A Young Girls Journey To Survival

Yeonmi Park is truly a remarkable woman. She has accomplished incredible things in her young life and she wishes to inspire others through her journey. ReasonTV recently released an article about Yeonmi Park and her new book entitled: In Order To Live: A North Korean Girls Journey To Freedom. In her book Park states that she never knew the idea or the concept of freedom. To her the things that would make her happy were food and water. Park took her first steps out of North Korea in 2007. She crossed the Yalu River with her mother in the night. They arrived in China when she was only 13 years old and their journey to South Korea would take them through China and the Mongolian border. Park is a woman who showed strength of character because it took determination to finish her long and treacherous journey with her family. During her journey she and her mother were abused and starving. Her father was able to cross over to South Korea but a few months after crossing he died because of a cancer that was not treated. Park’s father was not ever able to know what democracy was, and he did not even know that the idea was available in the world. Park speaks on Youtube of how desperate her family was and the fact that they would have loved to be able to have some of the things that Americans throw away every day. Parks story of survival has captivated thousands of readers in America and around the world and even though the leader of North Korea has tried to downplay Parks tragedy, family testimonials and other information has proven that her story really is true. Parks had to change some of the names in her story to protect her family members.

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