Bob Reina’s Introduction of Talk Fusion’s New Software; Live Meeting

Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion started out as a police officer in Florida before he realized that he was good at marketing and that his passion was in entrepreneurship. He quit his job and decided to follow his heart, a move that landed him in network marketing. Along the way in 2004, Talk Fusion was conceived, and with the help of Jonathan Chen Video Email, their first initiative was launched. The company has tirelessly worked to come up with new software in order to stay competitive in the ever-evolving technological market and so far it has been successful.


The idea of Video Email came to Bob Reina while he was on a house hunt. He felt the need to share the scenery of his soon to be house, with his family. He took a video and tried to send it to them via email but to no avail. There and then the idea of Video Email popped and has now been a success giving rise to other software. The now thriving company takes part in charitable activities and giving back to the less fortunate. Bob Reina’s success can be contributed to his tireless efforts and hard work.


The most recent software that has been released to the market by Bob Reina is Live Meeting that allows many players to take part in a meeting while in different geographical regions in real time. This is done by simply logging into the web browser. The software saves time since one does not have to download and install it unlike other video conferencing software. The picture and audio qualities are high, and it can hold a capacity of at most 15 hosts and 500 guests who can either choose to use their phones, computers or tablets to conference.


The software that features the WebRTC technology has no competitors as it is world class. It favors new users as the interface is indulging and thus leaving them thrilled. The users and members of the Live Meeting are assured of their security and confidentiality as unsurpassable firewalls protect the software.


India Joins the Largest Economic Markets in the World

Current growth projection data shows India as the soon to be fourth largest economy in the world, and holding the record as the fastest growing economic market in the world. These numbers are largely due to the ever rising population of India, which is also the fastest growing in the world at the moment. The type of growth that India is currently seeing is rapid compared to other countries, and compared to typical economic growth seen overall based on decades of data. The most important part of the growth that is currently occurring in India is that it is benefiting the growth of native businesses while also attracting foreign investors.

There are more unique points that set India apart from other world economic stats that are normally seen. India is only the second time a country has been ranked as a world leader in economics when the country is ranked as a developing country. Still, even though another country managed to make it onto the list of growing economies, it was nowhere near the growth and rate at which India has shown. India is marked by its incredible poverty, a situation which is widespread and prevalent from generation to generation.

As India joins the most powerful and prosperous countries in the world it will be interesting to see if the prosperity among the financial elite spreads to create a middle class society across all Indian states.

India Takes A Step Forward As A Major Player In The Global Economy

Some might not know, but India is making a move up in the global economy, and the country has the potential to grow much more than most people know. In the last year, India was able to surpass China as the fastest growing large economy in the entire world. They are home to a huge population that has the potential to have a mighty economic footprint, but they are still small when compared to economic leaders the European Union, China, and the United States.

In order for India to produce economic growth at a higher rate, they need to take some lessons from other economies around the globe. For starters, they need to set up a system of regulations that works to boost all stakeholders instead of the current top down system they employ. While most countries use regulations to gain wanted outputs, India is different because they use these regulations as personal tools to fit their personal agendas. This selfish mentality greatly limits the overall wealth of the country with a lack of job creation, economic growth, environmental causes and even social life within the country.

India should look to other countries for guidance in this area. The United States, as a prime example, has a blustering economy because the US Government creates and uses regulations that can improve the overall economic well being of the majority of the country. Most regulations are meant to improve economic activity, which would be a huge boost if similar agendas were used in India.

In short, there are really three key areas that India needs to focus on to improve their financial status. India needs to focus on approaching regulations by using the viewpoints of the government, the people and the people who have a stake in the financial gains and losses. This collaborative approach allows for a more well rounded viewpoint and regulations that have a more overall affect on all of the people. India should also asses the impact on all rules and deals to decide if the trade off for each item is worth the costs and terms on the table. Currently only their proposing agencies make the evaluations which presents a major conflict of interest and can often lead to bad deals. Finally, each agency should have authority over certain sectors with no overlap. this really only causes confusion as well as excess cost. Agencies should have their own areas of expertise at different levels to avoid confusion, wasted time, and most importantly, wasted money. For a more detailed outline of each approach as well as examples of areas that need improvement, check out this article at the Huffington Post.

While India has a ways to go, it is clear that they have stepped up and taken a position in the global economy, intent on trying to move up in the food chain. If they choose to follow some key steps an implement key strategies, they have all the tools necessary to do the job. It is within reason to expect to see the country become a more prominent economic player around the globe in the very near future.