Poland’s Social Solidarity Promises Economic Reform

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told members of parliament that his cabinet was intent on addressing the economic issues faced by Poland. He stated that there were three main concerns: poverty, unemployment, lack of housing and poor health care. His administration aims to resolve these issues by focusing on developing an economy that takes care of its citizens. He said, “…a flourishing economy is a prerequisite for a generous social policy.”

He noted that capitalism has exposed issues of economic inequality in “English speaking countries” and that smaller nations like Italy and France are struggling to remain competitive. Morawiecki addressed the current economic situation in the European Union by stating that he did not believe there should be a divide between rich and poor nations.

Morawiecki’s administration is conservative and aims to integrate traditional Polish customs into a modernized economy. The former administration was represented by the Law and Justice Party. Officials noted that a shift in leadership was made in order to address economic issues. Morawiecki is a former banker. His knowledge of economics is strong and he seeks to tackle the housing crisis. He believes progress has already been made against poverty and unemployment. Under his administration, Poles can expect to see a surge in housing construction. The surge will be on affordable, relatively inexpensive housing.

Morawiecki’s efforts to create an economy centered on development and growth while still addressing social policies could result in a new interpretation of capitalism, should it be successful.

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