Talkspace: Now This Is Something Special

Every once in a while, a product comes along that is so amazingly good that it changes the game for people out there. Right now, that product is the app, Talkspace. One of the most remarkable things about this app is the fact it provides therapy over the telephone at a great price. I’ve seen firsthand how therapy has become all about paperwork, therapists typing away at computers, and ignoring the person in the chair that is in the room with them. There is a real person there with them and they need help. The sooner they can get help; the better off they will be in the future. After all, it is all about the future for people suffering from mental illness.

They are looking for something positive and something to look forward to as they battle mental illness. Make no mistake about it, it is a battle and it is a battle a lot of people are losing. They are losing the battle because of how unfair and unjust the system is for people that need mental health help. They can’t get the help they need because it is either too expensive or places are too overbooked. How does 32 dollars a month sound for daily therapy? Now, that is something people can handle.

It is done over text message and for a lot of people; they are more comfortable communicating that way. It puts them at ease and allows them to express themselves in a different way. Eventually, once they build a comfort level with their therapist, they can turn it into therapy over the phone or through video. There is no rush with this treatment plan, though. Everyone works at a different pace and needs a different plan to get better to have a bright future.


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