Dog Food: A Growing Industry

In an article by the Daily Herald, new trends of the pet food industry were brought to light. The industry that is now valued at 23.7 billion dollars is quickly growing and is showing no signs of slowing down. Big dog food companies, and newer small companies, are taking a new approach to feeding pets. They understand that consumers are very concerned about what goes into their food and they think consumers should also be concerned about what goes into their pet’s food.

Dog food companies are adding freeze dried blueberries and cranberries to increase the nutritional contents of the dog food. Some companies are coming out with treats that do not have any artificial flavors or colors in them and instead are filled with beef and duck. Lots of companies are going organic and making their food so it must be refrigerated. The whole idea is that consumers should be feeding their dogs the same quality of food that they eat.

Beneful is one such company that is changing with the trends. Beneful has been on the cutting edge since 2001, when it was founded and introduced to the market. Beneful has a track record of being cutting edge and knowing what they trends are. They have had some of the most successful advertising campaigns, including one where they advertising poster was designed to smell to attract dogs. They have also won a packaging award for a package of theirs that was resealable and convertible into a dog bowl.

Beneful is one of the top five brands in dog food and in 2012 it made 1.5 billion dollars in revenue. The company produces wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. All of the dog food made is produced under the most stringent of standards. From sanitation and cleanliness to optimum nutrition and safe food ingredients, Beneful wants their consumer’s dog to be as happy and health as ever. The food contains real food such as turkey, chicken and beef and has nutrients from other plants like corn, barley and peas.


Autism Research isn’t Cheap, But Solo Capital is Helping

Medical research isn’t cheap. In fact, testing different procedures and following through with different courses of action in research adds up quickly. Due to this, there are all sorts of medical issues, diseases and conditions that continually need an influx of money. That is true with Autism. Autism is a condition that millions of individuals face every single day. It is also something that is difficult for children to face and for families to face. Sanjay Shaha is the president of Solo Capital, and he also has a child that battles autism. This is not something that is treatable, but it is a condition more people need to learn about. It is also a condition with no known cause, although researches are looking into it. That is why Sanjay is looking to raise money to help sponsor children from around the world. These children face additional medical expenses and need more help and attention, yet many families are simply unable to provide these kinds of financial assisting for their child. this is exactly where the financial raising of Solo Capital in its Autism Rocks campaign is so important.

So what is Autism Rocks, exactly? Solo Capital and Shaha put on invite only concerts around the world. These concerts are performed by the largest performers in the entertainment industry, ranging from Prince to Snoop Dogg. The performers do it for free and all of the money brought in from the private sales is used to help sponsor children in different areas around the world. After all, there are different children who are in need, whether it is third world countries or in the UK and the United States. With this assistance, it is possible for the children to receive the attention and proper medical services that can help ensure they are not only healthy, but successful in life.

Often times, parents do not know what to do or how to go about the condition with their children. With the growing fundraising support from these services, it is now possible to receive some of that assistance in order to boost autistic assistance.

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Autism Rocks: A New Kind Of Charity

They raised 200,000 pounds for Autism Research in their first month of operation. They had Prince perform at a private event to raise money for the Autism Research Trust. Autism Rocks has found a new way of generating a large amount of charitable donations.

The charity, formed by Sanjay Shah, is focused on raising money for autism research, rather than support services for those effected by autism. Shah felt that more money needs to be directed toward finding out more about the disease and, in turn, this would only improve the support services that could be provided.

Autism Rocks puts on small concerts by the most famous musicians and asks for large donations from the attendees. They have had concerts with both Prince and Lenny Kravitz in London. Each concert on had a few hundred people in attendance but they managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shah has said he would like to try out different types of events and not just hold small concerts for the very wealthy. He wants to have contests where competition winners can attend concerts and he wants to create a compilation CD where the proceeds benefit the charity.

This is not the first time Sanjay Shah has seen success. From his time at King’s College, he has worked in the financial world for companies like Merrill Lynch and Rabobank and then he formed his own brokerage firm, which made him hundreds of millions of dollars. Due to the success of his firm, Shah is now semi-retired and looking for a hobby. So he decided to start a charity that was close to his heart.

Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 and ever since he has been laser focused on helping institutes and charities that support the cause. Shah combined his passion for helping his son and other with autism with his interest in concert promotion and Autism Rocks was born. Shah is thrilled with the success it has seen thus far and is looking forward to projects in the future.

Source: Global-Citizen

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