The Economics Of Women and Men

The Problem With Gender Disparity
According to a recent article done by the BBC, the gender equality gap has gotten worse for women within the last year. This is a report that ranked almost 150 different countries and it compared the economic opportunities for women and men. The study also compared educational opportunities, political opportunities, and participation in politics. Within the last year, women had a 68.3% chances of obtaining the same outcomes as men. In 2017, that percents went down a slight .3%. Even though the difference seems small, the gender gap is supposed to be closing, so the study is alarming.

What The Predictions Showed
According to predictions, this gap will still be around for quite sometime. It was predicted that the gap would close by 20% in 2017, but that did not happen. According to some studies, it will take 217 years for men and women to be on an equal economic level.

The World Of Differences
When it comes to the global gender gap. Iceland, Norway, and Finland are the three highest ranked countries for the best overall equality. The countries that came in last were Jordan, Morocco, and Lebanon. In spite of the slight descent in gender equality, there are several countries that are closing the gap. Rwanda has the highest share of women in Parliament, and countries like Nicaragua and Ireland have moved up to the top 10 when it came to global gender gap rankings.

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