BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Thinks The 2016 Summer Olympics May Give Brazil The Boost It Needs To Resurrect Itself

Brazil will struggle economically for the best part of 2016, according to the Brazilian government, and many economists around the world. The recession has deep roots, and financial experts like Bank President Ricardo Guimarães think that several things have to happen before Brazil is financially healthy again.
Guimarães thinks the country must get rid of the unnecessary tax code that makes businesses spend more than 2,600 hours a year to pay what the government says they owe. Guimarães doesn’t think the Rousseff administration will be around long enough to make that happen in 2016, but he believes the Summer Olympics might give the country the boost it needs to get back on track economically speaking.
The Summer Olympics will pour billions of dollars into the Brazilian economy, and Mr. Guimarães thinks that money could be the catalyst for a rebound. Guimarães knows a lot about sports. His BMG Bank sponsors tennis, soccer and volleyball athletes and teams. According to an article, Guimarães is the godfather of Brazilian soccer.
BMG Bank under Ricardo’s leadership has invested millions in soccer, and that investment has made the bank popular with soccer players and the fans. The BMG Bank logo is visible on game days throughout the country, and Guimarães couldn’t be happier. Bank profits have more than doubled the last two years in spite of the recession.

Ricardo Guimarães believes that the Summer Olympics will have a positive impact on Rio de Janeiro’s economy as well as its infrastructure. Rio may be not be fully prepared for the games, but Guimarães thinks the city will make money for the country during the event. The committee in charge of making the Olympic Games successful has enough entrepreneurs in place to make a difference, but some Brazilians are concerned because some of those entrepreneurs are not proactive enough to efficiently get the job done.
An article about Brazilian entrepreneurs was recently posted by Ricardo Guimarães thoughts were part of that article. Brazilian entrepreneurs do lack the ability to be assertive in certain situations according to a survey done by Endeavor, a Brazilian firm, and Meta, a British research firm. The study discovered four distinct types of entrepreneurs and not all of them have the desire to be proactive in certain situations. Guimarães said that cleaning up Rio’s favelas is a good example of that lack of proactivity.
But in spite of the challenges, Ricardo Guimarães, the sports aficionado, and financial expert expects the Summer Olympics to be a success and a money maker for Brazil. Most of 2016 will be behind Brazil in August, but the money that the games generate could be the foundation a fourth quarter turn around, according to Guimarães.

The Philanthorpy of Michigan’s Dick DeVos

I was browsing the Washington Business Journal when I happened across an interesting article about the Kennedy Center. A few years back the Kennedy Center set out to raise enough money through donations to make some major renovations. The Center passed its goal, but the donors were so generous that there was enough donated beyond the initial goal that the center decided to push on and raise enough to add some really nice features to the complex. 

Many of the donors made donations of one million and much more, and it only goes to show the love people have for the arts and their surrounding communities. The campaign which was initially set to raise $125 million raised over $139 million to cover the rising costs of the expenses. The entire project that is going to feature a footbridge, a river walk, pavilions and dining areas will bring new life to the center. 

Among those making the large donations were David Rubenstein and Dick DeVos. Rubenstein is the co-founder of the center, and he made a donation of $50,000,000 for the center’s restructure. I was curious about the donors, and looked them up on the internet. DeVos is the Michigan born son of the Amway founder. He is well known for his philanthropy as he shares the wealth he and his family have been fortunate enough to enjoy. His support at the Kennedy Center was in the amount of one million dollars.

I found his philanthropy is boundless, and goes far beyond just his support of the arts and the Kennedy Center. He and his wife Betsy created a foundation to manage their gifts and charities called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. It’s located in Grand Rapids, and the list of the groups and causes it supports is almost endless. The foundation donates heavily to education for children that range from scholarships at Princeton University to very large donations for Choices for Children. 

DeVos has established scholarships with the foundation he and his wife created. This scholarship fund not only supports American students, but also reaches out to students in developing countries. Mr. DeVos has a love of flying, and he opened the first public aviation high school in the world. It’s located at the Gerald Ford Airport and aviators from all over the country donate their time for the students. Check out the video below of Dick demonstrating a helicopter landing for students and members of his community of Grand Rapids.

