Understanding Traits Of Others

There are lots of leadership and business books on the market. They all have one thing in common – suggestions and recommendations on what to do as a leader and how to motivate employees. Some are well thought-out ideas and some are dangerous and destructive as well. For example, John a professional career trainer and personal mentor had brought in a current employee of a multi-national company on valuewalk.com as his client. In his observation, he saw that the employee had a stellar performance record in his previous job but failed to achieve the same in his current company. John saw that all he needed to do was give him some motivational boost through conversation. He wanted to discuss the employee’s failure in projects and as a result planned a routine for him. The conversation focused only on the project the employee was working on and did not relate to his overall well-being like the trial and error method that the employee was working on with his weight loss journey. Later, after thinking about the employee’s condition, John learned that the employee had started his weight-loss diet but had to quit due to workload and frequent office visits. His current position prevented him from attending gym and weight-loss related therapies. The employee said he was upset about the situation and didn’t think John’s strategies worked well to his lifestyle.

What we learn from this story is that John was so eager to apply the ideas that he had learned from his education and skills as a career trainer to the employee’s situation but simply failed to take several points into consideration. These issues included understanding why the employee was stressed out at work, and why he had stopped pursuing his personal life in a healthy way. Sometimes, mistakes like this happen where people fail to consider others choices and simply criticize them.

Great leaders like Ken Griffin, the founder and President of Citadel LLC take time to understand how employees will react to a situation and collect valuable information about them from them. Honestly evaluating a person is the way to learn to control a behavior and pinpoint error. The scenario above shows that until you know who you are and with whom you are dealing with, you cannot possibly coach someone else in an effective way. For Griffin, being in the field and technology and engaging with various teams in his company taught him a lot of things including how to motivate the team to achieve the required results. This is not easy unless a leader like him find the core of the person and apply it to his or her environment. Understanding the strength and weakness of a person is allowing to compose a more complete message through communication and utilizing it appropriately. It is important, therefore, for leaders to be able to identify traits in a team so that they learn to manage it and optimize its skills. Great leaders and managers take time to understand the resources before jumping into a conclusion.

Advertising Market in Brazil

Brazil as a developing economy has been on its highest in terms of economic growth and business development. The country has also seen tremendous growth in ICT and technology hence the growing investments and economic attractiveness. As such, the country has attracted the attention of great investors such as Claudio Loureiro. Claudio Loureiro has heavily invested in the advertising industry in the country and he has made his fortune in the industry where he has been active for years now. Concerning his great entrepreneurial skills, he has been ranked among the greatest investors in the country and his achievements is a proof of it.

One of the largest advertisement companies in the country is the Heads Agency headed by Claudio Loureiro. He is the founder and the current chief executive officer and he has taken the company to great heights to its current level of excellence. In the country, there are a number of advertising companies due to the great business in this particular field. The country being one of the highly populate nations of the world, the great number of people has created a great market that needs to be reached. As a result, advertising companies have come up to cease the opportunities therein and among the most reputed advertisement companies, Heads Agency is among the first 20 in rankings.

The company is based in the capital and it has been performing very well for the last few years. Of all the companies in the city, Heads Agency is among the first 5 in rating. The company is a great investment and it has taken advantage of the great market potential driven by the country’s population. Brazil is the biggest economy in the Latin American region and the country’s potential is also a factor that has influenced the growth of the advertisement industry.

Being the biggest economy in the region, Brazil has given the Head Agency a platform to exploit the entire Latin American market in advertisement. The company has really benefited from the country’s growth in the ICT sector and as a result it has built a strong base in digital advertisement. The infrastructural advancement has enhanced coverage of such communication tools as the television and radio communications which has been great tools for the company’s advertising marketing. Other options that the company has exploited include the print media which has also been very effective as well.

What You Need To Know About Ski Season.

A ski season is a time in the alpine resort when alpine sports such as snowboarding, skiing and many other can be done. Ski season coincides with ski lifts. With regard to the resorts’ altitude and latitude, the skiing season runs from early winter to the end of spring. In California, the season runs from late November to late early July. The season can be classified into three stages and, therefore, has three different lift prices tickets.
• The first stage is off-peak. The stage occurs at the start and the end of the season. During this stage, the number of lifts available is few and at the same time the snow cover is patchy and irregular in the lower parts of the mountain
• The second stage is known as the shoulder. During this stage, the mountain is completely covered by snow. At this time, the sale of lift tickets are not very profitable to warrant opening all areas of the mountain.
• The third stage is the peak. In this stage, all lifts are open. This period usually occur when there are holidays such as public or school holidays.

