A Look at The Performance of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management celebrates the winning of the HFM US Hedge fund performance. This comes as a result of the dedication the company has maintained towards offering the best credit management services and ensuring all their clients get personalized assistance. The long/short healthcare fund, which is overseen by Michael Gregory, has been voted among the best products the company has been able to offer. His skills at handing the branch of the company have been especially critical to ensuring they achieve great outcome that has led to the achievement of a top status in the industry. Michael Gregory explains that Highland Capital Management has been able to achieve its success due to the fact that they remain focused to offering top quality services to all customers.

Proper management is also a part of the things that have led to the attainment of stability within Highland Capital Management. With the help of James Dondero, the founder of the company, they have been able to stabilize their structure for the better. Jim is a shrewd professional who has been critical in ensuring Highland Capital Management ventures in the right sectors and offers reliable services that are geared towards the attainment of success for many. Jim explains that they have a long term healthcare plan that seeks to offer businesses a long term appreciation of the health sector. Jim cites the receipts of the award as a breakthrough for the company and a positive gesture that paves way for better management and implementation.

James Dondero is also one of the professionals who have stood up to ensure Highland Capital Management offers great support to customers. His approach towards ensuring all partners offer the desired services has been praised by various stakeholders. Maintaining quality and honesty all through has not been an easy attempt, but James Dondero explains that they have been able to make it despite several challenges they have faced as a company. James Dondero is a well educated professional with a clear educational background. He has handled many projects that have come out as reliable plans and for many years, he has always advocated for honesty and maintenance of positive practices in the industry.

The hiring of Terry Jones as the president of institutional products also comes as a milestone for the company. He is a well organized professional with a great past record and the ability to offer ideas that are productive to the company.

Real Estate is Coming Back In Los Angeles

Everyone remembers that shocking day in October of 2008 when the US economy teetered on the edge after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Yes, those were shaky times and as the real estate market bubble burst, it looked as though a real recovery might never happen. Flash forward seven years, however, and things are looking up a big way in the US economy and in real estate, too. Things are looking especially good these days for real estate in Los Angeles, which is great news for realtors in this sunny city.

Tech Startups Light Up The Los Angeles Real Estate

One of the very positive aspects of the return of the real estate market in Los Angeles is the boom going on in the jobs market. The tech industry is seeing many startup companies launching in Los Angeles, especially in the beach area now referred to as “Silicon Beach.” This very vital industry is making a big difference in the recovery, as many families move to the area to take jobs and yes, find housing.

The Real Estate Professional in Los Angeles

Real estate is a solid profession and in a top market like Los Angeles, it can be a lucrative one. Top agents in Los Angeles can make about $110,000 annually. Realtors who are hired by top firms here usually have a background in finance, economics or law and they also have a solid knowledge of the market here, as well as a wide social networking base. All of those attributes are very positive for realtors. What’s also needed is a good sensitivity to people, as home buying is and always was an emotional decision. A good realtor knows very well how to navigate through the sometimes intense emotional issues that present themselves during the house search.

New Kinds Of Training

As the real estate profession evolves in this new economy, we’re seeing more realtors going for job coaching classes to help them learn new approaches to marketing and selling. One of the top companies now offering these classes is Real Estate Mavericks, which can be found at www.RealEstateMavericks.com.

The classes from Real Estate Mavericks take a bold and very proactive approach to the business of selling real estate, and the classes they offer are getting solid results and great word of mouth. There’s obviously a place for new ideas in this profession as the market evolves and new techniques are shown to be really valid.

When it’s time to consider a different kind of approach to selling real estate, take a look at the training offered by Real Estate Mavericks. As the market continues to heat up, it’s important to have every skill honed and ready for those sales.

Handy Will Be Able To Go Further

A lot of companies struggle to find their footing in competitive markets. Therefore, many expected that Handy would struggle when it made its debut. Handy is a home cleaning service and that’s not a new idea by any means. A quick search of the internet or a quick skim through a phone book would turn up many results of companies offering to do the same.

Handy knew it needed to set itself apart from the competition. They’ve been doing quite well at doing that after hitting over one million bookings just this July. Handy is different because it’s a safer alternative to cleaners that you find randomly. Those ones often have horror stories associated with poor cleaning jobs and being scammed out of money. A customer of Handy does not have to worry about that. That’s because everything from finding a cleaner and paying for one is done through Handy’s secure app. The cleaners from Handy are also certified to be safe. They are a team of professionals that have been scrutinized. They’ve all undergone background checks and reference checks. Only those that pass are accepted to the Handy cleaning team.

