Will Trump’s Tax Plan Really Benefit Everyone?

There has been a lot of mixed reaction to President Trump’s tax reform proposals and many supporters believe his plan will have cuts benefiting everybody including those in the lower income brackets. Opponents say that this tax plan is geared primarily to the wealthy and will be giving them even more loopholes. But what is the real story behind what Trump and his Republican colleagues in the House and Senate are trying to work on?

Business Insider did a breakdown on the proposed plan based on suggestions put forward by Trump and his aides, and this is what they say about it. First, the tax plan has a reduced tax bracket to four with those of 12%, 25%, 35%, and 39.6%. The plan has savings in some categories where the standard deduction comes in and how he would like to eliminate some penalties on the upper earnings, but the plan also seems to be eliminating benefits for itemizing deductions.

So how much will those in the regular middle class income category save? For those who file single and have no children, those who make $25,000 a year or less are estimated to save about $178 in taxes owed. Those who make $75,000 a year are estimated to save about $2,000, and those who make $175,000 a little over $4,000. Those who file jointly could see double savings with a $24,000 deduction. While simplifying the tax brackets and increasing the standard deduction could lead to some more savings, those who expect a huge savings gain out of this may be disappointed.

Paul Mampilly Advice on Technological Advancements That Promise Great Investments

Society is continuously advancing, and this is evident in various aspects of daily living. The recent past has witnessed a change in the way we shop, entertain ourselves and more. This shifting interest exhibited by the public makes it confusing for those interested in venturing into investment to secure financial freedom. Deciding on the right areas for investment can be overwhelming especially for those learning the basics of successful investing. Here are three sectors that attract interest and promise growth. These areas offer excellent investment opportunities.

Virtual Reality Entertainment

Virtual reality will soon take over the entertainment world and replace the current televisions, video games and moves. It will quickly become the standard way of entertainment. Virtual reality was a thing of imagination, but today it is a reality. Virtual reality together with augmented reality creates the perception that one is actively present in the video game and movie they are enjoying. Virtual reality converts one from a spectator to an active player in the digital form of entertainment. This concept is now a reality and will continue to grow at a fast pace until it becomes the standard way of entertainment.

Prescription Drug Market

The prescription drug market is rewarding. However much of its profits are retained by the pharmacies and supermarkets that have in-house stores. A revolution is almost ensuing. Amazon recently declared their interest in the drug prescription sector. The prescription drugs you purchase from the pharmacy, often go through middle-men who benefit from the trade. Consequently, the cost of prescription goes high by as much as 36%, something that does not favor consumers. Amazon aims to create transparency, efficiency, and convenience to the process of purchasing drugs and obtaining prescription medication. Amazon is likely to eliminate the middle-men and simplify the movement of prescription drugs.

3-D Printing

Several decades ago, building a home to completion required several stages of planning and development which made the process long, sometimes as much as years. A new concept termed 3-D printing is on the onset of changing, the way building process proceeds, reducing the time and hassle involved in constructing a home. 3-D technology arose due to natural disasters that often reduced many homes and buildings to almost nothing. These catastrophes necessitated massive investment in construction regarding time and money. It took many years to complete a project and a cost that went up to billions of dollars. 3-D printing uses complex robotic technology that could facilitate construction of a building within several weeks as well reduces the cost of rebuilding by up to 40%. The technology will appeal to home builders and investors who opt to direct their investment into this growing technology.

Paul Mampilly is a successful businessman. He served as Senior Portfolio manager At the Kinetics Asset Management from 2011 to 2016. Paul Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited offers guidance to clients that are interested in learning about stocks to invest and the right time to retreat from the stock market. As a businessman, Paul has 25 years of experience in the business and finance sector. He started his career at the Deutsche Bank. Here he managed various accounts from the smallest to those with millions of dollars. Paul remains an investor but also focuses on Profits unlimited which helps the ordinary persons earn money from their investments.

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U.S. Economy Doing Well For 84 Months

Since 2010, the United states economy has been adding jobs. And doing so for consecutive 84 months. Unemployment seen nearly a decade ago has vanished. But, not every sector is benefiting from economic growth, MarketWatch reports. When it comes to retail, the jobs there have been disappearing at a rate of 6,600 per month.

Retailers are cutting staff, and even closing shops, due to intense competition coming from Internet-based retailers, especially Amazon. General merchandise, health, and electronics stores are among the ones that have suffered for a while from the hands of Amazon and the likes. Now, even grocery stores are shedding jobs.

