U.S. Money Reserve Is The World’s Largest Suppliers Of Precious Metals

The education of U.S. Money Reserve’s proprietary products is an integral component of Philip Diehl’s career. Currently the head director of this lucrative company, he continually promotes their wealth preservation principles with prospective clients around the region. Remarkably, his college education at Austin College, The University of Texas at Austin, and Stanford University in addition to his previous managerial pursuits has substantially impacted his success as the corporations’ president. As a seasoned executive, he has proudly worked at many major businesses; therefore, he is well-equipped to oversee the operations at U.S. Money Reserve. Amazingly, he sincerely notices the profound value of developing meaningful partnership with his patons that results in the creation of a customized portfolio that achieves all of their long-term financial goals and expectations.

The company’s goal is to provide superior customer service to every client as the bond builds an unbreakable trust that will sustain a lifetime. Consequently, the executives integrates intensive trainings into their business model that teach the importance of presenting customers with a variety of exceptional investment services throughout the first inquiry call. Because this renowned corporation distributes a variety of gold, silver, and platinum coins, U.S. Money Reserve’s team of over 100 employees including senior gold specialists, coin research experts, numismatic representatives, customer relations professionals, is extremely skilled in tailoring their precious metals to the distinguished needs of the client. Most prominently, after purchasing a customized Guardian Account, the corporation seeks to supply their customers with a plethora of resources that generate rewarding financial returns.

As a customer relations company, Diehl and his highly knowledgeable team at U.S. Money Reserve are most known for presenting each customer with an extensive database of effective products. By employing well-proven research and continually quantitative analysis, the executives developed many investment options including Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold American Eagle, Gold Bar, Gold Austrian Philharmonic, Gold South African Krugerrand, Common Date Buffalo Bullion, and Silver American Eagle. Moreover, the company’s renowned products are grounded in the fact that proprietary coins have maintained their worth throughout the centuries as the currency was often successful in stabilizing monetary systems. Commendably, U.S. Money Reserve recognizes the value of including gold in an investor’s portfolio and, as a result, the company trains many professionals to assist with this intricate process. Most prominently, the uniqueness of U.S. Money Reserve lies in their unprecedented customer support staff.

Magic Mike XXL Delivers Strong Entertainment

Athletes and models have always been able to parlay those careers into at least a shot at film acting, but few have the combination of comedic and dramatic ability that Channing Tatum brings to the screen. That Tatum is also a professional strip dancer is a resume item that makes him truly unique in his versatility as an actor. All these abilities were put to good use in his role in “Magic Mike,” the Steve Soderbergh film that entertained audiences with its combination of comedy and drama in the world of male stripping. The success of that film had audiences clamoring for a sequel, which is what we have now in “Magic Mike XXL.”

This new Magic Mike film is produced by Soderbergh but directed by Gregory Jacobs, who acted as the assistant director on that film. This edition of the Mike saga has a lighter feel, with more and even wilder strip numbers to keep the audience entertained. Amidst all the dancing, there is even a plot to go along with it.

The story concerns Mike, who has retired from stripping to start a furniture restoration business. Still though, Mike misses the stage, so when his old gang of buddies from the strip club coax him into taking a cross country trip to a stripping convention in Florida, he is up for it. Along the way, the guys have numerous adventures, some of them involving strong women, played by top actresses including Jada Pinkett Smith, as a nightclub owner, and Andi MacDowell, as a frustrated wife in need of her own adventure.

Former teen soap actress and sometimes musician Crystal Hunt also makes a memorable appearance in the film as an eccentric woman they meet out on the road. Hunt has a great presence here, and she has fully made the transition into grown up film roles. There’s no question she’ll be seen on the big screen much more going forward.

“Magic Mike XXL” is a different kind of film from the original, but it delivers as a fully entertaining film that is sure to keep fans of Tatum, and male stripping, absolutely satisfied.

The Right Step

Modern Ads
Today in the world of business putting your ad out in the news paper is no longer enough to attract the costumers you need to thrive in your local area.You need a digital ad that will have the reach to get your name out there on the web to get your money rolling in.So with that in mind lets begin to get the information about the guys who will make that happen.Lets begin shall we.

What You Need
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The Perks
What gives these guys there strength to keep you moving is more simple then you think my friends.At the core of this great service is a team willing to work around the clock to keep your ads in check with security to prevent some jerk from making false claims.Having one of these can easily ruin your climb to the top so thankfully these guys keep that from happening.With modern tech at their will making the ads in line is never been easier.This allows them to keep track of all your projects at once which prevents any problems that could delay your success.The best part of this is that even with the premium service your wallet is not being broken with prices that anyone can afford.So with low prices and work effort that you need why not give these guys the call to make your dream come true.