Of course, Handy can always look for ways to do better. It strives to do that in the competitive market. Handy wants to be the leader when it comes to innovative technology such as this. That’s why the $50 million in funding they’ve received will help them to do more. With this money, Handy will be able to branch out and offer even more services. Right now they offer cleaning, plumbing, and more. With the funding, they can try even more routes to make clients lives easier. Handy will also be able to branch out into more markets! Right now, Handy isn’t available in all of the states. With this money, Handy can test the waters in new markets. Handy will also be able to branch out and go even further internationally! There is such a market for this cleaning service and Handy just needs to get its name out there.

Overall, Handy has been doing great as a company and now they can do even better. This funding will further all the dreams they have as well as improve upon all of the things they’re already doing.

The Ultimate Guidelines to Hiring the Right Lawyers in Brazil

Getting represented in a court of law remains a right to any individual. This is among the first steps to ensuring justice is served for all people. What makes people to lose despite all the support they get form the lawyer is the fact that they make the wrong choice by hiring someone who is not capable of handling their case perfectly. There are hundreds of lawyers in Brazil, some of whom are impostors out to make money at the expense of offering the right services. This is what you need to hold into consideration to avoid working with someone who will complicate the situation further. Getting the right lawyer does not have to be a difficult exercise,. Here are basic tips you should always remember when searching for lawyers in Brazil.

One of the most relevant considerations, and which many individuals take for granted, is choosing a professional with the same qualities as your case demands. If you are searching for someone to handle injury issues, you should consider getting a specialized lawyer who has narrowed down on injury cases. There are many professionals with such qualifications and hiring such a person helps you to conclude the case within the shortest period.

Also ensure you have gone for someone with a clean record of past actions. Most failures will hide about their past and this could affect the overall outcome you will get during the processing of your case. Experience spells out the reliability of any professional and this is one of the things that should drive you while searching for a professional lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a respected lawyer in Brazil, who has won several awards due to the dedication he has maintained towards ensuring different categories of people receive justice. He is a well educated professional with a clear record of past works that have proved a success and most of his clients have been able to celebrate his great works. Consulting Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho will allow you to receive instant help while searching for professional lawyers in Brazil.

Many working lawyers in Brazil got the support and mentorship of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He is one of the many people who have risen against injustices committed in the legal world and has promised to eliminate such disparities. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a perfect person to consult when it comes to matters pertaining law and hiring of reliable lawyers.

Why Marcio Alaor Is A Leading Entreprenuer In Brazil

Over the years, the banking institutions have advanced in service deliver and are riding on the international limelight. This has led to emergence of many banking institutions in Brazil. As such, these banking institutions have led to increased economic development and subsequent improvement in the living standards. The BMG Bank has continued to flourish into one of the most recognized institution in Brazil. Marcio Alaor is the Vice President of the bank which has moved through the ranks to become one of the notable banks in Brazil. He was highly recognized in the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition which was held in Santo Antonio do Monte. His good leadership skills made him to be among the most respected member of the society who has contributed a lot in the development of the Santo Antonio do Monte. Every speaker who talked at the exhibition continued to give praise to Marcio Alaor as moving beyond economic odds to assist every member of the community. In his contribution at the inauguration, Luis Antonio thanked him for being loyal to the city towards service delivery and did not expect any political favors in return. This was the main principle that made him to become successful in the world of financial investment and economic development.

From a humble background, Marcio Alaor started his career from just a shoe shiner in the city to one of the most notable business personality to be emulated. His good acts of governance have left many citizens of the city pouring tribute to his good personal attributes towards helping the entire city to develop economically. He was also applauded for being the proprietor for the development of a grain warehouse into a food court that improved on space and service delivery.

In the inauguration of the 33rd edition of Expose Samonte, many local officials at the at the event continued showering praises to Marcio Alaor and the contribution he had put in place to ensure the city grows into an economic hub. He has also contributed a great deal in developing the city into being one of the most reproductive agricultural regions in milk production. The city is known to have low agricultural land but has diversified into other programs to improve agricultural development. The president of the Rural Union Vilmar Octavian continued to shower blessing to Marcio Alaor on how he has moved through the tight economic challenges to help make the city productive. Marcio Alaor on his part, he was highly honored through the tribute in which he said most tributes are accorded dead people but he is happy to receive his while still alive. This has continued to drive his development agenda into one of the most successful and sought after business personality.

James Dondero Appoints New HCM Institutional Products’ President

James Dondero recently appointed Terry Jones as the Institutional Products’ president of the Highland Capital Management (HCM), a Dallas-based investment management firm. HCM together with its affiliates manages approximately $20 billion worth of assets. Jones brings over a quarter a century of experience in the global management firm. Before joining HCM as a full-time staff, Jones was the Lead Director of Highland Funds and sat on the boards of the Genworth Life Insurance Company and the SEI AIC III.

