George Soros Provides Insight on European Union

George Soros Offers Warnings
CNBC had reported the interview with George Soros, who is a billionaire financer. Mr. Soros gave the warning that the European Union is ready to collapse. It may even be on the verge of collapsing. The reason for this possible collapse is due to the management of the millions of refugees and migrants who had arrived in that region in the year of 2015. This may be the 2008 crisis repeating itself. Mr. Soros did add, in an interview, that the German Chancellor, Ms. Angela Merkel, may have the key to solve this issue and crisis. He does not criticize the move that Merkel had made with her response that opened Germany to the refugees. These refugees had actually travelled from the Middle East and found a new home right in Europe.

The Potential to Destroy the European Union
It had been Merkel who had looked ahead and saw the potential of the entire migration crisis. This does have the potential to completely destroy the European Union. This does seem to be a current reality, The European Union is in need of repair. The people of Germany do have the ability to put a halt to this prediction.

Keeping an Eye on Radicalization
It is important to now watch for radicalization. This does mean that people will need work. They will need to be given the opportunity for employment. They need an overall sense of hope. There must be an integration of these people into society. They will need to learn the languages. This is the view of the Finance Minister, to CNBC.

George Soros and the Open Society
George Soros and his views are intriguing. The website of George Soros does provide valuable information. When Soros had earned enough money, he opted to establish an open society in the year 1979. The open society does take the place of a government filled with authoritarian figures. The theme of this society is the overall recognizing of the fact that our current world is indeed highly imperfect. The idea is: imperfect can be improved. Soros is a philanthropist. He began to support scholarships for black students. This was at the University of Cape Town right in South Africa. Soros believes that his own success in the financial markets did give him a larger degree of independence as compared to many other people. He has the ability to actually impact some of the controversial issues.

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