A sign of snow would mean time to go for hibernation to some people, and time to put on everything at their disposal to keep warm. For others, this is a moment of an incredible sport that is accompanied by mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Skiing sports combine an important aspect of outdoor air, physical activity and exposure to some sunlight that people fail to realize. Many people, more so those who have not done skiing before, do not know the power of the brain employed in this sport. As a matter of fact, skiing activity allows a person to have a feel of various body parts as well as the energy that moves them.

Andy Wirth works in the hotel industry and mountain resort. Presently, he is the CEO of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. For the last 25 years, Wirth has worked in the mountain resort and hotel industry. Wirth has worked in various leadership and marketing positions. Wirth has been integral in the society by participating in community activities as well as philanthropic activities.

Joseph Bismark Appoints Martina Hingis To Become The Brand Ambassador For QNET.

Joseph Bismark, the man who is known to be the QI Group Managing Director, has added a new team member to the group. Just recently, he publicly announced that, Martina Hingis, the renowned tennis superstar Martina Hingis, will be the newest brand ambassador for the number one leading direct sales institution known as QNET.

This announcement was made by joseph Bismark on the 18th day of September this year, during the V-UAE, which happened in the Hamdan Sports Arena. The super star , Martina Hingis, shared the with Joseph Bismark and together they made their partnership known and public in front of over 10,000 people who had attended the event.
According to the Marina, the appointment was indeed a great honor to her, and she was happy to be the company’s associate. QNET is an international brand, which is recognized for having its strength and a lot of popularity in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Every passing year, QNET Independent Representatives come together to celebrate, as they learn, and develop as a community V-Con, which is the biggest convention held by The-V. Hosted in Dubai this year, the V-UAE was actually a celebration of QNET’s 17th anniversary. The company’s Executives, like Mr.Joseph Bismark, decided that the excellent way to celebrate the event was by adding a new member to the company so that it can expand.

The chosen star, ms Hingis,is actually a world recognized and famous tennis champion, who has held several award in the past.The super star was quick to happily acknowledged her new title of the Brand Ambassador from Bismark. She told the audience that she was willing and honored to work with the QNET brand to enhance its popularity.

Joseph Bismark is the renowned founding director for the QI Group. In the 2008 he becomes the Group Managing Director. Since then, he has managed to help the institution achieve a lot through his hard work and dedication.
Bismark is actually a very talented and quite a versatile leader who is known to live by the adage that every person has got the required potential to achieve extraordinary things. He is known to be dynamic by many. Over the years, he has been able to achieve very many things, due to his great thirst to be knowledgeable always. He has been able to excel in various aspects of his life, becoming a philosopher and a yoga instructor and a bonsai master among others.

Source: BusinessWire

Brian Mulligan Is Excited To Keep Learning New Things

Brian Mulligan has written many great pieces on sports, and he has also served in many great positions in companies, throughout his career. For the past 30 years Brian Mulligan has always been doing something new with his life. He has served at one company or another throughout the years, always eager to learn something new and to do something different. And all of the companies that he’s worked for have appreciated him and his efforts put toward making them better.
Brian Mulligan has never been too scared to take on a project in his career. If there is something that needs to be done he goes ahead and tackles it. He knows that there is always going to be something new for him to be learning, and he is always excited to learn it and to be able to accomplish a new task. He has been great in all of his sports writings, and he has also been great in all of the positions that he’s served in in companies. Whether he is the managing director, executive vice president, or any other title in a company, he knows how to do his best work to make that company better. When people look up to him and his career they get excited because of all of the amazing things that he has been able to do. He is an inspiration to all because of his hard work and dedication to the jobs that he’s had.
Currently Brian Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisers, and the work that he has done there is just as good as any of the other work that he has done throughout his career. He is always striving to do good things in his career, and he has been able to be a great asset to Brooknol Advisers. The work that he has done there is better than what anyone else could have done, and he is sure to keep doing great things in his career. He might have already accomplished a lot, but that does not mean that he is ready to be finished leaning new things.

Investment Advice With Capital Restructuring


When looking to make an investment, it is important to find a bank that is willing to offer investment advice in order to maximize the chances of making profitable investments. The best investment banks have a multitude of funding sources. This will help them give advice when it comes to capital restructuring. This is especially true for middle-market firms. Middle market investors could especially use the help in order to make sure that their investments in capital restructuring are successful. The client definitely needs a bank that could provide the best solutions even in the face of the most confusing problems related to finances.

