Charles Koch Recap

Charles Koch is a known liberal that wants to get on the same page with the Obama group. He can be described as a classy liberal that just wants everyone to be equal in what they do and the opportunities they receive. He wants a society that constantly goes after innovation and opportunities despite the various challenges.

Charles Koch, the eighty-year-old CEO of Koch industries (over $40 billion net worth) works within several popular industries that interest the civilians. There is no way you can call this guy dumb whether you like him and his views or not. He has obtained three degrees from the prestigious MIT University and has grown a business billions of dollars.

Koch has been seen helping fund various political campaigns in his free time. He also took the time to publish his new book surround the topic of profits. When Koch was asked about politics and Donald Trump in specific, he said he was against politics and didn’t care to comment about views towards Trump. It doesn’t matter about trumps money or based connections. It is about what is best for society as a whole.

Americans have become very disappointed in the direction that America is headed. This is based on new members of the office and the changes resulting from politics. America does not want to end up with just one authoritative figure running the country or a socialism type government. We want the third type of government. This is the type where all Americans are free to live their live and make their own decisions. The government is just put into place to set basic rules and expectations. If there is an absolute reason for the government to step in, then they will. The overall idea is that everyone is treated equally.

Koch is working to show that the Obama group can do better. He says that they tend to overreach with what they do. He is looking to find similarities between the different parties in the White House and bring them together under one purpose. Koch wants to get rid of unfair licensing towards disadvantaged people looking to get employed. He hopes to continue supporting funding for the education system. This way everyone gets a chance to learn about all the values and principles relating to overall life and politics.

The funding for this country has always been a conflict. Different parties have different views for where the money should go. This often leads to too much borrowing and eventually financial debt. Koch is working to dish out the money for a good cause and help control debt.

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