Jones’ experience includes being the founder, CIO and president of Battersby Capital Management. He has also served as the Overall Head of Event Driven and Relative Value Sectors of the Goldman Sachs. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Columbia College and later received his MBA from the Columbia Business School.

James Dondero or popularly known as Jim is a co-founder, president, portfolio manager and managing partner of the Highland Capital Management. Dondero co-founded HCM in the year 1993 and actively manages the private equity section. He is also entitled with deciding and ensuring execution of company’s strategic operations and investment initiatives. He has previously served as the portfolio manager in the NexPoint Credit Strategies.

Dondero is also the president, co-founder, portfolio manager and managing partner of NexPoint Capital. He has also served as the president of the Nexpoint Multifamily Realty Trust since 2014 and currently serves as the portfolio manager of HCM Fund Advisors. He also serves as in different managerial posts in other renowned companies. Follow him on FaceBook, Twitter, and Tumblr to get daily HCM updates.

Eric Pulier, Former CEO of ServiceMesh Starts a New Career as CEO of Stemulis

Eric Pulier sold his interest in ServiceMesh, Inc. to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and resigned from the company in April, 2015. ServiceMesh is a company Pulier founded in 2008 and was Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and President. The company was acquired by CSC, an international provider of the latest information technology services & solutions for more than $260 million. Currently, CSC is offering Aqility Cloud Management Services which includes hybrid cloud management, governance, and security for the public and private. Since resigning from CSC, Eric Pulier started a career as CEO of Stemulis in May of 2015, according his online site.

Mr. Pulier didn’t elaborate about the company and only provided its name and the date he acquired the role as CEO, a month later after his resignation at Computer Sciences Corporation. Eric has founded and co-founded over 15 companies and non-profit organizations, including Digital Evolution, Akana, Media Platform, Inc., ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, and Ace Foundation. Last year, he donated millions of dollars to start Ace, a non-profit organization focusing on technology strategies to meet the needs of humankind. His technology background began while studying Computer Science, Visual / Environmental, and English / Literature at Harvard University. As an investor, he has provided capital to media and technology startup companies.

The accomplishments of Eric Pulier are widespread as an author, technology engineer, and humanitarian. He was an editor and writer for Harvard Crimson Weekly and wrote weekly columns. One of his most prestigious accomplishments was building and overseeing technology exhibits for an event, “Bridge to the 21st Century.” The event was held for former U.S. President, Bill Clinton and former Vice President, Al Gore in Washington, D.C. It contained exhibits that displayed the effect of new technologies in the future for the community, education, environment, government, and healthcare.

Eric Pulier is known for his knowledge in technology and compassion for students and children enduring prolonged sicknesses. He contributed financially to the Campaign for Free College Tuition, an organization that focuses on providing free tuition to students from low income families and XPRIZE Foundation. XPRIZE emphasis is on planning and organizing competition to encourage the development of technology. Pulier also donated capital to the Starlight Foundation to develop technology which helps children with serious illnesses to interact. Eric has contributed financially as a donor and investor and shared his valued technology expertise to society, students, children, companies, and non-profit organizations.

Eric Pulier-The Saint of Sand Hill Road

With his enormous string of successes, Eric Pulier is a hurricane to be reckoned with on the Silicon Valley tech scene. All within the period of 20 years, he has founded or cofounded nearly 16 businesses, in addition to angel investing into a profoundly successful string of startup companies. He has even worked for three of the most cutting edge boutique venture capital firms before he made the very conscious decision to dedicate his entire life to giving back to the world through philanthropy.

Eric is definitely considered to be one of the world’s most successful Silicon Valley investors as he has the uncanny ability to find a very specific, unguarded niche and take it over, then sell the services of his company with a Steve Jobs-like charisma that is only found in the keenest investors. This technique has enabled him to succeed as a tech startup founder, earning him millions of dollars in net worth and respect amongst the community of startup companies that inhabit the world of Silicon Valley.

The time he’s dedicated to the world of venture capital earned his companies and himself hundreds of millions of dollars, causing the smaller boutique firms that he worked for to develop into mega firms seemingly overnight, which was great for him because he owned such a significant share of every venture capital firm that he worked for.

With his profound work ethic as a philanthropist, he is definitely a busy man. Famously, he is a board member for The Painted Turtle, an organization that seeks to emotionally rehabilitate children who are diagnosed as terminally ill via naturesque summer camp activities.

His ability to touch the hearts of everyone he comes in contact with is quite evident in the profound way that the masses tend to respond to his writing. As a writer for the Harvard Crimson as well as frequent guest writer at Forbes Magazine, he has established his ability to provoke thought, feeling and ideas to all who come in contact with his brilliance.