Investing is a tough activity to get involved in. It takes a lot of knowledge of the market and patience in order for one to make it work in his favor in a consistent manner. There are many cases when a lack of knowledge of the market is the downfall for an investor. It is for this reason that they need the help and advice of an expert in the market and other types of investing. It is this advice that makes the difference between a client buying an asset and paying for something that turns out to be a liability.

One of the companies that are worth getting investment advice from is Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking firm. They offer high quality advice to clients that are looking to make some special investments which include acquisition and merger deals and other types of investments. Along with advising major companies and businesses, the firm has also collaborated with middle-market firms and made successful navigation through complex transactions. This has resulted in some of the best outcomes possible. The very thing that makes Madison Street Capital good as an investment bank firm is the fact that they take the time to examine each case of each client. They do not rush into decisions based on very little information.

When looking for an investment firm to get advice from, the client need to make sure the investment bank has plenty of experience and knowledge of the market it is working in so that it could provide some of the bets advice which will help the client make the purchasing decisions that will grant him huge profits. Madison Street Capital helps match the client with another client that will make the best deals. They also carry the procedure out in little time.

Defector Yeonmi Park’s New Book Details Horrors of Living in North Korean Regime

Sometimes the United States, and nations with the NATO bloc in general, have a habit of criticizing countries not so much because of what those countries do is so bad but because they simply disagree. One country where that’s not the case, however, would have to be North Korea. North Korea, with the possible exception of its lone powerful UN friend China, is universally regarded as the template you would use in creating a bad world on Star Trek or some dystopian nightmare reality well in the vein of “The Maze”, “Hunger Games”, “Handmaid’s Tale”, “1984”, etcetera.

One reason we know how horrible the North Korean regime is the often terrible first hand stories offered by defectors who have escaped the country, usually, by using a combination of cunning, courage and physical strength. By the way, the second reason we know that North Korea is bad is that you have to escape from it. Their borders aren’t free, kind of like a big open air prison for 24 million people.

Yeonmi Park tells yet another unsurprisingly harrowing tale of not only her often nightmarish experiences within the regime but her escape in her new memoir titled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. Park on yeonmi.net would regularly go without food and was brainwashed to believe that North Korean dictator Kim Jong II could read her mind, according to promotional material about the book.

“I wasn’t dreaming of freedom when I escaped from North Korea. I didn’t even know what it meant to be free,” said Park in the Amazon description for “In Order to Live”. She has also stated that she felt that she would have died from disease or starvation or from the conditions in a labor camp if she stayed behind. “The hunger had become unbearable; I was willing to risk my life for the promise of a bowl of rice, ” Park said. One of her experiences was watching a woman she grew up with getting shot right before her for a minor infraction.

Her escape from North Korea wasn’t an easy matter. Even though she managed to make it into China she was sold into sexual slavery. Her father, who had made it into China after she and her mother had escaped, had died in China. Park eventually made it to South Korea and freedom but she continues to be attacked by North Korea. The regime, which sometimes has murdered and attempted to murder defectors, mostly relies on negative public relation campaigns against people who escaped. But Park, who has the good looks of a model, remains resolved to denounce the regime and has the freedom now to do just that. She will be making appearances in the US in the fall of 2015 in order to promote her new book and speak about her often frightening experiences living in the North Korean regime.

Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service

Known for offering a diverse selection of operational efficiency
packages in conjunction with a deeply rooted commitment for
exceptional customer service, Brian Bonar and his team at Dalrada
Financial remain leaders in the business industry. Based in
San Diego, California, this renowned corporation embodies teamwork,
excellence, and transparency in all of their financial market
solutions. Led by businessmen, Brian Bonar, this well-known
corporation is the forerunner in converging bottom line products with
executives in a variety of fields. Most prominently, Bonar’s goal is
to train experienced employees to promote the
company’s mission and philosophy.

Bonar strives to present the advisors at Dalrada Financial with a
rewarding employment experience in order to encourage them to become
leaders in the business sector. With a comprehensive portfolio of
operational efficiency packages, the employees have ample opportunity
to portray their expertise regarding the effectiveness of their
strategic products and services. Therefore, Bonar is extremely
dedicated to providing the appropriate training resources and tools to
strengthen his advisors’ understanding of their offerings and business
model. Notably, Dalrada Financial’s highly knowledgeable leadership
team is skilled in serving as a marketing liaison by supplying their
clients with the best employee programs which greatly contribute to a
company’s productivity and future prosperity.

