Adam Sender: The Art Investor

Investing is all about having an eye for something. It can be just about anything, for as long as someone has a keen eye for a particular item, they can make a pretty penny off of it. Now, this does not mean it is going to pay off every single time, but it does have a better chance of improving upon the amount of money someone can make through investors. This has proven true with Adam Sender. With the help of a full time curator, Adam Sender has been able to make tens of millions of dollars off of art purchases. Now, it is necessary for an investor to have money to begin with in order to invest it back into something such as art, once the investors start to roll in, it is possible to make a good amount of money.

Adam Sender is currently looking at selling 400 different pieces of art from his collection with the help of Sotheby’s. It is currently believed for the entire collection to net around $70 million for him. As Adam points out, it is not all about going after an individual work of art from a big-time painter. As he said, he couldn’t afford to just go out and purchase a Warhol that would sell for a good amount a decade later. However, he could purchase quality works from up and coming artists for a few hundred thousand and then sell the paintings and photographs for 10 or 20 times what he paid for i.e. several years later.

There are several different pieces of art that are expected to bring in a large portion of the $70 million. There is an “Untitled #93” photograph from the photogravure Sherman. It is believed this photograph is going to go for around $2 million to upwards of $3 million when it is auction off. There is also another photograph by the same photographer expected to go for a similar price, where Adam Sender paid $96,000 for it around 15 years earlier. Along the same line, there is a John Baldessari painting that is expected to sell anywhere between $2 and $3 million, which he has been holding onto for 14 years. There is a Richard Prince painting that he bought around the same time and it is believed to sell around $1 million to just under $2 million.

All of this shows that if someone has an eye for art and for not only what is current but what is going to be valuable years later, it is possible to obtain a desirable piece that is going to sell for a considerable amount years later. This is why Adam Sender is making a good amount of money.

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