When someone is as brilliant as Eric Pulier is, it is often times difficult for them to accurately convey their feelings because their status and intellect tend to make some uncomfortable. Eric has a way of reaching out to people and making them feel very warm and at home. This is why so many startup company founders and venture capital firms treat Eric Pulier as the go to guy for investment guidance and mentoring on a fairly consistent basis. This excellent set of skills also makes him an excellent public speaker, which he does in his free time, promoting the ideas of freethinking, hard work and philanthropy.

Eric Pulier has quickly revolutionized the world of investing including enterprise software and for this he will obviously be marked down in the history books as one of Sand Hill Road’s most prolific investors.

BMG Setting The Banking Market Standards

The economy of a country depends on the ability of people to bank their money, take loans and steer their economic activities. Banks, therefore, act as a lubricant to the economy of a country and the world at large. BMG as a preferred bank is growing day by day, making a huge impact in the Brazil economy. This has made the people to always feel comfortable when they are banking with BMG. This is because of the strategies being laid down by the management of MarcioAlaor, who serves as the vice president and director of the bank.
A working strategy
The bank is aware of the growing needs of the clients. This has seen them develop new products and offering the satisfaction people need from the banks. Their strategy includes growing the loan portfolio in a sustainable manner and increasing profitability to ensure continuity. The credit policy has also thrust the bank into higher levels of monitoring the performance of the bank to cushion against losses. Funding sources have also been diversified thus making the resources required available to help realize the projected growth under the leadership of MarcioAlaor. The diversification is also a plan to help draw a long-term plan of how to keep the bank top in the market.
Marcio Alaor has been part of the great management team focused on controlling the cost. This has helped the bank to benefit from the economies of scale. He has also been able to develop a high performing team of employees. This involves focusing on the talents to ensure the performance of every team and individual is at the peak. Employees thus benefit from serving in the company as they develop their competencies. This makes the banking institution to stand out in the market and remain highly competitive.
Standing strong
Since the inception of BMG, it has been a great milestone in the financial industry of Brazil. It has initiated programs and developed products fitting the market needs. Over their 80 years of working, their performance in loans has been appreciated by companies worldwide. This is because of their offer to finance cars plus other loans. The institution has also been revising the credit policy to make sure the growing needs of the market are catered for. Changes in the economy have also not affected the bank as it easily adapts to changes. The entrepreneurial and growing culture as a pioneer of new products makes it a preferred choice.


Recently, Madison Street Capital was mentioned among the finalist for the cross-border of the year in the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. As published in an article in PR.com, Madison Street Capital was recognized for facilitating the acquisition of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA. The transaction was handled by Madison Street Capital’s senior managing directors, Karl D’cunha, and Jay Rodgers. The company’s CEO mentioned that the deal was beneficial for both FabTrol and AVEVA. With FabTrol being the mainstay for fabrication management software space, it would boost AVEVA’s suite of product offerings.

M&A Advisor is famous for giving recognition to industries that have made remarkable achievements in the financial industry. The awards also recognize skills including expert deal making, financing and restructuring and celebrating special contributions made by companies and individuals in the financial industry. The winners of the awards are meant to be announced on November 17th at the New York Athletic Club. Founded with the aim of provision of insight on mergers and acquisitions, M&A Advisor was started in 1998. Over the years, M&A Advisor has established a large network in the financial industry and gained accolades with many business professionals.

Madison Street Capital was founded on excellence, expert leadership and quality service as an International investment banking firm. The bank offers numerous services including financial advice, provision of insight on mergers and acquisition and evaluating services provided by publicly and privately owned enterprises. The bank engages their clients’ needs and requirements by prioritizing them as their own. These requirements may involve expert financial advisory, conducting M&A transactions, raising capital and transfer of ownership by companies or institutions. The company focuses its expertise on emerging markets which it believes is the cause of the financial growth of its clients on a global level. Madison Street Capital ensures trust and returns business from its numerous clients by offering unwavering dedication and high standard professionalized service.

The company is successful in enabling numerous clients achieve their financial goals in a timely yet fashionable manner. The company is rich in experience in fields of corporate and independent governance that puts it at the forefront in financial advisory services. Madison Street Capital also employs skilled professionals in a wide variety of fields that qualified to provide professionalized guidance and expertise in financial advisory services. By focusing its main efforts on middle-market firms, the company can maneuver its way in providing its expertise in complex transactions to achieve the best possible outcome.

Madison Street Capital has outdone itself in with numerous experts covering various fields in the financial sector. This has made it lead in the financial advisory business that proves it worth fully accredited for the M&A Advisory Awards.