George Soros is a Billionaire With a Great Soul

George Soros is a renowned figure in the United States and other parts of the world. The businessman has earned his respect for being an influential entrepreneur and philanthropist who wants to change the world and make a better place. His humanitarian services have benefited many needy communities who are living in the world. Many people know George Soros as a self-made billionaire who had to struggle when growing up. The challenges he faced when growing up have molded him into one of the greatest individuals in the world and learn more about George Soros.

Apart from being a respected finance expert, George Soros is known for his great role in the American politics. The billionaire has been supporting political candidates who are in support of good and fair polices in the country. The billionaire has also been fighting divisive policies, hate crimes, closed market strategies and any other thing that creates walls in the society. According to George Soros, people should be treated equally and fairly without considering their caste, religion, country and caste. The businessman has always been supporting the Democratic Party for many years because of the ideals it has. The party believes that the world should be an open society that doesn’t discriminate people because of their background or any other basis and read full article.

George Soros is an authoritative hedge fund manager who has achieved so much professionally. At the moment, he is considered to be among the most successful hedge fund manager who is based in the United States and what George Soros knows. The billionaire is believed to be worth twenty-five billion. The hedge fund manager is currently serving as the chairman of the prestigious Soros Fund Management LCC. As the investment manager of the foundation, Soros has worked hard to make sure that it is among the most successful private institutions in the world. His expertise in the finance department has played an enormous role in the success of the private company and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros did not have a prestigious lifestyle when he was growing up. According to a story published at one of the United States magazines, the businessman comes from a Jewish family. When Soros was still young, the Nazis invaded Hungary. This resulted in the Second World War. However, George had a smart father who did his best so that he could save his family from the war that was taking place and more information click here. The old man relocated his father to London. When living in London, George Soros had the opportunity to attend some of the best schools in the world, and this enabled him to acquire the expertise he needed in the competitive market. After graduating from the university, George Soros was fortunate once more because he got a chance to move to the United States where he is currently based and Follow him

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a Guest on Ideamensch

Dr. McKenna was asked about a trend that he finds very exciting right now. He said that the decline of smoking in America is a positive trend that he finds very exciting heading into the future. Only good things can happen when more people quite smoking and break their addiction.

Mark McKenna was also asked what is a habit of his that he believes makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. McKenna said that he is a voracious reader who reads a lot of books and other publications. All of the knowledge he gains from reading can then be applied to business and life. This is why Mark McKenna believes reading makes him productive in business.

Ideamensch asked Mark McKenna what was the worst job he had and what did learn from that experience. Dr. Mark McKenna said he was lucky in his employment. He never had to work for anybody and always worked for himself. One of his first jobs was as a doctor in his father’s practice and later he started investing in property.

Another key question asked of Dr. McKenna was if he had to start over, would is it that he would differently this time around. Dr. McKenna said that he would spend a lot more time trying to figure out what he was truly passionate about. Looking back, he says he may have rushed through a lot of things that he should not have. Dr. McKenna cites the example of him trying to complete medical school as quickly as possible. He says that its fine to move ahead slowly. An excellent word of advice from Mark McKenna is that speed without direction is useless and won’t really get you anywhere. Click here to know more about him.

A business question asked of Mark McKenna was what is a strategy that he believes has helped him grow his business. Dr. McKenna said surrounding himself with people that are smarter than he is has helped him tremendously in his business endeavors. Mark was then asked what software he uses in his line of work. He said that he uses Microsoft programs such as Excel and finds them very useful.

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How Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions are Changing Lives

Richard Blair had worked in the investment advisory market for a while, and he realized that consumers were looking for a company that would meet their expectations. This is when he decided to start a company known as Wealth Solutions so that he could offer the excellent services the consumer was interested in. Wealth Solutions has emerged to be one of the most successful registered investment advisory firms in the country, and it focuses on providing citizens with personalized and complex financial planning. Most of the customers visiting the company are families, affluent individuals; small business owners who are in Austin and the neighborhood and any other personality who wants to invest wisely. The founder of the company is an expert when it comes to investment advisory, and he has done his best to make the company grow into greater levels. The businessman has been in this department for more than two decades.


The financial markets in the international community are always changing. However, Wealth Solutions understands that when the client uses the right financial strategies, then they can adapt to these changes without any problems. Wealth Solutions has been doing well because it is always looking for any opportunity to offer very dynamic and conservative investment solutions that have the ability to allow the consumer to participate and at the same time focus on minimizing the risk. While serving in the competitive market, the company founder now understands that customers are mostly planning and approaching retirement and this is why the company has been doing so well. The main goal of the customer is to preserve their hard earned wealth and at the end of the day develop a reliable retirement income. These customers want to leave a great legacy to all their children when they are no longer in the world. The comprehensive plans offered by Richard Blair and his company will help consumers achieve this goals.