Meanwhile, manufacturing and mining industries are recovering and creating jobs. This is due to a fall in the value of a dollar, thus making exports cheaper for foreigners. Also, commodity prices have stabilized, so miners, especially in the oil industry, are increasing production.

However, jobs in the traditional information industries are disappearing. Since 2001, due to the advancement of the internet, a million jobs in broadcasting, telecommunications, and traditional publishing have been lost.

The advancements in Artificial Intelligence are also likely to bring disruptions in employment. Automation is likely to destroy, as well as create, jobs in manufacturing and service industries. Now, even some paralegal and accounting jobs are threatened as more advanced system come to the marketplace. But, so far, the economy is doing well. Is that the quiet before the storm?

Deciphering the Economic Impact of Brexit

Citizens are still reeling from Britain’s decision to leave the EU. The Department for Exiting the European Union, formed in the wake of Brexit, will be responsible for creating a smooth transition for the major change. The department’s committee has been tasked with studying the potential effects of leaving the EU, including the economics and free trading arrangements between Britain and the European market.

The Department for Exiting the European Union is being headed by four ministers. David Davis is the Secretary of State, responsible for overseeing the withdrawal negotiations of the exit. Then there’s Lord Callanan, the Minister of State, in charge of business affairs. Steve Baker is the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State; he will be focusing on policy and strategy in preparation for the exit. Robin Walker is another Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State; he will be focusing on the UK’s future relationship with the EU in matters of migration and security. There is also the Permanent Secretary, Philip Rycroft, who replaced Oliver Robbins in October 2017.

British citizens are worried about the deep and complex relationship that Britain has with the EU. Some industries are expected to be negatively impacted by the UK’s decision to withdraw, notably the automotive sector. Overall 58 sectors will be analyzed. The status reports will provide details on how each sector contributes to the EU and vice versa.

Vanilla May Be Going Away As Consumer Demand Declines

Apparently, plain vanilla flavoring is just not good enough for the public anymore. It used to be the flavor of choice for a lot of people, but the public has grown tired of it. In fact, the whole idea of “plain vanilla” has a very negative tone to it. It is as if to say that something is just too boring to be bothered with. If that is the case, then why would someone want to get vanilla flavoring in the first place?

The BBC reports that vanilla is not unique enough of a flavor for people anymore. Instead, many restaurants and other facilities are experimenting with other unique flavors to try to find something that catches on well with the public. The taste buds of that public can be a fickle thing though.

For far too long, the flavors produced by the big ice cream companies have been dominated by the simple chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. There is not much creativity to that, and this may help to explain some of the decline in interest from the public in eating ice cream in general. It is time to mix things up and try some different (and even potentially unusual) flavors to get the public back into ice cream.

The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York City has been doing exotic flavors in their ice cream for some time. For them, this change in global consumer demand has been a plus. More people than ever are interested in just what it is that they are mixing up in there. It just goes to show you the power of economic changes.

North Korea Launches Missile Into The Sea Of Japan Roiling Markets

South Korean media has reported today (November 28th, 2017) that the North Korean military has fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan. They report that the missile did land in the water and that no one was injured as a result. CNBC says that Bloomberg has reported that the missile landed in the water.

This is all just the latest provocation from a North Korean regime that seems bent on getting as much attention as possible through these various missile launches. This one is similar to the types of launches that they have done in recent months. It is a more threatening posture than they have taken in previous years, but this is starting to become the norm in the region.

This is the first firing of a ballistic missile that the North Koreans have done since they launched one over Japanese territory back on September 15th of this year. It is becoming an increasing dangerous and destabilizing situation over there. In fact, it has Asia markets in a bit of a concern. Those markets may be closed at the moment, but they will open again soon enough, and then it will be interesting to see how they react to this news.

Both South Korea and the United States are monitoring the situation as it continues to develop. It is indeed a troubling development for both of those countries and the whole world. It is something that has been seen as a possibility for some time now, but the concern is that it has now happened.

Good News About The Economy, But Will It Last

The latest news from U.S. News and World Report is a mixed bag for those looking for good news about the world economy. What they have said is that while world economic growth has reached levels not seen in approximately seven years, the level of growth going forward is not expected to keep up at that pace at all.

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) is the group that came out with this report. They stated in the report that the growth levels were indeed strong, but that things like wages remained stuck in the mud. The group put out a growth project of 3.7 percent for 2018 and 3.6 percent for 2019. These rates are higher than what we have seen in a lot of cases, but the group cautions that they are relatively modest compared to standards from decades past.

