Kyle Bass, an Investor’s Cautionary Tale

Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager who founded Hayman Capital Management in Dallas in 2006, but that’s not what he’s known for recently.

After making his name (and a fortune) by correctly predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis he’s made nothing but questionable decisions since.

Bass has long been a proponent of the shortsightedly irresponsible policies of Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt for the second time in thirteen years and Bass frequently defended this move. These policies which have bankrupted a once prosperous nation were lambasted by New York Judge Thomas Griesa. In his ruling, Griesa said that Argentina would have to pay its creditors in full, not just when and if they take a reduced settlement – also known as “following the law.” Bass jumped to Kirchner’s defense saying this ruling was the equivalent of holding the nation hostage.

Bass invested in General Motors prior to the highly publicized fatalities caused by faulty steering columns and airbags. So Bass’s response was to blame the victims, baselessly claiming they were drunk or not wearing seatbelts as to deflect blame from GM.

Bass has become known to target a pharmaceutical firm, short-sell its stock, and then challenge their patents via a front organization. The media coverage causes the stocks to plummet. This makes Bass easy money while the companies have to respond by increasing their prices – which directly impacts the consumers who need the now more expensive medicine. Bass, predictably, insisted he was doing this all to bust the patents and drive drug prices down across the board, but the paper trail of his financial benefit made this false claim obvious. And the jig may soon be up, as the Patent Trial and Appeals Board is considering sanctioning Bass for abusing the system with his patent challenges.

As to how it looks for Bass going forward, the PTAB has denied his first two patent challenges, and bills are circulating through both the House of Representatives and Senate Judiciary Committees to expressly outlaw this specific type of behavior in the pharmaceutical markets. And, as to his original bread and butter? Barron’s Jim McTague says Bass’s mutual funds have lost approximately 30% in 2014 when most managed funds have netted a positive 30% that year.

Darius Fisher Helps Keep Businesses Afloat

Perhaps you have never heard of the name Darius Fisher, but chances are, you have heard of his company, Status Labs. This is especially true if you are a business owner and you are concerned about things like online reputation management. Fisher has been an entrepreneur most of his life and eventually, he made it his life’s passion to help other people who were struggling with negative reviews that were adversely impacting their business. Much of the time, these reviews are not entirely fair and do not adequately reflect what the company is really like. As a result, he founded Status Labs in order to make things easier for business owners to manage.

In addition to founding the company, he is also the company’s president. The company is involved in things like digital marketing, which helps businesses get more customers by appealing to potential clients across all online platforms. As previously mentioned, the corporation was essentially designed for online reputation management and as such, it is heavily involved in both public relations and crisis management. It can make all the difference in the world between a company surviving a few unfairly posted reviews or succumbing to them.

The company has offices in New York and Austin, as well as in Sao Paulo. To date, more than 1,500 clients in 35 different countries have been served. Clients include businesses, both large and small, as well as celebrities, athletes, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and even politicians. As you can see, this is a company that is capable of getting the job done. Much of it is because Fisher himself has experienced what it can be like first hand when someone posts unfair reviews. Since he knows how it can have a tremendous impact on a business, he works tirelessly to ensure that it is no longer an issue for businesses of all sizes.

In addition to helping customers get solid reviews that are fair, he also helps them get better page ranks on major search engines like Google so they can get more customers. The bottom line is that the company can help businesses get the best page ranks while simultaneously keeping their reputations in good standing. Fisher has even been recognized by PRWeek for his outstanding work. For any business owner that is concerned about managing their reputation online, Fisher’s Status Labs is definitely something worth checking out. In fact, the services provided by the company should be considered as something of an insurance policy that keeps the business running smoothly.

From London To Iran, to New York, to Verizon and Juniper–That’s Shaygan Kheradpir

The world gets smaller every year, and one of the men responsible for making it more intimate is a man by the name of Shaygan Kheradpir. Born in London, Shaygan was actually raised in the country of Iran, before coming to the United States in order that he might obtain a vetted education. Kheradpir actually studied in America at a time that was exceptionally amenable for education. The college loan bubble had yet to balloon out of control, and Kheradpir was able to obtain cogent degrees that were well-engendered and not bogged down with a ubiquity of modern moralistic nonsense which is only tangentially related to any degree in the first place. No, when Shaygan Kheradpir went to Cornell University of New York, he found that institution at the top of its game, and gleaned all he could. Kheradpir obtained not only a Bachelor’s degree, but a Master’s degree and then a Doctorate from that prestigious institution.

Immediately upon graduation Kheradpir put his new knowledge to the test, and went after a lucrative job in the technology industry. He began working professionally in 1987, and continued rising through the development ranks until his company merged with several others, and Verizon blossomed from the interdiction. Soon Kheradpir had a team of over seven thousand individuals working at his beck and call to innovate as quickly and effectively as possible. Kheradpir’s innovations are myriad and seen everywhere in mobile markets. He was instrumental in the facilitation of automated systems, as well as call centers, customer service, and many other things.

Kheradpir understands that the end user is most important when technology applications are considered. What good is a product loved by every member of the innovation team, if no one buys it because user interface is downright impossible? Kheradpir understands there is a fundamental difference between the ideals of developers, and the needs of clients and customers. So he works to bridge this chasm via intelligent, skilled, experienced management. To that end, Kheradpir has recently become the CEO of Juniper Networks, and is currently working with a new team of individuals to streamline operations and increase value.

Immediately upon being hired by Juniper, Kheradpir got down to the business of examining their numbers. It is very important to know who is purchasing what, when they’re purchasing it, why they’re purchasing it, and how they’re purchasing it–the act of the purchase is a big part of the customer’s role in any Juniper Network.

It doesn’t merely take education to become a successful CEO. It takes experience, dedication, contacts, astute politicking, and a degree of wisdom as regards individuals within and without a given company. It makes sense that Shaygan Kheradpir has made the strides he has because all these qualities are inherent to his personality. With educated experience, he carefully studies a problem and finds a way to make a solution possible.

As the world changes, it’s good to know there are professional individuals who understand the reality out there, doing their best to bring the future to the present.