Mr. DeVos other philanthropic passions include the environment, the arts and free market economics. He supports the Action Institute and the Heritage Foundation with donations and scholarship funding. He is also an avid supporter of the Dutch-American community and he even speaks internationally on occasion.

Learn more about the life and works of Dick DeVos by reading his bestselling book or by visiting his Wikipedia page below.


Emerging Startups in Europe are a Great Opportunity for Highland Capital

Recently, the venture-capital industry has begun giving money to Europe. Start up companies in places such as London and Paris are usually much cheaper than local companies, so large companies such as Microsoft can gain access to strong talent and innovative ideas for better deals than at home. Additionally, venture capital is relatively scarce in Europe, so startups are vying for US dollars to help them expand globally.

There is a lot of innovation coming out of Europe that used to be satisfied working locally, but are now gaining traction and ready to grow. The European startup scene, however, is still suffering due to market volatility.

Recently, job cuts at large firms have brought employees from banks and consulting firms into the industry of technology. Many new firms are hungry for capital. As a result of the supply and demand of help, U.S. companies see European startups as being very affordable.

Berlin has been particularly popular for US investments and venture funding. In comparison to London companies, Berlin startups attracted .3 billion more euros than London companies.

Highland Capital partners with the most compelling start up companies who are developing innovative technologies to emerge into the massive markets. They are early investors who surround entrepreneurs from the beginning with both expertise and strategic guidance that is necessary to create the next generation of companies that are out to define categories.

James Dondero is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital. Jim currently oversees Highland’s operations and investment strategies for both retail and institutional products. Jim has three decades of experience in credit markets, and is one of the original creators of the Collateralized Loan Obligation.

Funds that Jim has managed have received many accolades and awards during his long and successful career. This includes Morningstar’s designation of 5-stars for Global Allocation, as well as their #1 ranked equity fund in 2014. Additionally, Jim received the Lipper Award for his accomplishments with Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014.

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Madison Street Capital Offers Reorganization Services

Madison Street Capital offers reorganization services to businesses that are troubled in areas. If there is one thing that is important to the success of a business is that it is not just organized, but organized in the right manner. There are times when a business is going to need to be reorganized. This is not necessarily due to some inherent flaw in the business structure. It could be that the current structure has become outdated and obsolete. There may not even be anything wrong with the structure. It is probably that the business has found a better structure for business.

Madison Street Capital can help with reorganization services. The firm understands that any circumstance can demand the need for reorganization. For instance, the great recession has created a need for a lot of businesses to reorganize and adapt to the new economic conditions. Madison Street Capital was able to assist many clients in this respect. However, the great recession is looking to be the first in a series of changes in the market to come. Clients that have come to Madison Street Capital have managed to adapt their businesses to different market conditions. Madison Street Capital’s in depth analysis has made sure that none of their clients have become a statistic.

Among the services for companies that Madison Street Capital offers is capital restructure, sales, reorganization, and mergers. Madison Street Capital helps their clients find any problem in their business. They let their clients know what part of their business needs to be reorganized and restructured. It is then up to the client to decide what to do. Usually, given their experience in the different areas of finances, Madison Street Capital explains the situation in ways that clients can understand so that the client will take the advice of the firm.

Madison Street Capital definitely has experience when it comes to looking at the firm from conception. It also deals with the pre-planning, post-planning and everything in between. They are especially interested in helping their clients salvage their troubled business. Meanwhile, they look at the interests of the lenders and creditors. This firm works passionately and gets down into the details of each business so that they see what can be done with each and every aspect of the business. They are definitely passionate about making sure that the business operations are stable. Also, the relationships between the lenders and the business needs to be kept in good standing.

The World Of Solo Capital


The world of investing is extremely broad and extremely intricate. There are a variety of ways individuals and companies invest and work within the world markets. There are also a variety of investing tools and services that people think are beneficial. Individuals and businesses use investment firms to buy and sell stock, bonds, certificates of deposit and mutual funds. Investment firms are also used for investment management and investment consulting. Investing, trading and investment  consulting is worldwide. Many international investment firms work with people globally, providing expert products and financial advice. There are many firms all over the world but only a select few help businesses make sound decisions and invest in companies and equities that give them a huge financial turnaround.