Wrap Up
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Dating In Russia Can Be Fun When Searching Through The AnastasiaDate Website

If a couple is in love and has been married for years; unless the person looking at them knows them personally, it’s unlikely that the person will know where these two met. If the two people really love each other and are committed to each other, does it matter where they met? This question is posed because some people discredit online dating, especially international dating, but many love stories have evolved out of this type of romance. Some people meet each other online in an international dating forum, and then they both fall in love, they meet each other, and then they eventually get married.

Although not every love story will end this way, those who have had success when it comes to international dating may tell others about their particular story, and their story may encourage others to begin dating internationally as well. Dating in Russia is one way to date internationally, but it may not be in the way that the person thinks. Dating in Russia can be done online, and the best website to do it on is Anastasia Date. The Anastasia Date website is the number one website for dating in Russia, and many American men and many men from all over the world use the website on a regular basis.

Those that join the Anastasia Date website do so to find a date, but some are going all the way and want love and marriage too. Anyone can find love on the Anastasia Date website as long as they are open to the entire dating process. The dating process on Anastasia Date is fairly simple, and one only needs to seek out the woman they want on the website. Once the man finds a woman that interests him on the Anastasia Date website, then he can begin courting her online.

When some people think about courting a lady they automatically think about taking her out to dinner or the movies, but this is not the only way court someone. It’s possible to send greetings and even talk to a lady online to court them. Men have been able to find great women on the Anastasia Date website, and these women may end up being their wives one day. Anastasia Date has video chat sessions that are available, and each session may or may not include voice, but each video session allows each person to get to know each other a lot better.

The Benefits Of Buying Your Gold, Silver, Or Platinum Coins From The US Money Reserve

United States money reserve is considered one of the largest distributors of gold, silver, and platinum coins. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company provides a wider range of grade certified coins, bullion, and bars to individuals who would like to acquire gold, silver, or platinum coins online.

US money reserve has been in the market for almost a decade, and they pride themselves in extensive experience dealing in gold, silver, and platinum markets. Due to the company’s talented workforce, US money reserve is able to serve clients from different financial status. Whether the client is from the middle class, high class, or a high net worth individual, they are likely to benefit from sound financial advice from the shrewd US money financial experts. The company has invested in financial technocrats such as senior gold specialists who are able to skillfully articulate benefits associated with the acquisitions of US government issued coins. These experts also work hand in hand with clients to determine which metals selection will assist them towards attaining their financial goals.

Most clients have decided to procure services from US money reserve because of the commitment of the organization towards superior customer services. The company has also invested in a business support department, a customer relationships department, coin research experts, and numismatic experts who guide customers in leading industry trend. These experts work in collaboration with the sales verification personnel and the compliance and standards department to provide customers with unrivaled user experience.

In addition, acquiring US government issued coins come with several benefits because customers are able to receive a physical legal tender in form of gold, silver, or platinum, as opposed to paper based securities. The physical assets can then be delivered to the buyers address whether it’s at home, office, or the bank. The delivered coins can therefore be used as collateral when seeking financing in any financial transaction, or they can be easily converted into liquid cash.

US Money Reserve coins are produced by the Federal mint, and since the company commenced its operations, it has successfully shipped more than a million coins. In order to affirm superior client satisfaction, US money reserve services come with a 30-day money back guarantee on any of the coins that they distribute through their network.

The coins can be purchased either through a cheque or a credit card through the company’s official website. The web portal is also secure enough with any financial transaction.

Lessons on How to make it as a Businesswoman from the Success Story of Susan McGalla

