From London To Iran, to New York, to Verizon and Juniper–That’s Shaygan Kheradpir

The world gets smaller every year, and one of the men responsible for making it more intimate is a man by the name of Shaygan Kheradpir. Born in London, Shaygan was actually raised in the country of Iran, before coming to the United States in order that he might obtain a vetted education. Kheradpir actually studied in America at a time that was exceptionally amenable for education. The college loan bubble had yet to balloon out of control, and Kheradpir was able to obtain cogent degrees that were well-engendered and not bogged down with a ubiquity of modern moralistic nonsense which is only tangentially related to any degree in the first place. No, when Shaygan Kheradpir went to Cornell University of New York, he found that institution at the top of its game, and gleaned all he could. Kheradpir obtained not only a Bachelor’s degree, but a Master’s degree and then a Doctorate from that prestigious institution.

Immediately upon graduation Kheradpir put his new knowledge to the test, and went after a lucrative job in the technology industry. He began working professionally in 1987, and continued rising through the development ranks until his company merged with several others, and Verizon blossomed from the interdiction. Soon Kheradpir had a team of over seven thousand individuals working at his beck and call to innovate as quickly and effectively as possible. Kheradpir’s innovations are myriad and seen everywhere in mobile markets. He was instrumental in the facilitation of automated systems, as well as call centers, customer service, and many other things.

Kheradpir understands that the end user is most important when technology applications are considered. What good is a product loved by every member of the innovation team, if no one buys it because user interface is downright impossible? Kheradpir understands there is a fundamental difference between the ideals of developers, and the needs of clients and customers. So he works to bridge this chasm via intelligent, skilled, experienced management. To that end, Kheradpir has recently become the CEO of Juniper Networks, and is currently working with a new team of individuals to streamline operations and increase value.

Immediately upon being hired by Juniper, Kheradpir got down to the business of examining their numbers. It is very important to know who is purchasing what, when they’re purchasing it, why they’re purchasing it, and how they’re purchasing it–the act of the purchase is a big part of the customer’s role in any Juniper Network.

It doesn’t merely take education to become a successful CEO. It takes experience, dedication, contacts, astute politicking, and a degree of wisdom as regards individuals within and without a given company. It makes sense that Shaygan Kheradpir has made the strides he has because all these qualities are inherent to his personality. With educated experience, he carefully studies a problem and finds a way to make a solution possible.

As the world changes, it’s good to know there are professional individuals who understand the reality out there, doing their best to bring the future to the present.

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