New Colors Released For Unicorn Hair Collection

LimeCrime has recently announced that they will be releasing 4 new shades to their Unicorn Hair Collection this Fall. These colors will certainly compliment the season because they will be darker than other colors released in the collection. As with any LimeCrime product, these hair color treatments are vegan and cruelty free. They are a more natural alternative to other hair color options on the market. The new shades that will be released in the Unicorn Hair Collection are as follows: Chestnut, which is a deep maroon color; Sea Witch, which is a mermaid green type color; Charcoal, which is a smoky gray; and Squid, which is a blackish purple. These colors were designed for brunettes and darker haired people. These colors are intense and full coverage.

The Unicorn Hair Collection from Lime Crime is a range of hair color for those that are not afraid of a little (or a lot) color in their life. This semi-permanent hair color fades gradually and gracefully over time. It is specially formulated not to damage your hair. The formula is a vegetable and glycerin based hair dye. This means it does not have the harsher ingredients that most commercial hair dyes have. The color selections are intense and vibrant. And with each season more colors are being released. The formula is also easy to use and to care for. It will also leave your hair feeling super soft and smelling great. It took over 3 years for CEO of Lime Crime to perfect the Unicorn Hair Collection.

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