Solo Capital is a global investment firm that works with entities all over the world that assists them in making a significant amount of money. Solo Capital is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Solo Capital also specializes in proprietary trading and consulting. The investment firm has three main business divisions: proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investing. Proprietary trading consists of commodities, derivatives and FX. The service of consulting consists of performance, investments and human capital. The service of professional sports investing consists of commercial advisory, talent acquisition, representation, asset and performance management.

Solo Capital has an expert team of investors that can provide companies and individuals the advice and techniques that can benefit both parties in a significant way. The financial company also offers asset management, agency brokerage, securities lending and safe guarding. Solo Capital is revolutionizing the way financial firms invest, both in themselves and in their products and services.

Solo Capital’s United Kingdom location makes it a staple in the financial sector of Europe.

Solo Capital is active on many social media sites. Individuals and businesses looking to be a client at Solo Capital can also contact them through those accounts. Using social media can bring a great amount of clientele that they have never thought of. Solo Capital’s social media accounts can include investing tips and ways to contact the company.

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Vacation Rentals Best London

LondonEscape is among the longest-serving booking agencies for hotels London apartments and various accommodations in London. It offers solutions to all budgets and supplying the whole lot of entire houses and straightforward budget studios in the area.

I booked most of the properties online, fast and securely and my reservations confirmed right away using my email containing all the information needed.

The main reason I chose London was because, they are entirely customer focused. Your wants comes foremost and they do all good jobs that are pleasing and satisfying to the client. Customers mainly come back regularly, since it offers the best accommodation you can ever want. They also helped me find the perfect accommodation, which suited my budget. Booking can also be done through skyping, helpline or website live charts, which are available unlike other online booking services. Their status comes through constant efforts in visiting each property, personally and making sure that each possessor maintains high standards.

I have a preference of apartments as a substitute to hotels after trying them. The apartments offer level of comfort, space, privacy, value and individual charm that hotels can’t offer.

London has the most excellent restaurants worldwide but, mostly I would probably prefer a serviced apartment that has its own kitchen. This is better because, I get to prepare most of my meals, giving me control over what I put in my body , unlike not having a kitchen and being forced to eat cooked meals, which wastes time and has a blow on my wallet. By this I often save on meals and taxis making it pocket friendly. Why shell out more?

One more benefit of apartments, is that they are all over London, including places with no hotels due to the rules protecting them. I found myself enjoying my stay in the most unexpected locations and well-known streets. On the other hand, I can prefer a quiet stay in London’s many secret inhabited blocks and crannies.

People who visit in groups are offered serviced apartments, which are definitely a preferable idea to hotels. The groups share the rooms instead of being stack in different rooms.

LondonEscape offers extra London apart hotels than any other websites.

Paradise Living in Manse on Marsh

No living arrangement is perfect for each and every person in his or her golden years. But you can probably figure out a strategy that will work best for you by focusing on what you need to lead a happy and comfortable life. The Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo is an assisted living facility that offers wonderful opportunities to mingle with other seniors like you. It is a community on the central cost that is fully dedicated to people wanting to live independently, peacefully and comfortably as well. The amenities and price here are tailored to individual needs and budget.

The Manse on Marsh is located within a walking distance from famous restaurants, bookstores, ice-cream shops, shopping centers and art dealers in San Luis Obispo. This community provides clean accommodation to it residents along with detailed housekeeping service, personal laundry service, transportation, common facilities for the residents such as clubhouse, gym and library to get-together and enjoy. They have fitness and wellness centers, caregivers and nurses for daily care and physicians on call. The property creates an optimal quality of life for seniors living here. In every case you will be bale to maximize your benefits of living and enhance your lifestyle – and it is usually easy to do both.

Many seniors find getting admitted to this facility is the most cost-effective option. If you want a place that is least expensive for your retirement years, you are better off opting for Manse on Marsh, and most reviews would back that up. Pay a monthly or yearly fee and all your living needs and medical care are covered. Other facilities may charge you exorbitant medical bills and unless your provider is within the network, will break your bank. Your life here can stay in a consistent way and you don’t have to worry about filling out loads of paperwork to get into this facility.

