India Is Slipping On Women’s Economic Equality

A hot topic of discussion in many parts of the world is what certain countries are (or are not) doing for women’s equality in economics. It is so important that many organizations measure how different countries are doing on a number of metrics that measure women’s equality. Sources are now saying that some countries are dropping faster down the rankings than others.

Numerous sources have cited how India has dropped some 21 spots on the rankings list in just one year. The country has managed to close sixty-seven percent of the gender gap on wages, but that is far less than many of its neighbors.

Perhaps the worst news out of the report for women is the fact that it is estimated that it will take about 100 years for the gender gap to be completely closed on wages. That is more than what the estimate was just last year. That is something that has media all throughout the world reporting on this.

Iceland has proven to be a winner when it comes to gender neutrality in the workplace. They have managed to close eighty-eight percent of the gender gap in their country in terms of pay. It makes them top of the charts on this measurement for the ninth year in a row. It is a proud accomplishment for the country. Of course, bare in mind the fact that Iceland is a much smaller country by population than India, so it may be a lot easier to manage to get great things done on a smaller scale like that.

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