Greg Secker, Knowledge to Action group Founder.

On February 18th, 1975, an English business magnate was born in Norfolk. Graduating from the University of Nottingham, Secker undertook a course in the field of agriculture in 1997. At the moment, he is a trade titan, famous entrepreneur, and a great philanthropist. Furthermore, he is an international speaker and father as well.

His working career began at Thomas Cook Financial Services. However, he decided to swap to foreign exchange trade. Embarking virtual Trade Desk (VTD) management, Greg set up the base foundation for the real-time Forex.

Even though VTD was the first online platform to exist, it gained popularity because of its convenience level. Giving access to real-time quotes, VTD allowed trading of large amounts in foreign exchange trade.

The year 2003 saw Greg Secker starting his group called Knowledge to Action. It was composed of four companies. The capital index company was created as a brokerage firm for cities. FX Capital was a company which was set for the management of forex investment service account.

The most significant company in the group was Learn to Trade with its offices located in Sydney, Johannesburg, London, and Manila. Smart Charts was started for efficient provision of new trading technology.

Secker’s philanthropist work is seen through his Greg Secker Foundation. Its a non-profit organization whose aim is to better the lives of people in the entire globe.

The organization is a precise identification of Greg’s passion for positively impacting people’s lives through education, coaching, and support.

In Mellon Financial Corporation, Secker’s career progressed up to the position of the vice president. Brushing shoulders with famous business magnates, he was able to interact with them gaining more skills in the trade industry.

His trading account had experienced rapid growth. The success of his forex trade account resulted in him leaving Mellon Corporation. In his house, Greg set up a floor for his trading venture.

After only three months, the Learn to Trade Company came into existence. Up to now, more than 200,000 people have gained trade education through the company.

When IdeasMench was interviewing him, he emphasized on his provision of education about Forex trade. After learning that the available systems did not offer clients with successful trading abilities, he decided to take action. In the interview, he phrases that greater success is seen in those he has taught rather than those he has not.

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