Richard Blair Fuels Your Journey To Financial Freedom Through Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions Inc. empowers clients to develop and protect their assets effortlessly. Richard Blair founded the company. It is a registered investment advisor located in Austin, Texas. That is to say that clients can trust the quality of service that the firm offers as well as the legitimacy of their investments.



Through Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair is committed to providing premier asset management and retirement planning products to suit a diverse range of client requirements. The firm employs three guiding principles in the client engagement process. Firstly, the discovery process enables the client to define their financial roadmap. During this phase, the company examines the client’s strong points, financial objectives, their appetite for risk as well as the growth opportunities available to them.



Secondly, a custom strategy is developed with the client’s goals in mind. This includes both short-term cash goals as well as long-term performance. The plan seeks to maximize the results from the client’s portfolio while reducing exposure to volatility in the markets. Thirdly, the company provides appropriate insurance coverage to the client including healthcare, life insurance, and annuity options.



Richard Blair comes from a teaching family. This in part drives his passion to educate and help families and small businesses in the Austin area. He believes education and awareness drive the confidence that people need to succeed. He launched Wealth Solutions in 1994 to enable clients to achieve financial freedom and grow their retirement kitty. He concentrates on building strong relationships with the local community and clients that encourage open communication. Learn more:



Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions holds numerous industry certifications. The SEC as well as FINRA license him. Some of the professional financial certifications include Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, Retirement Income Certified Professional and the Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, which enables him to focus on estate planning, and succession, trusts as well as wills.



The multiple certifications ensure that Richard Blair adheres to a strict code of conduct and maintains high standards of practice and professionalism in service delivery to the clients. Some of them demand recertification and continuing education, which ensures that he stays on top of the latest trends and policy guidelines in financial advisory.



The company controls over $52 million in client assets. Richard Blair attended the University of Houston ( He has previously served other firms before launching Wealth Solutions. Some of these include United Global Securities, Worldwide Ventures, and Crownbridge Wealth among others.



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