Seniors have worked hard throughout their lives, so when they reach retirement age, they deserve the best. This is what the Manse of Marsh believes in. People who are weighed down by costly living expenses need more than a software for handling their personal finance. They need a comprehensive living plan, especially when illness or health condition is preventing them from leading a comfortable life. This facility is an example of what a wise investment to protect your health can look like. It offers a concise bounty of precious and practical steps toward health and wellness. Here residents will learn how to be happy and be with people from all walks of life. The reward of discovering individual strength will be the peace of mind to enjoy your retirement years. The Manse of Marsh is the perfect place to make your dreams come true.  Follow the Twitter if you want to keep up with them in the future.

What it Takes to Make A Serial Entrepreneur

Brad Reifler is a well known businessman and is known as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Forefront Group. He is also well known as the former founding partner Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Pali Capital that was a firm dealing in global financial services. Brad has a wealth of experience in matters related to Forex markets and commodities with not less than 30 years experience.

CrunchBase shows he is a graduate of Bowdoin College with a degree in Political Science and Economics. He started his first company in 1982 called Reifler Trading Corporation. The company specialized in matters global derivatives and managed to become a leading company such that Refco that was the biggest futures trading company at the time ended up buying it.

Soon after that, he took the opportunity to start Pali Capital where he was able to achieve his biggest success. During the 13 years he was Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, he was able to take the company to not less than $200 million in profits and with offices in Australia, United Kingdom and United States.

Currently, he is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer a well as Chief Adviser of Forefront Advisory, a new firm that specializes in providing the best professional advice to Forex and commodity traders. Because commodity markets are volatile in a notorious manner, Brad recognizes the fact that foreign exchanges are even worst hit.

Investors who are serious about making making a living with the financial markets and Forex find his advice very useful. He is a firm believer that anyone can make it in the financial world if armed with the right knowledge and assets. He has made appearances in different public forums and written journals that have been picked by different popular publications. He continues to be a very influential member of the community when matters related to helping people become financially stable are concerned.  His investment tips articles are recommended reading for anybody looking to break into investment, without a lot of startup capital.

A Young Girls Journey To Survival

Yeonmi Park is truly a remarkable woman. She has accomplished incredible things in her young life and she wishes to inspire others through her journey. ReasonTV recently released an article about Yeonmi Park and her new book entitled: In Order To Live: A North Korean Girls Journey To Freedom. In her book Park states that she never knew the idea or the concept of freedom. To her the things that would make her happy were food and water. Park took her first steps out of North Korea in 2007. She crossed the Yalu River with her mother in the night. They arrived in China when she was only 13 years old and their journey to South Korea would take them through China and the Mongolian border. Park is a woman who showed strength of character because it took determination to finish her long and treacherous journey with her family. During her journey she and her mother were abused and starving. Her father was able to cross over to South Korea but a few months after crossing he died because of a cancer that was not treated. Park’s father was not ever able to know what democracy was, and he did not even know that the idea was available in the world. Park speaks on Youtube of how desperate her family was and the fact that they would have loved to be able to have some of the things that Americans throw away every day. Parks story of survival has captivated thousands of readers in America and around the world and even though the leader of North Korea has tried to downplay Parks tragedy, family testimonials and other information has proven that her story really is true. Parks had to change some of the names in her story to protect her family members.

U.S. Money Reserve Starts Crowdrise Funding Page For Local Food Bank

The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas has been operating in 21 counties of central Texas for almost 30 years and supplies as much as 31 million pounds of food each year for those in need across the central region of the state. In a bid to aid the food bank in its good works the precious metals dealer, U.S. Money Reserve, has established a crowd funding page on the Crowdrise website to raise funding for the organization as the Holiday season approaches. U.S. Money Reserve is hoping that its friends, clients and employees will combine their charitable efforts to make sure that as few people go hungry over the Holidays as possible.

Digital Journal reports the U.S. Money Reserve is hoping to aid the central Texas community with its fund raising efforts for the food bank. U.S. Money Reserve itself is a precious metals dealer that specializes in government issued coins made from gold, silver and platinum. The more than 100 employees of the company are all experienced experts in precious metals dealing who hope to guide investors towards the best possible opportunities to invest their funds in a secure range of precious metals.

For more than 30 years the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas has been at the forefront of providing nourishment for the people of the central area of the state. The link up with the U.S. Money Reserve marks a change of direction in the charitable giving of the precious metals dealer who usually provides funding for groups specializing in the needs of children and young people.

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