The consultants at Dalrada Financial assists clients in
obtaining corporate credit for their relatively new businesses. In
many cases, companies may receive between $50,000 and $250,000 in cash
credit without impacting their person credit or assets. Notably,
customers will never have to utilize their personal cash or credit in
order to receive the initial capital to develop or expand their
current business. Essentially, the employees at this renowned firm are
skilled in separating their family’s finances from their client’s
business affairs.

Along with receiving the much needed capital to propel their business,
this process assists clients in building their credit directly under
the name of their corporation. Just like every individual has personal
credit, companies also have the opportunity to build and use corporate
credit. Remarkably, corporate credit provides businesses with an
advantage in the marketplace because the cash enables the client to
use the capital and funding without influencing their personal credit
score. Most prominently, the extremely qualified professional at
Dalrada Financial will assists their customers in raising hundreds,
thousands, or millions of dollars in easily attainable corporate cash

To complement the corporate credit package, the skilled advisors also
implement asset protection strategies. Essentially, these asset
preservation solutions will help protect a client’s assets and
investments when they are utilizing their corporate credit. Moreover,
Bonar’s team of skilled employees strives to protect and serve the
needs of their customers in the best manner possible.

Adam Sender: The Art Investor

Investing is all about having an eye for something. It can be just about anything, for as long as someone has a keen eye for a particular item, they can make a pretty penny off of it. Now, this does not mean it is going to pay off every single time, but it does have a better chance of improving upon the amount of money someone can make through investors. This has proven true with Adam Sender. With the help of a full time curator, Adam Sender has been able to make tens of millions of dollars off of art purchases. Now, it is necessary for an investor to have money to begin with in order to invest it back into something such as art, once the investors start to roll in, it is possible to make a good amount of money.

Adam Sender is currently looking at selling 400 different pieces of art from his collection with the help of Sotheby’s. It is currently believed for the entire collection to net around $70 million for him. As Adam points out, it is not all about going after an individual work of art from a big-time painter. As he said, he couldn’t afford to just go out and purchase a Warhol that would sell for a good amount a decade later. However, he could purchase quality works from up and coming artists for a few hundred thousand and then sell the paintings and photographs for 10 or 20 times what he paid for i.e. several years later.

There are several different pieces of art that are expected to bring in a large portion of the $70 million. There is an “Untitled #93” photograph from the photogravure Sherman. It is believed this photograph is going to go for around $2 million to upwards of $3 million when it is auction off. There is also another photograph by the same photographer expected to go for a similar price, where Adam Sender paid $96,000 for it around 15 years earlier. Along the same line, there is a John Baldessari painting that is expected to sell anywhere between $2 and $3 million, which he has been holding onto for 14 years. There is a Richard Prince painting that he bought around the same time and it is believed to sell around $1 million to just under $2 million.

All of this shows that if someone has an eye for art and for not only what is current but what is going to be valuable years later, it is possible to obtain a desirable piece that is going to sell for a considerable amount years later. This is why Adam Sender is making a good amount of money.

Eric Pulier – An American Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is an American author, philanthropist and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier is originally from Teaneck, New Jersey. While he was just in the fourth grade, he started programming computers and later in high school he began a database computer company.

In 1984 Eric Pulier attended Harvard University majoring in American literature and English. He became an editor writing columns for The Harvard Crimson (the daily student newspaper of Harvard University). At this time he began studying at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) where he graduated in 1988 as magna cum laude.

In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he founded the company, People Doing Things (PDT). This company addresses education, health care and other issues through the use of technology. He then found the interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1994.

In 1998, People Doing Things and US Interactive LLC merged into one company. Pulier spearheaded the building of Starbright World which is a private social network for children who are chronically ill allowing them to blog, add content and chat with others with similar conditions.

Eric Pulier was selected in 1997 by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to develop and implement the Bridge at the 21st Century Presidential Technology Exhibition held in Washington D.C. After the exhibition, he participated in Vice-President Al Gore’s health care and technology forum where he advised on technology and health care issues.

Eric Pulier is also an active supporter in the Clinton Global Initiative program.
He is also the founder of many other ventures, including Media Platform, Desktone, Akana just to name a few. He is also the co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, which is a workbook on service-oriented businesses.

Eric Pulier donates to many non-profit organizations, and resides on the X-Prize Foundation board, which involves innovation competitions helping to solve world challenges including hunger, war and diseases.

Eric Pulier is a supporter of The Painted Turtle, which is a kids camp for children with chronic illness, and a variety of other non-profit organizations.