The business industry in virtually every nation across word is dominated by men. Some time back, it was very rare to find a woman engaged in a meaningful business activity let alone competing with her male counterparts in the for the prestigious executive positions in companies and industries. Their roles were confined to just taking care of their families and other household engagements.
In the recent wake of campaigns championing equality, however, a lot of women have thronged institutions of higher learning, acquired certifications, and are now competing, almost equally with men, for leadership positions. These are highly motivated by the achievement of other women that preceded them and contributed marvelously in their respective areas of occupation. One such individual whose achievements in the business industry are a motivation to very many American women is Susan McGalla.
Susan P. McGalla has had a long standing career marked with success of every department and organization she led. Susan McGalla is currently the Director of strategic planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is also the founder and Owner of P3 executive consulting, a private consultancy firm for retail and financial investment industries. Susan has also been the CEO of several multinational companies including the West Seal Inc. and the American Eagle Outfitters.
Apart from her many achievements, Susan’s life is nothing extraordinary but typical of any other American woman. Brought up in some little known town in Ohio and went through the normal school like any other American girl. However, what most women should learn from her is that; it is the decision she made in life that have made her the prominent figure she is today. She decided not to just sit around but go out for looking for employment and once she did gave it her all.
Another lesson budding business women should lean if they are to make it in the industry is that corporations and employers are only interested in results. When Susan joined American eagle outfitters, she worked around the clock to improve company sales and even led the introduction of a new brand in the market. This worked out for her; she was promoted to lead the subsidiary and this was a great career head start.
Patience is another virtue that business women should strive to posses if they are to realize their dreams. It took Susan more than eight years working with Joseph Horne Company to build herself working in various low-level marketing and managerial positions before eagle outfitters spotted her. She was patient enough to watch her career grow. She is a lesson that success does not happen overnight, it is cultivated over time. For any aspiring businesswoman, a peep into the life of the success story of Susan McGalla should be motivation enough to wake and start their empire building.

Brian Bonar Asks How Efficient Is Your Organization?

As the CEO of Trucept Inc., and Delrada Financial Corporation., Brian Bonar helps companies find ways to run more efficiently. “In these economic times,” notes Bonar, “you always have to find ways to give your customers more value for less money.” By analyzing company procedures, Bonar looks for operational inefficiency, and then consults company heads on taking proactive steps toward implementing change.

Brian Bonar is regarded as financial services giant, and has spent over a decade building both Trucept Inc, and Delrada Financial Corporation into a business process outsourcing and financial services superstar. With a standard for excellence, and a penchant for continuous improvement, Bonar is widely seen as the man with the know-how to turn the situation around.

Reshaping a Business

On average, companies can save thousands of dollars every year but owners fail to perfect the process, and ignore all the inefficient time-stealers. Bonar says part of running a business is using instinct and perception, but if you never take proactive steps to identify cost-efficiency, you can’t determine if anything requires correction.

While the process may appear daunting, the tasks are not difficult, and the end result translates into organizational efficiency and most likely profit potential.

Investigate: One way to identify problem areas is to monitor employee performance. Bonar leads owners through the process at Delrada Financial Corp, a leading financial management company that identifies areas of waste in the workplace. Through Delrada, Bonar defines a problem, measures and analyzes it, and finally, shows business owners how to improve it. Bonar adds “Our process is able to quantify why the business is having performance issues, and then comes up with solutions.”

Identify the cause: Once you identify a breakdown in performance or procedures, you can come up with a solution. Consider what the root of the problem could be.

  • The company does not have the right people to do the job
  • The company has the right talent but not in the correct roles

When checking the company’s efficiency you may find the organization can become more profitable and efficient by eliminating roles or restructuring.

Perform regular audits: It’s fairly tempting to fall back into old habits, so to institutionalize the positive changes you’ve made, owners must enforce regular audits. This will build continuous improvement.

Many business owners judge the effectiveness of their organization through their profits, but remember to take a more holistic approach to minimize any internal weaknesses.

Hidden Opportunities In Customer Complaints

White Shark Media readily admits they’ve had their fair share of complaints along with compliments. However, the consulting agency takes a rather unique approach to client complaints. While they’ve suffered for their mistakes, they’ve used every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow, becoming a better company for it in the end. Of course, they take the time to listen to their clients, research viable options and take steps to ensure they never make the same mistake again.

A prime example is White Shark Media’s effort to improve communication efforts with their clients. Thanks to complaints, the company became aware small business owners were having difficulty tracking their AdWord campaigns. In other cases, clients expressed concern over an inability to reach their contact person. Rather than smooth things over and continue with business as usual, White Shark Media looked into the issues and took steps toward improving their methods. This includes taking the time out to explain the ins and outs of AdWord campaigns to clients, scheduling monthly status calls and implementing direct extension phone systems.

The AdWords agency doesn’t end their efforts there. In fact, they’ve learned to use what works to fine-tune their methods. At the same time, they know not to mess with success, such as campaigns that achieve the desired results. Experienced supervise, only responsible for up to five SEM Strategists, leaned their expertise by reviewing campaign performance and providing feedback. The truth is, White Shark Media doesn’t hesitate to have their experts oversee quite a few steps, including the transitional phase from sign-up to optimization.

