Brian Torchin: Staffing Expert and Professional Matchmaker For the Health Care Industry

There are a tremendous amount of perspectives that are taken into consideration when dealing with medical facilities. One of the most important components to consider when dealing with the medical industry is how a facility is staffed. No one is more in tune with this perspective of the health care community than Brian Torchin, president of HCRC (Health Care Recruitment Counselors)Staffing based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

HCRC Staffing is a medical staffing agency that operates in all 50 states as well as in Canada and throughout Asia, Europe and Australia. Torchin has been the brains behind HCRC Staffing and has dedicated his expertise to ensuring the effective and expedient process of medical staffing in facilities around the globe. Brian Torchin has opened and staffed health care offices across America and is now using his knowledge to assist others in making sure their facilities are equipped with the proper personel to operate with a standard of excellence.

How exactly do Torchin and other members of HCRC Staffing properly staff facilities all over the world? The answer has been given on Twitter, and is both simple and complex- by bringing medical professionals together with those who are opening practices or looking to complete the staffing needs of their facility. Torchin has long used specific criteria to place staff members in the perfect vocation to both maximize productivity and workplace satisfaction. His direct experience managing medical facilities provides him the unique inside perspective that is applied when taking the staffing needs of a medical facility into consideration.

The careful placement of health care professionals into facilities and positions that are a good fit for both parties is crucial to the success of a health care establishment. It may seem like there are only a few key positions that are important in the hiring process, but it is important to ensure that all facilities are properly staffed in all departments. Whether it is a chiropractic establishment or a physical therapy facility, correct and adequate medical staffing is vital. Medical experts and professionals have dedicated their lives to learning about different aspects of medicine. Operators of medical facilities take pride in the reputation of their establishments. And Brian Torchin is in the business of helping them find each other.

Brian’s Resume really shows what he’s done to accomplish a different brand of health care.

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