Bob Reina’s Introduction of Talk Fusion’s New Software; Live Meeting

Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion started out as a police officer in Florida before he realized that he was good at marketing and that his passion was in entrepreneurship. He quit his job and decided to follow his heart, a move that landed him in network marketing. Along the way in 2004, Talk Fusion was conceived, and with the help of Jonathan Chen Video Email, their first initiative was launched. The company has tirelessly worked to come up with new software in order to stay competitive in the ever-evolving technological market and so far it has been successful.


The idea of Video Email came to Bob Reina while he was on a house hunt. He felt the need to share the scenery of his soon to be house, with his family. He took a video and tried to send it to them via email but to no avail. There and then the idea of Video Email popped and has now been a success giving rise to other software. The now thriving company takes part in charitable activities and giving back to the less fortunate. Bob Reina’s success can be contributed to his tireless efforts and hard work.


The most recent software that has been released to the market by Bob Reina is Live Meeting that allows many players to take part in a meeting while in different geographical regions in real time. This is done by simply logging into the web browser. The software saves time since one does not have to download and install it unlike other video conferencing software. The picture and audio qualities are high, and it can hold a capacity of at most 15 hosts and 500 guests who can either choose to use their phones, computers or tablets to conference.


The software that features the WebRTC technology has no competitors as it is world class. It favors new users as the interface is indulging and thus leaving them thrilled. The users and members of the Live Meeting are assured of their security and confidentiality as unsurpassable firewalls protect the software.


India Joins the Largest Economic Markets in the World

Current growth projection data shows India as the soon to be fourth largest economy in the world, and holding the record as the fastest growing economic market in the world. These numbers are largely due to the ever rising population of India, which is also the fastest growing in the world at the moment. The type of growth that India is currently seeing is rapid compared to other countries, and compared to typical economic growth seen overall based on decades of data. The most important part of the growth that is currently occurring in India is that it is benefiting the growth of native businesses while also attracting foreign investors.

There are more unique points that set India apart from other world economic stats that are normally seen. India is only the second time a country has been ranked as a world leader in economics when the country is ranked as a developing country. Still, even though another country managed to make it onto the list of growing economies, it was nowhere near the growth and rate at which India has shown. India is marked by its incredible poverty, a situation which is widespread and prevalent from generation to generation.

As India joins the most powerful and prosperous countries in the world it will be interesting to see if the prosperity among the financial elite spreads to create a middle class society across all Indian states.

India Takes A Step Forward As A Major Player In The Global Economy

Some might not know, but India is making a move up in the global economy, and the country has the potential to grow much more than most people know. In the last year, India was able to surpass China as the fastest growing large economy in the entire world. They are home to a huge population that has the potential to have a mighty economic footprint, but they are still small when compared to economic leaders the European Union, China, and the United States.

In order for India to produce economic growth at a higher rate, they need to take some lessons from other economies around the globe. For starters, they need to set up a system of regulations that works to boost all stakeholders instead of the current top down system they employ. While most countries use regulations to gain wanted outputs, India is different because they use these regulations as personal tools to fit their personal agendas. This selfish mentality greatly limits the overall wealth of the country with a lack of job creation, economic growth, environmental causes and even social life within the country.

India should look to other countries for guidance in this area. The United States, as a prime example, has a blustering economy because the US Government creates and uses regulations that can improve the overall economic well being of the majority of the country. Most regulations are meant to improve economic activity, which would be a huge boost if similar agendas were used in India.

In short, there are really three key areas that India needs to focus on to improve their financial status. India needs to focus on approaching regulations by using the viewpoints of the government, the people and the people who have a stake in the financial gains and losses. This collaborative approach allows for a more well rounded viewpoint and regulations that have a more overall affect on all of the people. India should also asses the impact on all rules and deals to decide if the trade off for each item is worth the costs and terms on the table. Currently only their proposing agencies make the evaluations which presents a major conflict of interest and can often lead to bad deals. Finally, each agency should have authority over certain sectors with no overlap. this really only causes confusion as well as excess cost. Agencies should have their own areas of expertise at different levels to avoid confusion, wasted time, and most importantly, wasted money. For a more detailed outline of each approach as well as examples of areas that need improvement, check out this article at the Huffington Post.

While India has a ways to go, it is clear that they have stepped up and taken a position in the global economy, intent on trying to move up in the food chain. If they choose to follow some key steps an implement key strategies, they have all the tools necessary to do the job. It is within reason to expect to see the country become a more prominent economic player around the globe in the very near future.

