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LondonEscape is among the longest-serving booking agencies for hotels London apartments and various accommodations in London. It offers solutions to all budgets and supplying the whole lot of entire houses and straightforward budget studios in the area.

I booked most of the properties online, fast and securely and my reservations confirmed right away using my email containing all the information needed.

The main reason I chose London was because, they are entirely customer focused. Your wants comes foremost and they do all good jobs that are pleasing and satisfying to the client. Customers mainly come back regularly, since it offers the best accommodation you can ever want. They also helped me find the perfect accommodation, which suited my budget. Booking can also be done through skyping, helpline or website live charts, which are available unlike other online booking services. Their status comes through constant efforts in visiting each property, personally and making sure that each possessor maintains high standards.

I have a preference of apartments as a substitute to hotels after trying them. The apartments offer level of comfort, space, privacy, value and individual charm that hotels can’t offer.

London has the most excellent restaurants worldwide but, mostly I would probably prefer a serviced apartment that has its own kitchen. This is better because, I get to prepare most of my meals, giving me control over what I put in my body , unlike not having a kitchen and being forced to eat cooked meals, which wastes time and has a blow on my wallet. By this I often save on meals and taxis making it pocket friendly. Why shell out more?

One more benefit of apartments, is that they are all over London, including places with no hotels due to the rules protecting them. I found myself enjoying my stay in the most unexpected locations and well-known streets. On the other hand, I can prefer a quiet stay in London’s many secret inhabited blocks and crannies.

People who visit in groups are offered serviced apartments, which are definitely a preferable idea to hotels. The groups share the rooms instead of being stack in different rooms.

LondonEscape offers extra London apart hotels than any other websites.

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