In the modern market, families, affluent individuals and business have accumulated a lot of wealth after working hard in the market. However, the greatest challenge is managing the assets. Wealth Solutions understands this challenge, and it has been doing all it can to assist consumers. All the strategies adopted by Richard Blair and his team have proven to be very effective to the consumers and they have given great results. People who have received services from the company say that they had fewer risks when they selected their plans from Wealth Solutions. Learn more here:


Doe Deere and How to Start Your Own Company

There are a lot of companies that have started with only a few things. Lime Crime is one of them. Doe Deere created and built it on her own. You may be wondering how you can build your own company like she did and make it successful. Learn more:

Have Passion

The first thing you need is a passion for what you are doing. This way when things get hard, you will still be able to find the drive to do them. You want something that makes you smile when you get up in the morning. This way you will be happy while you work your butt off making your business a reality.

Business Plan

A business plan will help you to get the things you want with your business. If you don’t have a plan, then you have no direction. This can cause confusion and will make it harder for you to keep your business going. It’s important to know what direction is going to be the best for you. That way you will not be doing things that are all over the place. Doe Deere had a plan when she started her business and she is right on track for where she should be because of it. This is most likely a large part of her success.

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan will help you to know what your sales will go to and how much you are going to be spending on your marketing. You have to be able to get your business out there and this will probably be one of the few ways you are able to. This plan should be set up for at least a year and be refreshed as you try things to see what works better.

Don’t Give up

The biggest thing is to not give up. This is also the hardest thing to do because you will want to a lot. The important things is to keep moving forward so you can make progress with your business.

Take your time and you will be able to start your business and keep it going for a long time to come. Doe Deere has done everything right to get her business going. She has made a large business out of a dream because she was able to stick to a plan. You can do it too. All you need to do is have a plan and make it happen.

8 Things You May Be Doing Wrong If Diet And Exercise Don’t Seem To Be Working

For years belly fat has been a problem for women, not just for looks, but it can cause health issues like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

The reason why it’s so hard to lose body fat is, our body has two fatty cells “alpha” that removes energy we get from the food we eat, and “beta” that stores it as fat. Having more beta in the belly causes belly fat. This process is called, “lipolysis”.

Diet and exercise can remove belly fat, but if you have been dieting for over 3 months and still haven’t seen results then you are doing something wrong…

8 Things You May Be Doing Wrong If Diet And Exercise Don’t Seem To Be Working

1. You’re not doing the right exercises
It takes more than just sit-ups to get rid of belly fat, and sit-ups require strength. To increase strength: pull on resistant bands, or lift weights, this also raises your metabolism, which helps reduce belly fat. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help burn fat and raise your heart rate.

2. Your sugar and carbohydrates intake is too high
I’m sure you know that sugar converts to fat, but did you know that carbohydrates break down into small molecules of sugar? And fruits, vegetables, flavored water and some low-fat foods may also contain sugar? Always read labels before consuming anything.

3. Your protein intake is too low
You need plenty of protein (lean and not high in saturated fats) in your diet, to preserve lean muscle tissue and it’s a good source of energy that makes you feel fuller longer. Some high in protein foods are eggs, milk, chicken breast, and tuna.

4. You are not sleeping enough
Our bodies have two types of hormones that impact our appetite: leptin that makes us feel full, and ghrelin that makes us feel hunger. If we don’t sleep enough our ghrelin rises and leptin drops. Needless to say, sleep a few hours today, feel more hunger tomorrow.

5. You have too much stress or anxiety and not enough rest
Exercising without rest, stress and anxiety produce a steroid hormone called cortisol that may cause you to crave sweets. Although small bursts of cortisol help people to cope with immediate danger, having high levels, for long periods of time, will increase belly fat.

6. You’re not maintaining a healthy diet
Too low of calories, could slow down your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight. Also, many people think starving themselves, will help lose weight faster, but truth is, this can actually do more harm than good, and won’t keep the weight off. You should consider Nutrisystem for men, since they did the research, and know what it takes to lose weight fast.  Learn more about the Nutrisystem for men branch of the program here:

7. You lack motivation and patience
It’s easy to fall off the wagon when dieting. It may help to write down the reasons why you decided to go on a diet in the first place, then if you change your mind, read your note. Also, You can’t expect to go on a diet, lose weight, then go back to eating again, uh uh. Rather, this should be a choice that you make to change your lifestyle and eat healthier… for good. And you can’t just lose weight overnight! You have to stick with the diet that works before seeing any results.

8. You’re not keeping track of your progress
Write down your goals, then weigh yourself. Track your eating habits, then weigh yourself again a month later, if you lost weight, great, you are on the right track, if not, change your habits and repeat the process.

So, be sure to stick with your diet, and before you know it, you will be fit-n-trim and look your best, and when you look good, you feel good.
I hope this helps you to make the right choice, to change your lifestyle, and your eating habits, for good. Good luck to you on your journey.

