Therapy on your mobile phone-Talkspace

Technological advancement has changed interacting with each other as well as the world. The smartphones people use can also be a way of interaction, and can also be the source of miserable life that people especially teenagers get themselves into. According to a study carried out in South Korea showed that 10 percent of teenagers who use the internet are at a risk of getting into depression. With the increase of such cases, online companies have been created to deal with depression issues. Such online organizations include Talkspace. Technology has enabled people not to walk to a therapist office and instead use their phones at the comfort of their homes to seek mental health.

The e-therapy as they are referred to offers their clients a wide range of options on how they can speak to a therapist online. Some of the options include; skype video, cell phone calls as well as a text message which is more advanced. Talkspace has been growing and has more than 1000 professional serving 500000 customers. The expansion will take another turn in the near future as the firm is expected to deal with medical issues. Talkspace has signed a contract with one of the top medical facilities Magellan Health to provide the healthcare services. Talkspace will also help Magellan clients by offering psychotherapy help.

Talkspace is an online organization with the mandate of providing online therapy to all. The firm has ready therapist available on a daily basis 24/7 to deal with different challenges affecting people ranging from relationship, parenthood, weight issues, as well as other stressful issues in life. The joy of Talkspace is to see their customers in their best mood and moving on with their daily life as normal. Talkspace also protects their clients and keep their information private on the online platform. Different security measures are used to store their client’s information.

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