The OECD said that its forecasts carry with them some doubt as it is not yet clear what kind of tax policy (if any) will emerge from Congress and the White House. That tax policy could certainly stir things up at least domestically for a while in the United States.

Forecasts for most of Europe look pretty rosy in the eyes of the OECD. The main issue with economic growth in Europe is the United Kingdom. Since their vote to exit the European Union, the country has been floundering on the world economic stage. There is still so much to be hashed out between the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe in regards to how this exit will happen. It remains unclear to this point what the next step will be.

Nick Vertucci Paves the Wave for Investors of Commercial Real Estate

The real estate industry can be tricky, but it can also be profitable for those that know what they are doing. Sometimes it takes an experienced professional to help people sort out what they really need to do with real estate. Nick Vertucci is one of these people that has become well-known for his advice in real estate. He created the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, and this is where people have become quite familiar with the concept of building better real estate.

So many people have become fans of real estate over the years because it is changing the way that people make money. People can actually buy homes and make profits even in states that they’re not living in. The Internet has allowed people to take virtual tours of homes that are for sale. There are all types of opportunities, and there are tons of contractors that are willing to come in and make the repairs for certain jobs.

Real estate investment opportunities are abundant, but people have to get plugged into someone that is knowledgeable. That is always going to be the thing that slows down real estate investing. People that are interested in making investments in real estate will discover that it really is all about the information that you have when it comes to making a decision. If a home is worth the time and effort to fix it up you will be able to determine this once you have taken the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy class. This is the type of information that he provides.

It is also the main reason that so many people have become investors that would like to improve upon their investment possibilities. People are certainly going to appreciate any type of investment knowledge that they can gain when they are trying to build their real estate investments. It is going to be good for anyone that looks at real estate as an income opportunity to get with someone that can help them sustain substantial profits. This is what Nick Vertucci is able to do.

He knows the market quite well, and he is willing to help all of those that are interested in learning more about the market. A large number of people are looking at how Nick Vertucci is changing the way that they think about investing. He is well known for helping investors make better decisions.

Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line Profitting From Overseas Labor

Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, his administration has promoted the consumption of products made in the United States of America. As he ran for president, he promised to restore manufacturing jobs in the United States, and to take actions that would lead to the opening of more factories.

This promise caught the attention of many Americans. Ever since the middle to late 20th century, manufacturing jobs have been moving overseas to places where production is cheaper. This phenomenon lead to the economic destruction of towns and cities all across the United States. When people refer to “the Rust Belt,” they are talking about cities that were once bustling manufacturing centers, but are now economically depressed regions. Having more manufacturing jobs would give more opportunities to Americans, and perhaps lift many people out of poverty.

When looking at this fact and what Trump’s administration promised, it is easy to see why Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is being questioned. Her clothing line is manufactured in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and China.

Ivanka Trump traveled to Hyperbad, India, for an annual, three day conference about women’s empowerment. However, some people question her commitment to women’s empowerment, considering the fact that in the countries where her brand is manufactured, most garment workers are female, and most are paid extremely low wages.

For example, Ivanka Trump was criticized for the fact that there was a factory in China that produced her clothing line where the employees were only paid about a dollar for each hour of work.

The situation with her clothing line is just another example of what is going on today in the world’s economy.

With Government Shutdown Looming The World Markets Tremble

It is always a shock to the political and economic systems of the world when the United States government effectively shuts down. This has happened a number of times in the past when Republicans and Democrats could not get together to hash out a spending deal that both sides could agree on. Now, it looks like this very well may happen again.

Top Congressional Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have cancelled a scheduled meeting with the President reports CNBC. This coming after the President tweeted that he could not envision any kind of deal being struck between himself and the Democrats to avert a government shutdown.

The Democratic leaders who had the meeting scheduled with the President pounced on his words saying that they would just as soon meet with Republicans in Congress to work on a deal with them since the President so obviously did not see a way forward himself. They cancelled the meeting and presumably will try to meet with other Republicans in Congress instead.

The Federal Government is slated to run out of funds on December 8th. If the two sides cannot come together and get something passed, then the government will begin to shut down. In the past, the two sides have come together to pass what is known as a continuing resolution (or CI) to essentially punt the decision away to a later date. That could be something that comes up in discussion quite frequently in the coming weeks as the two parties try to figure out some plan that will work.