Troy McQuagge’sUSHealth Program for Charity

Troy McQuagge US Health is at the epicenter of building a vision for the USHEALTH group, in which he is the CEO. His company has experienced strong growth, with USHEALTH being over 10 times the he started with. USHEALTH created a HOPE banner that exemplifies the practices of giving and charity that transformed the local community. USHEALTH primarily works in high risk scenarios, in particular working in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

The Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) initiative was influential in becoming a strong anchor and buffer against the tragedy and havoc of Katrina. With donations, many rallied around the cause and were able to make a positive contribution to relief efforts. The lower mid- city of New Orleans was ensured safe and sound housing because of HOPE’s ability to gather and commit thousands of volunteers to the cause. Their efforts expanded in 2011 when the organization provided useful food, shoes, and necessities to the crisis nursery in the Phoenix branch of NOLA.

HOPE began as a small organization and grew substantially over time to become a systemic defining force in the area. A year after 2011, HOPE was back on the map and ready to deliver on it’s promise of giving back to the community in the form of donating 25,000 dollars to children with cancer, then, again a year later by awarding 45,000 dollars to a charity in North, Texas. Over time the support and financial backing of USHA grew to new heights. Inspired by giving to the people who were struggling in the area, HOPE has become a life-changing model for charity and activism.

Currently, the homes warrior project provides housing mortgage free to army vets, and more specifically, veterans in need. Following this, the wounded warrior project was set up to provide essential services to military families. These programs provide a active engaging role to the communities as well as the organizations.

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Troy McQuagges role in funding, operating, and pushing the company towards where it is currently is commendable. His dedication to having a strong conscience and ethic towards giving back to his community and the neighboring states has spread towards other people and organizations. From Arizona to Louisiana, and all the way towards Florida, USHA continues to expand and make positive contributions to this day.


Daniel Taub of Israeli Leaves Behind An Admirable Legacy

In his second year in office, trade between the people of Israel and the United Kingdom doubled. Daniel Taub, who will be resigning this summer, will be remembered for his input in business, as the United Kingdom Ambassador for Israeli. Since he took over the office four year ago, trade has deepened and progressed in multiple ways. In addition to that, academic platforms and businesses have expanded between the two countries.


Background Data


In a statement by the British Secretary of Business, Mr Sajid Javid, Daniel had fostered trade between the two countries to a level that hit the golden era. Until now, more than 300 Israeli businesses have successfully set up in the United Kingdom. In a report by the chamber of commerce, these enterprises are approximately over $5.5 billion.


His Early Life


Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom. He was appointed the ambassador of Israeli in 2011 and has since played a pivotal role as a negotiator and peace facilitator. He once, as a peace negotiator, joined his counterparts in a journey to Northern Ireland. His sole purpose for travelling was learning their culture, political and economic atmospheres. A couple of years before Britain’s most significant student union that voted for adopting a boycott in Israel, Daniel, in an interview, said that he was worried for campus students and the environment in which they grew up. He also warned the administrators to foster the freedom of speech as every student was entitled to one.


His Contribution


In 2014, Daniel Taub paid a visit to Bradford. The tour came after the city’s parliament representative, Mr George Galloway, declared the place out of bounds from Israelis. Until now, Taub has been industrious in what would be termed as peacekeeping. Even though his successor has not yet been announced, it is evident that it will be challenging to fit into his shoes.




Daniel Taub attended multiple universities including Oxford University College, the Harvard University and the University College of London. In 1989, he moved to Israel. He was appointed as a combat medic for Israel Defense Forces. Subsequently, he landed a position at the IDF’s law division. He also worked as a communications expert where he juggled speech writing and advisory roles. In 1991, he was entrusted with an executive position at the foreign ministry for Israeli.


The Conclusion


Daniel has an impressive track record of work and peace facilitation. He fits the description of a perfect peace ambassador. As he leaves the office to explore other challenging fields across the world, it is evident that his services will be missed because of his input in business and peace facilitation. Learn more:



China, Lime Crime & Efficient Expansion

Lime Crime has made a bold move in its quest for cosmetic dominance. This colorful and eclectic brand has built a cult-following over the past few years. Founded by Doe Deere, the company is basically a reflection of her very own self. Since Lime Crime has a firm grip on the competition, it is now looking to expand into other territories. China is one of the biggest and most populous countries in the world. This country is very influential when it comes to fashion, but it’s also big on counterfeiting. Of course, counterfeiting takes away from the official brand’s revenue stream, and it can be extremely difficult to outpace this negative side of the business.

