India Joins the Largest Economic Markets in the World

Current growth projection data shows India as the soon to be fourth largest economy in the world, and holding the record as the fastest growing economic market in the world. These numbers are largely due to the ever rising population of India, which is also the fastest growing in the world at the moment. The type of growth that India is currently seeing is rapid compared to other countries, and compared to typical economic growth seen overall based on decades of data. The most important part of the growth that is currently occurring in India is that it is benefiting the growth of native businesses while also attracting foreign investors.

There are more unique points that set India apart from other world economic stats that are normally seen. India is only the second time a country has been ranked as a world leader in economics when the country is ranked as a developing country. Still, even though another country managed to make it onto the list of growing economies, it was nowhere near the growth and rate at which India has shown. India is marked by its incredible poverty, a situation which is widespread and prevalent from generation to generation.

As India joins the most powerful and prosperous countries in the world it will be interesting to see if the prosperity among the financial elite spreads to create a middle class society across all Indian states.

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