In all honesty, quite a few companies would do well to follow White Shark Media’s lead. No problem is too small, no complaint considered trivial. The consultant agency has successfully changed their methods to meet client need in an effort to make themselves a better company. This includes partnering with businesses to ensure clients can track campaign generated calls and installing campaign performance tracking program to fulfill customer needs. Simply put, White Shark Media found a way to turn a client complaint into an opportunity. Doing so has allowed the company to not only grow but also become one of the best AdWord agencies out there today.

Skout, an Innovative Social Network

Skout is a worldwide social network, dating application and website. It is available in 180 countries and in 14 languages connecting over 500 million users. Skout is a location-based networking application commonly used by users to meet new friends and dating partners using their mobile phones. Skout is available on any device using Android and IOS operating systems. It is especially popular as it offers its users several interesting properties some of which include Nixter- a social nightlife application and Fuse-a group messaging application.

Skout uses a user’s cell phone’s global positioning system to find one another within a certain given radius of the gadget. Skout is largely a fun, flirting application that allows its users to sign up as either a teen, or an adult. This allows users to be placed in appropriate peer groups for an all inclusive and interactive experience. This has an advantage of protecting some of the younger users from social site predators who prey on innocent fun loving teenagers. Also the app allows its users the freedom to custom change their GPS settings allowing them control over their visibility to other users within their vicinity. GPS location is also only available to adult users.

It is free on App Store and allows easy downloading. It is user friendly as it allows one to sign up with their Facebook account or email address. It allows its users to customize their account experience by displaying those people with similar interests. It also allows its users to view the social profile, and recent activities of anyone they find interesting. Users can send instant messages, and virtual gifts to one another.

Fuse is an interesting feature that allows the use of phone books to create an interactive social platform with friends and acquaintances. Fuse allows its users the ability, while equipping them with tools, to come up with their own private social network off their address books. It is essentially for those who are too busy for normal daily interactions with friends. It allows one to send messages and pictures with an option of automatic deletion within a set timeframe, usually a matter of minutes. It is a creatively fun and non-conventional way of online social interaction.

Nixter, Skouts nightlife app, allows users to stay up to date with nightlife events. It allows one to buy tickets and view guest lists. This app is available to users in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

In today’s blooming world of social media, and with an ever-increasing number of dating and social sites, staying relevant is what separates the wheat from the chaff. A social site designers’ biggest headache is staying relevant and interesting enough to attract users in great numbers. Though Skout was initially developed in 2007 as a social mobile web network, its two co-founders, Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund re-launched Skout in 2009 after discovering that most of the networks’ users’ were using it as a dating platform. This has allowed it to stay relevant.

BMG’s Marcio Alaor Is Honored By His Hometown

Marcio Alaor, the Vice President of Banco BMG, is a highly respected executive in the Brazilian banking community. His story of how he reached that positon is an inspiration for people struggling with a life of poverty. Marcio grew up in the community of Santo Antonio de Monte in humble surroundings. As a youth, he shined shoes to earn money to help his family. Through education and utilizing the solid work ethic he learned in the streets, Marcio entered the banking business and blossomed into a top-rate executive. Because of his success, Marcio was inspired to give back to his community over the years through work and generous donations.

In appreciation, his hometown recently paid tribute to his loyalty and efforts by inviting Marcio back for the dedication of the Food Court Alaor Marcio Araujo at the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte. Marcio was quite humbled by having his name honored by the people for his continuing love and support of them and told them he was happy to be honored while he was still around to enjoy the tribute.

In his role as Vice President at Banco BMG, Mario has seen the firm grow into one of Brazil’s largest and best known banking institutions. Primarily centered on wholesale and consumer financing along with the financing of light and heavy vehicles, in 1998 BMG changed course and expanded into financing company payroll loans.

In 2014, BMG joined with Itaú Unibanco S.A. in creating a bank called Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A. in order to commercialize payroll loans throughout Brazil. Because of this merger, BMG was able to develop other products like Payroll Credit Card and financing the purchase of used vehicles and home equity loans.

Under the leadership of leaders like Marcio Alaor, Banco BMG has an outstanding reputation in the Brazilian financial industry. The company credits its employees for much of that success. Workers are divided into teams of employees who have varied interests and strengths. BMG feels this diversity and integration of people with different ideas and areas of expertise allows them to overcome challenges in unique and very productive ways.

BMG continually strives to maintain a conservative approach to banking, one that instills confidence in his clients and other financial institutions. An independent Internal Audit Department and an Investor Relations Department work together to publish a quarterly report on financial results and the overall strength of the company.