Eric Pulier, Former CEO of ServiceMesh Starts a New Career as CEO of Stemulis

Eric Pulier sold his interest in ServiceMesh, Inc. to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and resigned from the company in April, 2015. ServiceMesh is a company Pulier founded in 2008 and was Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and President. The company was acquired by CSC, an international provider of the latest information technology services & solutions for more than $260 million. Currently, CSC is offering Aqility Cloud Management Services which includes hybrid cloud management, governance, and security for the public and private. Since resigning from CSC, Eric Pulier started a career as CEO of Stemulis in May of 2015, according his online site.

Mr. Pulier didn’t elaborate about the company and only provided its name and the date he acquired the role as CEO, a month later after his resignation at Computer Sciences Corporation. Eric has founded and co-founded over 15 companies and non-profit organizations, including Digital Evolution, Akana, Media Platform, Inc., ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, and Ace Foundation. Last year, he donated millions of dollars to start Ace, a non-profit organization focusing on technology strategies to meet the needs of humankind. His technology background began while studying Computer Science, Visual / Environmental, and English / Literature at Harvard University. As an investor, he has provided capital to media and technology startup companies.

The accomplishments of Eric Pulier are widespread as an author, technology engineer, and humanitarian. He was an editor and writer for Harvard Crimson Weekly and wrote weekly columns. One of his most prestigious accomplishments was building and overseeing technology exhibits for an event, “Bridge to the 21st Century.” The event was held for former U.S. President, Bill Clinton and former Vice President, Al Gore in Washington, D.C. It contained exhibits that displayed the effect of new technologies in the future for the community, education, environment, government, and healthcare.

Eric Pulier is known for his knowledge in technology and compassion for students and children enduring prolonged sicknesses. He contributed financially to the Campaign for Free College Tuition, an organization that focuses on providing free tuition to students from low income families and XPRIZE Foundation. XPRIZE emphasis is on planning and organizing competition to encourage the development of technology. Pulier also donated capital to the Starlight Foundation to develop technology which helps children with serious illnesses to interact. Eric has contributed financially as a donor and investor and shared his valued technology expertise to society, students, children, companies, and non-profit organizations.

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