Troy McQuagge, Great Philanthropist

Troy McQuagge is the true definition of a great philanthropist. Troy McQuagge son has always been motivated to help others in any way that he could. Troy has been getting a lot of attention from the media lately. He is now the President and CEO of USHealth Advisers. This is a huge accomplishment for Troy McQuagge son. Before he became the CEO of the company he had already initiated a mission for the company to help people who are in need. The name of this mission is HOPE. HOPE has a very unique meaning which is helping other people around the world. Troy even made a great decision which was to unite UsHealth Advisers with their parent company, USHEALTH Group.

The partnership was a great choice for the community. Together they have been traveling around the world giving back to the communities. These two companies have been helping more than 10 times as many people as the company was helping when the idea of HOPE first came to mind.

Over the years, the company has helped with some of America’s most tragic moments. Some of these times include the strong storm of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina claimed the lives of many people’s life. Mostly everyone within the city of New Orleans lost their homes. Some people even permanently moved to different states because of the storm’s damage.

HOPE did not let even these severe conditions deter them from helping the people in need. HOPE helped many homes for the lower and middle class citizens of the city become restored fairly quickly. The mission for HOPE was to ensure that these class or citizens received help first, since many times these class of citizens are often overlooked.

USHealth Advisers and USHEALTH group has made it clear on several occasions that they are more than happy to give back to people in need. The companies even has a tradition where the employees give donations during company meetings. All money donated goes directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. Both companies will continue to work had to continue to better the communities of others and to help people in general.

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Who’s the Biggest Lender to America?

China is the biggest lender to the United States. Even though the two superpowers compete, there’s no doubt about an economic symbiosis. Chinese hold $1.2 trillion in U.S. government debt alone, CNN Money reports. But the rate of growth in lending by the Chinese is slowing. And the Chinese government is looking to cut the debt it buys from the U.S Treasury.

China could potentially use cutbacks in U.S. debt purchases as a political tool against trade restrictions on part of the Trump administration. But that would likely backfire. If a sell-off of debt results, that could seriously threaten the global economy. In addition, a sell-off would decrease the value of Chinese holdings.

Treasuries are guaranteed by the United States government and can be redeemed at par value at maturity, but if investors sell them prior to maturity dates, that could result to losses. Even changes in interest rates can depress fixed income values.

“It’s hard to see how China would emerge from this scenario better off,” claimed Mark Williams of Capital Economics.

The U.S. economy is doing quite well know, but recent tax cuts could lead to its overheating. This is a concern expressed recently by William Dudley, NY Federal Reserve President. He believes the central banks should put some brakes in the next few years. Normally, this is done with interest rate decreases. Otherwise, Mr. Dudley thinks, recession will result.

Agora Financial, Providing New Oppertunities

If you’re looking for a new way to earn money for you future, then Agora Financial is the perfect company to choose. Agora Financial is a publishing company that specializes in providing their readers with helping financial advice. Choosing Agora Financial is the best thing for you to do as a consumer because they will provide more information to you than the average stock broker would provide and they are cheaper than the average stock broker as well. Agora Financial has been doing an amazing job with helping their readers grow and obtain wealth. Earning large profits from reading Agora Financial’s reading materials aren’t hard as long as you read carefully and continue to follow the instructions.

Agora Financial has been around for several years now. The company opened in the late 90s and they have been doing very well since they’ve opened. Agora Financial is different from other companies because they play a very active role in helping their readers find the best investments that are made for them. Agora Financial is driven to providing their readers with the freshest information. In order to do this, Agora Financial travels all around the world until the find the most profitable investment for their readers. After they find the investment, they immediately publish it out to their readers so that they readers can benefit from it.

Many people don’t find investing helpful because most investments that stock brokers or other financial companies publish to their consumers have already been seen by the mainstream community. Instead of giving you investments that most of the world has already invested in, Agora Financial only provides their readers with the top of the line new information.

In addition to providing their customers with money making ideas, Agora Financial also sends their consumers tips on saving and protecting money as well. Agora financial has helped consumers protect their homes and real estate agents a few years ago during the mortgage company. Agora Financial has also protected their investments from the oil crisis that happened a few years ago as well. Agora is the best that there is!

European Economy Speeding Up

The economy in the eurozone is finally doing well. After extensive quantitative easing by the European Central Bank, the economies in the area have grown faster than the United States economy, CNN Money reports. At the same time, the unemployment has reached a nine-year low.

The eurozone economies (an area where euro was adopted) grew 2.4 percent in 2017, a bit faster than the American economy. According to Stephen Brown, an economist at Capital Economics, the business sentiment in Europe points to higher growth in the upcoming months. In fact, business confidence in the region is at 17-year high.

In France, the economic growth looks promising. Quite possibly, the growth of the French economy will surpass that of Germany. French President Macron is looking to loosen strict labor laws, reduce corporate taxes, and lower the budget deficit by reducing the public sector. Whether that really happens is yet to be seen.