OneLogin: Transforming Business Through Technology

From Business trips, weekend getaways, holiday vacations to our workplaces, our day to day lives require us to sign in and sign out from different institutions and companies. In most of these places, -you need to check in by signing on a record logbook which shows the time you came in and the time out. Due to that, the IT admins usually have a difficult period since they get hundreds of visitors each day. It is not hectic to them only but also to you, since if it’s in the case of a hotel, you have no idea who is serving you and also feeling like you are obliged. However, if you are an envoy customer, you are lucky. The company which is headquartered in San Francisco in conjunction with Onelogin, have created a SCIM software which allows the customers to sign in through their I pads, tablets or Smartphones.

The customers also have an opportunity to get info regarding the employees, for instance, their names, emails and even office locations. In case they are not pleased with a service they got from any of Envoy’s staff, reporting the matter will be much simpler. On the other hand, the software is beneficial to the employees as they get host notifications from their customers which helps them prepare to receive them in advance. By the time the client arrives, all is set hence making the process of signing into sail smoothly for both parties. Also, it reduces the work that IT admins have as they are no longer burdened by too many sets of data to organize.

About OneLogin

The San-Francisco based firm began eight years ago by two brothers after they realized the security challenges that other companies were going through while trying to move their information to cloud storage. One Login helps businesses and organizations tackle this problem through the provision of cloud identity management services on a single platform. This makes it easy for IT experts in the company to directly secure all the information while at the same time offers them centralized control over all the data since it’s only in a single application. Due to exemplary services and its efficiency, today One Login serves over 2000 organizations spread across the world in more than 44 countries. These include Uber, Pin interest, steel case, and many other prominent companies. One Login continues to be a household name in its field and has won numerous awards. It also continues to increase its net worth and boasts millions in assets spread in different regions.

Why Dr. Imran Haque is an Ideal Specialist for Cosmetic and Diabetic Treatment

Technology has undeniably improved various facets of life. The medical sector and more precisely the surgical field has significantly benefited from technological advancement. For this reason, various resourceful techniques for accurately diagnosing a patient’s complications and treating them have emerged. Dr. Imran Haque is one of the medical practitioners who has greatly embraced technology in treating his patients.

Horizon Internal Medicine

At his practice, Horizon Internal Medicine based in Asheboro, NC, Dr. Imran Haque tackles various operations including cosmetic surgery, laser hair removal, and diabetes management among others. The practice has completely welcomed the idea that non-invasive and robotic surgical procedures could help treat patients. As such, he hopes that one day his practice will be fully capable of performing a robotic guided cosmetic surgery.

Through his slightly invasive surgical procedures, Imran Haque has demonstrated that making huge cuts on a patient’s body during surgery is not necessary. His surgical instruments provide unmatched versatility and precision in operations like augmentations, performing implants and growth removal.

Imran’s Role in Helping Diabetic Patients

Dr. Imran Haque plays a significant role in helping his diabetic patients deal with the ailment. For him, being a medical practitioner is merely a job but rather a calling that he is determined to fulfill. Having been an internist for nearly 15 years has given Dr. Imran Haque experience in a broad range of medical services such as helping patients with weight issues, diabetes management and maintaining healthy body weight. This vast experience makes him a go-to specialist for diabetic patients. Fore more info about us: click here.

Imran practices internal medicine in several medical facilities in North Carolina such as High Point Regional Hospital and Randolph Hospital. He significantly believes that medicine is a collaboration between several medical experts to come up with an ideal solution as opposed to being a one-man initiative. Hence, patients who visit Dr. Imran’s practice receive not only an extensive diagnosis but also undergo a viable treatment program designed by a team of professionals who undertake a comprehensive analysis of patients’ medical background and test results.

How Susan McGalla was able to redefine retail.

Susan McGalla is a very successful business executive consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Born in East Liverpool Ohio where her father worked as a football coach she grew up together with here 2 brothers. McGalla would later join Mount Union College to study for his first degree and she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. As a testament to her contribution to here school all those years later she would be head hunted and invited to join the board of directors of her former college Mount Union some years late this was due to her success in other sectors that the school felt were valuable to them.

McGalla has had a very illustrious career that began with her working at Joseph Horne Company this was between the years of 1986 and 1994 after which she left and went to work for American Eagle Outfitters.It was during here stay at American Eagle Outfitters that she honed her executive skills as she held various executive positions at the company and despite being male dominated when she joined through sheer hard work and determination she would rise to become the President of American Eagle.

In 2011 Susan was again headhunted and joined Wet Seal she joined the company as CEO during her tenure here she also served as a consultant to a variety of corporations. She eventually left the company in July 2012 after accomplishing quite a lot for the company.

Once McGalla left Wet Seal, she was able to venture into business and consulting fulltime and it was this that led to the establishment of P3 Executive Consulting. Through P3 she is able to offer expert advice based on her long experience in the fashion industry. She has a vast knowledege and understanding of the retail industry and she has been consulting for the financial community on retail and other sectors.

Her other positions include member of the board of HFF Inc, at the Pittsburgh Steelers was appointed the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development, and is currently at the board of Magee-Women’s Hospital.