Marcio Alaor BMG

A square in Minas Gervas was named in former BMG bank vice president, Marcio Alaor, for his great service to San Antonio, his native home. A commemorative plate detailed the great things he had done in the community and the people whose lives he had touched. During the ceremony, Luis Antonio Resende and Mayor Wilmar Son both gave speeches in which they thanked Marcio Alaor on behalf of the San Antonio community. In addition to the honor, Son also suggested a change of location of the grain warehouse for the purpose of improved space. Since the assembly was held in a certain food court, Wilmar also commented that such a place was good and right for such an honorific occasion. This was because Alaor had done much to make it and many places in the city immensely popular. Son talked about how Alaor joined the staff of BMG as a humble shoeshine boy and over the years worked through the ranks to become head of the company.

After these two, Alaor himself took the podium. He continued Son’s discussion of his childhood as a shoeshine boy at BMG. He also talked about some personal aspects of being a kid in San Antonio. He went on to flesh out the philosophies that had guided him throughout his personal and professional life. One of these philosophies is his early decision to not let finances guide his every decision. This might seem a strange philosophy for a professional banker, but it helped him bring so many blessings to so many lives in San Antonio. He said much thanks should also go to his family who were such a profound influence of the person he became. He is only thankful that this honor to him and his family came before he died.


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