Susan McGalla Changes Climate for Marketing Retail Clothing

Susan McGalla is changing the way that people look at marketing. She is building an entirely new way to get to the mainstream, and she wants people to be excited about the world of fan gear for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has a special interest in fan gear for this team because she is the creative director for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is in charge of making sure that people have a large variety of clothes to consider from this franchise.

This is just one of many things that she has been able to do over the years. There is a great amount of respect for Susan McGalla because she has catered to a whole new crowd of people that want products that are sturdy and durable. Susan knows about creating quality clothes because she has been someone that has helped bring a sense of quality and normalcy to clothing for American Eagle and Wet Seal. These are companies that sell clothes that are affordable, but there is still a strong sense of style and durability with these brands. Susan McGalla has been the CEO of both of these companies, and she has made her way to the top as someone that has a tremendous amount of experience in marketing.

At one time Susan McGalla owned her own company, and she made her way to a number of different environments where she could help other companies reach a wider consumer base. This is what all marketing experts are essentially called upon to do. They become the type of people that are going to market to a generation of younger consumers that are fickle and not so easy to advertise to. She has been able to rustle in the millennials that may have no desire to receive marketing through traditional means.

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