Greg Secker-From humble beginnings to a global leader in forex trade

Greg Secker has accomplished a lot in his career. Starting at a young age and being successful is quite a story. Greg did not practice what he studied in the University. He studied Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham. Later on, he worked at Thomas Cook Financial Service whereby he was a trading technologist.

Secker decided to try a new venture. This was forex trading which he chose to work on a full-time basis. Greg started a company known as Learn to Trade. It was mainly involved in helping other people understand forex trade and its indicators among essential elements.

In essence, he has focused on assisting them to get a clear picture of what the industry entails. The news articles have described a lot about forex trading. Greg Secker gives insight into the forex market. He states that one should learn the basics, especially fundamental forex.

There are various tips he gives to it. If you are starting out, one should learn the basics. It’s important to learn the interior and exterior aspects of several markets. Moreover, Greg illustrates some user-friendly indicators. These include Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Stochastic Oscillator, Bollinger Bonds and economic calendars.

Secker became an international speaker who gave his expert opinion on market direction. He spoke at various international channels like Bloomberg. This opened a lot of opportunities for him. He became a guest speaker at several functions which involved renowned personalities such as Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiloyaski among others.

Moreover, his foundation known as Greg Secker has assisted individuals from all walks of life. Over 200,000 people get to learn a lot through his seminars and workshops. He has indeed worked towards improving the lives of the disadvantaged people. Greg has contributed to various charitable foundations.

His most recent one was in Philippine. He assisted in a foundation to rebuild homes for those affected by typhoons and cyclones. He also built another house for the people in South Africa.

These generous acts tell a lot about his personality. He is passionate about helping people. Recently, he was among those individuals included in the Richtopia list. It proved much.

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