Lime Crime is looking to by-pass the entire shipping process because of its complex technicalities. If you’re trying tp ship products into China, you’ll be introduced to a wide range of expenses for transportation logistics, customer inquiries, international return handling, taxes and manage duties. When it comes to cosmetics, these products are under special scrutiny. There is a mandate that states that all cosmetics that are sold for wholesale, must be animal-tested. This is a big problem with Lime Crime because it goes against everything that the company stands for. Lime Crime doesn’t test its products on animals, and it is a certified vegan cosmetic line. The best possible solution would be to launch straight from the nation of China itself.

By doing so, this company will have to build a unique customer-base. This customer-base won’t be directed to first-tier mavens, but more so for people who truly are passionate about the products. This seems to be a daunting task, especially since China’s counterfeit market has such a strong grip on the prominent retail brands. All in all, the next few months will dictate the true success of this expansion.

Marcelo Crivella’s Plans for Rio de Janeiro’s Education Sector

Rio de Janeiro is poised to receive significant changes in the education sector under the current mayor, Marcelo Crivella. Prior to assuming office, Crivella promised to bring change to the city’s education sector, and he is living up to the promise. Under his stewardship, the city is on a path to creating 20 thousand new places in daycare centers and 40 thousand new places in pre-schools over the next three years.

Crivella bets on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) to achieve his target. Under a PPP arrangement, the private sector is tasked with the establishment, maintenance, and non-teaching functions of educational facilities. PPP is not a new concept in the region especially Brazil. Belo Horizonte, the sixth largest city in Brazil, was the first among its peers to implement a PPP program touching on academic institutions in 2012. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Rio’s PPP program is in the feasibility studies phase. Felipe is a specialist in infrastructure projects. Although Rio’s PPP touching on learning institutions will leave all the non-teaching functions to the private sector, the City Hall will maintain the role of providing school going children with lunch as directed by the Ministry of Education.

The private sector will not go it alone as the International Finance Corporation (IFC) will facilitate the private sector with monetary support, expertise, and global experience to assist the sector to navigate financial, operational, and political challenges. Felipe Montoro Jens believes that IFC will deliver a workable PPP model for Rio as it is the most significant private sector development institution in the developing world. As Rio embarks on development agendas set by Crivella, the town is likely to partner more with IFC. In fact, the city has announced that IFC will be part of Rio’s planned public lighting PPP. PPPs are increasingly used by governments with limited resources to provide public services.

Jeremy Goldstein

The All Time Legal Advisor, Jeremy Goldstein

According to the article, Jeremy Goldstein a legal advisor on employee benefits, explains how knockout value help the employees. When stock value drops, employees face the problem of making choices. Secondly, most employees no longer prefer compensation by stock value because of the change in economic status which may lead to losses. Additionally, the employees do not consider such an option better because, salaries could be much higher.

As a way of minimizing costs, it is better to adapt an option called knockout which bare the same benefits and time limit. The knockout option is easy to manage in case of a drop of costs, they also are easy to manage since employers could just cancel them in case of a decrease in value. Moreover, the knockout option shows the earning accurately at the end of a financial year meaning that, it is trusted by the stakeholders.

Jeremy Goldstein is a committee and a member of legal firm that advises compensation committees known as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. With his great skills in law, Jeremy Goldstein has participated in large corporate transactions such as during the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies. He is also a participant in board of advisors for charity organizations such as that on mental illness for men and women.

In addition, Jeremy Goldstein has had several writings, some he has published while others he has not. Furthermore, he is a speaker on executive compensation and corporate governance. An example of such is at Harvard school of law where he commented on several topics such as say on pay which according to him means that, shareholders doubt the managements’ abilities. This and several others are a means of showing that Jeremy Goldstein is a dedicated person in his career. Learn more: