OSI Group Gains Increased Capacity Following the Acquisition of Baho Food

OSI Group is the top-ranking global supplier of value-added food products to the leading foodservice and retail food companies across the world. In its rank as one of the biggest privately held firms in the US, OSI avails unmatchable infrastructural and financial resources and reach. OSI has invested in these resources with the primary objective of helping its clients to source, develop and produce, and also distribute custom food solutions to any part of the world.

Among the things that make OSI one of the first rated food companies in the United States is its entrepreneurial passion as well as agility. These virtues encourage curiosity and good work ethic when it comes to customer collaborations. The company allows its customers and prospects the opportunity to obtain fresh and innovative ways of delivering fresh food solutions and bring their ideas to life. OSI basis its operations on several core values namely integrity, teamwork, building mutually beneficial relationships, continuous improvement, innovative solutions and doing what is best for the company. OSI offers to its customers customised food solutions, trustworthy and efficient supply chain expertise, innovative R&D facilities, unbeatable food quality and safety practices as well as commitment to sustainability throughout its extensive network.

Just recently, OSI Group acquired Baho Food – a Dutch manufacturing firm that serves foodservice and retail segments. Baho Food has been providing convenience foods, as well as deli meats and snacks. The financial details of the acquisition remained hidden. While commenting about the purchase, the president, and CEO of OSI, David G. McDonald said that the addition would give the Group increased presence in Europe. David noted that Baho Food’s product portfolio complements that of OSI as far as its present processing potential is concerned. According to the CEO, the product portfolio of Baho Food will also go a long way in expanding OSI’s abilities to meet the dynamic needs of its customers.

Baho Food has five subsidiaries that have processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. The five subsidiaries include Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt and Q Smart Life. These companies have customers in 18 European nations. John Balvers, the MD of Baho Food, and his management team will remain part of the business. They are expected to work together with executives of OSI Group in the development of a growth strategy for the newly combined firms. John Balvers expressed his excitement about being part of the larger OSI Group citing confidence in the excellent relationships that OSI has with its customers and suppliers. Mr. Balvers said that the combined strengths of the two firms would improve their abilities to support their customers to realize their strategy, besides offering them a more comprehensive product portfolio.

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Bitcoin Hits an All Time High

Bitcoin has gone from $5500 to $6500 in a week. This is an enormous spike for an already highly priced commodity. The value of Bitcoin seems to be growing continually. With no signs of stopping, there has been substantial speculation as to what the upper limit of Bitcoin’s value will be. Indeed, there are even predictions that Bitcoin’s price will reach $100,000 within 10 years. This speculation in and of itself is a major force in driving up the price of Bitcoin. The more people buy-in as a result of hopes for a meteoric rise, the more the value will increase. However this speculation based increase in value leads to dangerous situation where any loss of confidence in Bitcoin can lead to a massive crash.

Bitcoin, and crypto-currency in general, is highly vulnerable to government regulation. If global economic policy shifts against crypto-currency, bans on Bitcoin would lead to an utterly catastrophic decrease in value. Even ruling out outright banning crypto-currency, if economic policy on the governmental level turns against it many people will jump ship, driving the price down. So far, the government has not significantly reacted to crypto-currency. As crypto-currency begins to become more prevalent and cause macro level effects on world economies, it is likely that there will be at least some negative reactions that will reduce the value of Bitcoin.
However until governments decide to take action against Bitcoin, it is likely to continue to increase in value.

After years of Hostility, China Now Calls Off Boycott against South Korea

It is now a year since China criticized and even called a boycott of South Korea’s products following Seoul’s decision to allow the US to deploy their antimissile system. Beijing saw the move as a threat to her security. However, on Tuesday, the tables turned for South Korea following the boycott lift by China. This happened as the two countries finally decided to bury the hatchet. Nonetheless, South Korea continues to keep the antimissile system.

The move, which can be termed as abrupt and unexpected, is likely to scramble Donald Trump’s calculations on dealing with allies just a day to his first trip to Asia since becoming America’s president.

China’s President Xi Jinping’s move seems to support the narrative that China’s lack of support for the US to deploy the system in South Korea would not weaken the ties that the US has with the South Korean government.

Despite the lift, it is feared that Donald Trump could still face challenges while trying to lobby support from other nations in the region to put more pressure on North Korea to stop their Nuclear and missile programs. However, the economic ties that are rebuild will likely improve the diplomatic and bilateral relationship between the two nations.

As it is, North Korea’s president Moon Jae-in is ready for diplomacy talks with her North Korea’s counterpart than even Donald trump or Japan’s Premiere, Shinzo Abe.

Bob Reina: The Man That Is Ready For Anything

Life is filled with possibilities, but the key is that people have to be ready for the good stuff and the bad stuff. Life goes up and down and it can be unpredictable. People can prepare as much as they wish and do all of the right things, but sometimes life comes in and has a different plan for someone. That is why Bob Reina has made sure with Talk Fusion and his life he is ready for anything. He is doing this because he wants to make sure people have choices in their life when things go haywire. For example, they can get downsized at their job and it totally catches them off guard and by surprise.


