What Soros Thinks of Trump

George Soros is a pilanthropist most well known for his work in the economic world. His website notes that he founded the Open Society Foundations in 1979. This was after he survived Nazi occupation of Budapest and Hungary. Then he fled to London and attended the London School of Economics. Then he came to the United States of America, and began his life as the famous economic analyst we know today.

With the 2016 presidential election coming up, George Soros decided to weigh in on what he thought of the candidates. There are so many candidates in the race now: Bernie Saunders, Donald Trump, and others. Trump has drawn quite a lot of attention. He has said things that have offended, things that have drawn many to his side, and things that have simply left others quite unsure of what they think of him.

Forbes billionaire George Soros weighed in on what he thinks of Trump in a report recently released by Forbes. He was quoted as saying that Trump is doing the work for ISIS. Trump is known for a lot of talk against Muslims. He believes they should not be able to enter the United States of America. Soros has noted that these kind of actions, and words, will give Muslims the feeling that the only thing to turn to will be terrorism. They are already facing things in their countries that cannot be stopped without help from other countries.

Furthermore, Soros recalls his days as a migrant. He sympathizes with the Muslims that Trump has decided to lash out at. With ISIS’s days numbered as the Iraq and Syria governments take back land that previously had been seized by the group.

With the presidental race coming to a quicker pace, there is something to consider. If Soros is speaking out against Trump – as a man who has lived through what were probably narrow escapes at the Nazi’s hands – then why are people so quick to back him?

Online Reputation Startup Sees Massive Growth

With 2015 recently closed, online reputation management, marketing, and PR firm Status Labs posted some impressive growth figures. Revenue is up 39% from their 2014 figures. Even more incredibly, that’s just a piece of the 939% growth they’ve seen since their launch in 2012.
Status Labs is unique in that they can solve any digital communications problem brought to them. Whether their clients need to manage their online reputation, advertise on social media, or develop a strategic public relations campaign, Status Labs team of experts can help. Last year this killer combination landed Status Labs 160 New clients, in industries ranging from finance to technology, healthcare to politics.
Darius Fisher, President of Status Labs, attributes that growth to their team of digital natives, innovative digital strategy services, and continued focus on client acquisition and retention.
Their continually expanding workforce increased by over 12% last year. They’ll continue this growth into the first quarter of 2016, hiring talented individuals for their New York and Austin offices.
About Status Labs
Status Labs is the online reputation, digital marketing, and public relations firm. They enable their clients to effectively engage audiences with content that drives sales. With offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo, they offer services ranging from Reputation Management, Public Relations, Social Media and Content Marketing, and SEO. Through this unique combination of services, they can increase their client’s digital footprint by offering solutions custom made for each client’s unique needs.
Status Labs Serves over 1,500 Clients in 35 countries, including Fortune 500 brands, politicians, CEOs, and Athletes.
The firm has been featured in Daily Beast, The New York Times, DuJour, Yahoo!, US News and World Report, and The Observer.
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In the course of serving customers, a business is likely to elicit a mix of both compliments and complaints. While compliments boost the organization’s image and gives an indication that things are being done the right way, complaints need some special handling. Apart from a few instances of toxic customers who will complain in smear campaigns, the way an organization responds to complaints may just be the make or break point. Effective handling of customer complaints is crucial in not only salvaging a negative experience but can just as well be turned into an actual business opportunity. This is especially so in this highly networked digital age where social media channels expose companies to real time feedback from customers.
White Shark Media is among the leading digital marketing agency that seeks to deliver online marketing solutions. Its solutions are custom made to needs of small and medium sized businesses. One of the key drivers of its growth is in provision of world-class customer experience using its reputation of engineering cost-effective search marketing campaigns.
White Shark Media acknowledges that in its course of business, they have had to deal with lots of complaints. The company has reached a point where it admits to having made its share of mistakes and paid for that. In the end however, the company has learnt its lessons and emerged as a better service provider.
Over the years, addressing matters of customer complaints have been advancing from the basic issues as providing a channel for interactive real time communication to effectiveness of its services. At the very basic, the company had to open up channels that customers would give feedback. Good service provision would reflect through compliments. Complaints on the other hand were well taken note of and the necessary measures taken to mitigate them.
On White Shark Media official Facebook page, there is currently a total of 54 reviews. Most of these are complements with customers expressing their levels of satisfaction at what White Shark Media has been able to achieve for their businesses. For the few complaints, the company, consistent with its policy of responding to complaints in not more than a day, quickly responds and follows up on the matter. Feedbacks of whichever nature – whether complaints or compliments ae encouraged and valued by the company as a way to attain mutual growth.
The personalized touch has been optimized by availing phone systems with direct extensions. This offers a big relief to clients as it allows them to call their desired contact person directly. The customer in this way can expound on his/her concern ensuring that superior customer value is offered.