The Story of Jim Larkin

James (Jim) Larkin was born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876, the son of two Irish immigrants from County Armagh. His family had little money. The seven year old boy went to work in the afternoon, after attending school in the morning. When his father died he was 14. At that time he began working full time as an apprentice where his father had worked. After two years, at the age of 16, he was let go. Within a couple of years he had started working on the docks of Liverpool. By the age of 27 he was a dock foreman.


It was from this life that James Larkin began to align himself with the idea of socialism. He felt for the underprivileged and downtrodden. Larkin was quoted as saying “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay” as he believed workers were not treated with fairness.


Larkin joined the NUDL (the National Union of Dock Labourers). In 1905 he committed to being a union organizer. He was the first person to try and organize the dock workers in Belfast, Ireland, having been sent there in 1907 by the NUDL. He was able to unionize the workers, but the employers refused to pay the wage demanded. Larkin called for a strike which lasted from May through November, ending only when a settlement was reached by the NUDL leaders.


James Larkin traveled to Dublin at the behest of the NUDL to rally the dock workers in that city to unionize. He felt that the leaders had gone behind his back in settling the strike in Belfast. Wanting to distance himself from British unions, he began the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) in December 1908. It took only three years for the ITGWU to become the largest union in Ireland. Larkin’s union was intended to combine all skilled and unskilled industrial workers in Ireland. There were a few holdouts. These included the Dublin United Tramway Company and Guinness Brewery. The DUTC continued to resist fair practices for their employees. Subsequently a strike, referred to as the Dublin Lockout, began in 1913 and lasted almost eight months. When all was said and done, the Dublin Lockout resulted in workers obtaining the right to fair employment.


James Larkin died in Dublin on January 30, 1947 having lived a life dedicated to socialism and fighting for the underdog.

The Amicus Therapeutics and Their Migalastat Monotherapy Method

While the healthcare industry is moving forward and opening the path for new methods and treatments to a varied number of diseases, the practice of developing new ways of executing therapies is one of the most significant assets for the progression of medicine as a whole.

A famous therapeutic institute located in New Jersy, Cranbury, is contributing to the improvement of this front since their foundation in February 4, 2002. Amicus Therapeutics was created with the intention of focusing their research on rare and orphan diseases that have unique peculiarities and deserve a higher attention from some of the best physicians and researchers in the United States.

These disorders that Amicus Therapeutics focuses on are called “Lysosomal Storage Disorders” and are very detrimental to some individuals who suffer from a number of these and have very limited assistance from researches. Around the world, there are diseases that have a higher percentage of institutions taking care of discovering new methods of treatment and therapies for more famous diseases like Aids, cancer, and others. The Lysosomal Disorders don’t have enough backup support from physicians of skill and experience. Thus Amicus Therapeutics is aiming to change this reality for the future.

The company has their focus on the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy, a method that has the replacement of enzymes in the body of the infected, and were one of the pioneers to develop a more reliable and effective version of the therapy. Amicus Therapeutics was also a company that went public five years after their inauguration, which means that anyone can fund and support the institution and helps progress their therapy development. The clinic and their professional staff are dedicating their efforts into proceeding with the migalastat monotherapy, one of their greatest projects for the future.

The enterprise is aiming to stabilize what they call “alpha-galactosidase,” an endogenous mutant cell that is responsible for the type of disorder that the group treats and develops therapies for. Amicus Therapeutics currently has no established products in the market (Google Finance), and instead focuses on the sole purpose of supporting the investigation and building collaborations with other important corporations to try and further their reach.

Amicus Therapeutics, contrary to popular belief, is not centered only in New Jersey, where they are headquartered, but also has a subsidiary in San Diego since 2008, one year after the group went public. The researches and therapy development of the group is not alone, as they have the support and funding of many important personalities and institutions for the healthcare department, like the 2010 $500,000 fund from Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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