There was no warning and no one had talked about it, discussed it, or brought it up. They just get called into the manager’s office and lost their job. They don’t know how to respond or what to do next. This company has employed them for so long, and they don’t know what to do or how to move on in their lives. However, with Talk Fusion’s video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they can start to do the smart thing, which is go into business for themselves. It is something they have always dreamed about, always wanted, and always desired.


However, they went the safe route and there is nothing wrong with that. It is just the way of the world and how life goes sometimes. However, now, they are backed into a corner and it is time to respond and time to start doing what makes them happy. Here is the thing: they can be happy and they can also make money at the same time. It is not one or the other. They can both be combined in this instance, which is a wonderful feeling when someone has been unhappy for an extended period of time.


They start to see a whole new world and their outlook on life is much more positive and happier in the long run for them. That is truly living.



Fabletics Taking Over The E-Commerce Fashion Market

Fabletics is an American online retailer that makes sportswear, accessories and footwear. They offer a subscription based membership for their customers and can personalize outfits for you. Simply take the Lifestyle Quiz via the website, and you will receive suggestions on which athletic wear is right for you. Fabletics offers a wide range of clothing sizes and has recently introduced a line of children clothing. In 2015 they added a men’s active wear line and in 2016, dresses and bathing suits. The company was founded in 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and actress Kate Hudson.


According to Forbes, Fabletics increases its revenue by 40% per year. In the first three years of business the company was worth over $250 million. They have become extremely successful with marketing on Facebook. In 2015, Fabletics opened up their first retail stores inside popular shopping malls. Just last year, there were 100 Fabletics stores opened worldwide. You can find stores in Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina and Colorado just to name a few. A Fabletics membership is free and you will receive emails each month showing you new outfit suggestions. You have until the 5th of each month to decide if you would like to purchase the outfits or, you can skip the month entirely.


Kate Hudson was named the ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Fabletics created a pink capsule collection to support awareness. Recently, Fabletics partnered with singer Demi Lovato to support the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign. In the fashion world, it is hard to compete with Amazon giant who controls 25% of the online fashion market. Fabletics has made it easy and convenient to shop for high fashion athletic wear you can’t find anywhere else. In the past, something was considered high value based on the quality and price of the goods. This train of thought can no longer keep businesses competitive. It is more important to have brand recognition, stellar customer service and clothes that have modern designs. A large part of their success is due to “reverse showrooming.” Showrooms allow buyers to go into a physical store and browse for goods in person. Since Fabletics started solely online, they were able to build solid relationships with people through their customer service. Now that they have their own pop-up stores, many who enter them are already members. If you walk into a Fabletics store and try something on, it will magically show up on your online shopping cart.

OneLogin is Beginning to Help Todays Manufacturers

Contemporary manufacturing organizations are beginning to realize that they can better their business and the organizational success of their business by continuing to lean on cloud technologies. They are hoping that through cloud technologies that they can better improve their security, management, and their supply chains. Not only are they hoping to be able to make all of these changes, but they are also hoping to be able to do it at a much more reduced cost to them.

Lots of manufacturers have begun to use their identity management systems that they happen to already have online. Though it is believed that this kind of solutions was more than good enough 20 years ago, these kind of solutions are beginning to create more and more issues for organizations today. This is the main turning point that led them to believe that things were going to need to change for the better in order to help organizations improve.

When it comes to manufacturers many of them choose to work with a variety of vendors that happen to come from different supply chains. Though interacting with vendors can be a very good thing for manufacturers, it can also be a very slow process to handle. With this whole process, it can end up leading to a lot of loss in productivity.

According to Onelogin Most manufacturers are believed to be put under a massive amount of pressure when it comes to them needing to reduce their costs. However, this does not have to be something that every source of management has to deal with. This is the main point of cloud technologies, to be able to make jobs a lot easier on manufacturers today and to allow their companies to grow without all of the added unnecessary stress. This is so that a company can step more into the present without being weighed down by all of the past technology.

Susan McGalla Changes Climate for Marketing Retail Clothing

Susan McGalla is changing the way that people look at marketing. She is building an entirely new way to get to the mainstream, and she wants people to be excited about the world of fan gear for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has a special interest in fan gear for this team because she is the creative director for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is in charge of making sure that people have a large variety of clothes to consider from this franchise.

This is just one of many things that she has been able to do over the years. There is a great amount of respect for Susan McGalla because she has catered to a whole new crowd of people that want products that are sturdy and durable. Susan knows about creating quality clothes because she has been someone that has helped bring a sense of quality and normalcy to clothing for American Eagle and Wet Seal. These are companies that sell clothes that are affordable, but there is still a strong sense of style and durability with these brands. Susan McGalla has been the CEO of both of these companies, and she has made her way to the top as someone that has a tremendous amount of experience in marketing.

At one time Susan McGalla owned her own company, and she made her way to a number of different environments where she could help other companies reach a wider consumer base. This is what all marketing experts are essentially called upon to do. They become the type of people that are going to market to a generation of younger consumers that are fickle and not so easy to advertise to. She has been able to rustle in the millennials that may have no desire to receive marketing through traditional means.