There is some political uncertainty in Europe, though. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is having troubles forming a coalition government, while Brexit brings more uncertainty. At the same time, Spain has to deal with issues related to declaration of independence by Catalonia, while Greece continues to struggle under debt burden.

Overall, the unemployment figures in the region don’t look bad, especially 3.6 percent unemployment rate in Germany. But, when it comes to Spain, the rate stands at nearly 17 percent. So, not every country in the eurozone is benefiting from good economic times in Europe.

The Commitment of Paul Mampilly in the Business World

Paul Mampilly is among the few business people who have proved to be knowledgeable in spotting the opportunities and implementing them. He has been honored by the Templeton Foundation investment with the highly coveted accolade because of he wits hat he has demonstrated in the circle of business. The grant he won motivated him to push his ideas to the better level. He has shared his story of the journey towards success in the TV station programs. One of the recent one is the one at Bloomberg TV. He put it clear that the award that he won put him on the map of the world as a pragmatic skilled businessperson. He has established his company by the name Profits Unlimited. The primary operation of the business is to give the guidance to the willing investors in the field of stock market. The idea came after he realized that the only way to give back to the society is to impart with the rights concepts of investments.

The pace of origin of Mampilly is India. He was raised up in the environment that gave him a chance to learn the ways of spotting the gap in the market and putting up a business to make the profit. The skills that he gained while growing up has placed him in a better position of analyzing the situation in the business market and marking several investments. He has an excellent record of experience that has made several companies across the world to approach. The longtime services in the field have made him come up with the lasting solution to the arising challenges in the scene of management. He has served in many financial institutions and helped their accounts build from the scratch to the peak point. Mampilly practices the ideas in the stage of business while he was still a worker at Deutsche Bank. He put up all the measures required to take the industry to the required niche. The experience he had in management made him earned the company a better position in the market. Mampilly Royal Bank which is located in Scotland. The commitment he is putting to his duties has made him considered as the crucial asset by companies like Kinetics International Fund.

In the year 2012, he formed a team with other members and ventured into a company developing drugs. He later made huge profits within the same year after selling all his shares. The returns he made clocked 2,000 times more than what he had invested.

Paul Mampilly has become prominent in the circle of business through the concept of reading market trends.

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Trump to Attend Globalist Economic Forum in Davos

White House confirmed today that President Trump will attend the
World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland later this month.
The forum which is known as the world’s best networking event and the domain of business and financial elites. “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World,” is the theme of the four-day annual gathering scheduled to begin on January 23.
Trump’s decision has surprised many since most Davos invitees represent the globalist idea which he stridently campaigned against in 2016.
“The President welcomes opportunities to advance his America First agenda with world leaders,” said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. She said the President plans “to promote his policies on strengthening American businesses, industries, and workers.”

Bill Clinton was the last U.S. President to personally attend the forum in 2000. Before him, President Ronald Reagan telecommuted into the event but did attend.
The World Economic Forum takes place each year in late January in the Swiss mountain village of Davos. The conference was founded in 1971 by the forum’s executive chairman, Klaus Schwab.
“It’s a balance, it is equitable globalization,” said Schwab during an interview today with The Wall Street Journal Editor in Chief Gerard Baker about the effect of Trump’s anti-globalist policies.
“We should maintain the positive effects of globalization,” said Schwab, “but certainly put more emphasis on creating a national environment which takes care of those people left behind.”

Dr. Mark McKenna- Changing the World One Patient at a Time

Many people know that when it comes to trying to find a treated doctor that it can be a difficult task to achieve sometimes. That, however, is not the case for Dr. Mark McKenna’s patients. He has for many years now been widely known for being a licensed Medical Doctor in both Medicine and Surgery. When it comes to each of his patients he is very passionate and always makes sure to provide them the best care that he possibly can.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s career first started when he attended Tulane University Medical School. Once he had finished up his medical training McKenna went on to begin practicing medicine with his father. At the same time as he was already practicing medicine, he decided that it was time to launch McKenna Venture Investments, Which happens to be a real estate development firm. Though this was not the only company that he went on to launch. He also proudly launched Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. Over the years he has helped these companies grow to have well over 50 employees.

It was in November of 2007 that Dr. Mark McKenna decided to relocate himself to Atlanta GA so that he could launch ShapeMed. This company happens to be an aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. Until July of 2016, Dr. Mark McKenna proudly served as being ShapeMed’s National Medical Director. Once he decided that it was time to move on to his next job McKenna took on the roles of being the Founder and the CEO of OVME, which is a medical aesthetic company that is working on reinventing the elective healthcare. Through all of his hard work, McKenna always makes sure to make time for the important things in life, which to him is his wife, Gianna McKenna, and their daughter, Milana Elle.