or a prospective investor. BRL discusses with its clients to know the level of risk one is intending to take. They provide assistance in low level risks investments such as real estate investments which yields long term profits.

Before issuing a high risk loan, BRL Trust conducts underwriting exercise to determine the credit worthiness of a client to receive a loan. The underwriting for numerous financial securities helps to establish whether the client is in a financial position or has property worth to repay the loan. It checks on the on the salary and property ownership of the client. BRL will have to sign against property as a security in case one defaults in repaying the advanced loan.

The company has been in operation for a decade now and it is growing in reaps and bounds. Its achievements have gone beyond expectations, thanks to its exceptional group of managers with an apt knowledge and resourceful skills on financial matters. The company has a great future given that it is always dishing out innovative services that are so unique in the financial market. With its insatiable thirst for success, BRL will wither all challenges to be a renowned financial institution globally in the future.
BRL Trust is an authority in the financial industry. For matters to do with financial services that one can be sure of safety and reliability, money administration in complicated transactions, controlling funds, exchange of fund custody, asset management for persons and corporate firms, property underwriting and advice on the most lucrative investment projects, BRL is the answer.

Investing in Brazil with Zeca Oliveira

Zeca Oliveira has managed to become a great counselor for many people that are interested in what Brazil has to offer. Zeca has become an authority because he knows Brazil, and he knows how to manage money. The thing that has kept a lot of people seeking his advice is his ability work in asset management. Oliveira has allowed many investors outside of Brazil to see what Brazil has to offer. There are more than 200 million people in the country of Brazil. Zeca Oliveira knows this, and he has been able to keep an eye on the investments that are thriving.

Sometimes it takes an asset management professional like Zeca to lead people to what is valuable in Brazil. There are raw materials that are exported from Brazil. There is oil. The list could go on and on for all the great investments that are here. The problem, in most cases is that people do not know about anything the Brazilian culture. They may be all excited about the thought of investing in the culture, but they just may not know what to do. Some investors may know that there are opportunities, but they need to be led. This is where the asset managers are valuable. They help investors get acquainted with the investments that will make the best portfolio. There are not a lot of people that can do this on their own, so the asset manager is like a head start for foreign investors.

The amount of time that people spend looking for the right investment can be lengthy. Many people will actually lose money while they are waiting to find something to invest in. It is going to be much more beneficial to get with the professional consultants and make money that could otherwise be lost if you wait too long to invest.

Brazil is a beautiful country. It is the largest in all of Latin America. People that live in Brazil are hard workers. They work hard and they party hard. This is the thing that makes this culture work. Many investors that come here for tourism will recognize that this economy is booming. They are going to want to invest in this because it is easy to see how the economy thrives. Lots of people want a piece of the pie, and the asset manager is the perfect source for securing investments in Brazil.