Understanding Dr. Sergio Cortes from Brazil

Dengue, zika and chikungunya viruses have been found to be transmitted by same mosquito Aedes aegypti, according to research conducted by scientists. Sergio Cortes, a Brazilian medical expert said that three viruses have similar signs although they vary slightly depending on specific disease. Patients suffering from these viruses experience symptoms like eyes and muscle pains, high fever, and reddish spot on the skin. Majority of people are aware of dengue virus, but zika and chikungunya viruses are not very common. Those affected by dengue virus experience intense pains in the back of their eyes and also on muscles.
Bruno Del Guerra, a nurse who has been researching on these viruses said that zika and chikungunya each has predominant signs that differentiate them. Patients with zika experience itching and redness of the eyes as the predominant signs, while joint pains is intense in chikungunya. Medical practitioners are conducting further studies to note the severity level in new born babies. Bruno asked people to be vigilant and seek medical attention whenever some of these signs are experienced. He acknowledged the fact that Dr. Sergio Cortes is doing further research to establish if there are possibilities of patients suffering from two virus at the same time.
Today, no scientist has managed to manufacture a drug that can treat or prevent the viruses. Sergio Cortes said that scientists are working on a research that would establish a viable treatment for the viruses. Hydration is the only treatment that is relied up on, but does not cure the virus. Patients who use this option are asked to rest for not less than five days so as to retain physical vigor, attributes Dr. Sergio. In Sao Paulo, one institute is working on a drug which is meant to suppress the virus, although they are planning to move to the second stage of the process. After the second stage is through, they will wait for approval before they start production.

1.Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian practitioner who has worked in the healthcare industry for many years. He has been educating people on ways of improving their health, and he asks them to take caution in order to keep fit. You should follow Sergio Cortes on his Twitter account and also on LinkedIn. You can find additional information on these viruses on Noticias R7.

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