Video Use Helps Email Marketing Campaigns

Hello Tesla is just one of the many media outlets that have started getting excited about using videos in marketing emails. Their recent article on the subject showed that having a video in an email campaign will increase revenue by 40 percent. These numbers came from a study done by the Relevancy Group. The article went on to explain that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and they do not have the time or the patience to read through all of their emails. It has been shown that videos are the proven method to getting people’s attention.

The study from the Relevancy Group also showed that people will click through to a page with a video 2 to 3 times more than one without. They are also increasing email open rates by 20 percent. And the true beauty behind using a video is that it really doe share a brand’s personality so that customers, donors, partners, consumers, etc. can really get to know the company and what their culture is like.

Talk Fusion is one company that creates video communication solutions for businesses and individuals. Everybody has access to download the video chat application from Talk Fusion for free. It is on all major app stores. However, Talk Fusion also offers extra features like video email, community blog, live meetings and video newsletter. These features are an additional fee but are excellent tools for business use and even for personal use.

Talk Fusion also likes to give back in two ways. The first way it gives back is through the fact that it is a direct selling platform. So for individuals who would like to be there own boss and decided their own hours, this can be a perfect fit for them. It is also possible to win vacations. Talk Fusion also gives back to charity. They are especially involved in various children’s charities, like international orphanages. And because the CEO is very passionate about animal rights, Talk Fusion is very generous with local SPCAs and other animal shelters and care centers.

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