Trade Issues a Risk to Stock Market

The Trump administration’s protectionist talks are a risk to the current bull market in stocks. According to MarketWatch, a recent report suggested that President Trump may seek withdrawal from North American Free Trade Ageement (NAFTA), a trading pact among the United States, Canada, and Mexico. A couple of months ago, Trump stated that the U.S. will not be taken advantage of anymore when it comes to trading in goods and services.

A couple of Canadian officials have admitted that Canada is becoming more convinced that the U.S. will seek to end NAFTA. But, if Trump wants to do it, it will not be that simple since the Congress needs to approve it.

Even an attempt to end NAFTA would bring great business uncertainty. After all, many American companies do business in Canada and Mexico. And this is cited as one of the major stock market risks in 2018. Already, Geopolitical Risk Indicator, run by Black Rock, is at its highest level since 2015.

If there’s a serious talk about ending NAFTA, it is likely to affect global trade in general. In the past, Donald Trump has criticized trading with China on multiple occasions. If there’s a trade clash between the United States and the Middle Kingdom, this is going to bring even more uncertainty to this bull market. With equities valued sky high, a major market correction could as well come this year.

Greg Secker: The Many Facets of a Generous Philanthropist

English philanthropist Greg Secker (founder of the Greg Secker Foundation) was in the Philippines, when he realized how important working with former world boxing champion Nonito Donaire, Jr. was to the typhoon victims in Capinahan, Lemery, Iloilo.

It was several days after New Years Eve 2018, and Secker’s fellow humanitarian, Donaire, made a generous donation and supported the Greg Secker Foundation’s efforts on building 100 homes for typhoon victims. Secker’s initiative was clear and concise: “Build A House, Build A Home.”

Truth be told, Secker has opted to make a huge impact. Working with Donaire in the Philippines is one of many memorable events which inspires Secker to unleash the potential of his foundation to help others around the world.

The many facets of Greg Secker

There is nothing nefarious about the over-the-counter (OTC) market associated with the foreign exchange (also called currency market, Forex, or FX) — it exemplifies the art of successful trading with premier trading platforms.

In fact, Greg Secker is hard-working UK-based businessman who has ran one of the most successful trading companies in Europe and has helped many amazing people learn how to be savvy entrepreneurs. Also, he is the software creator of Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and SmartCharts Software.

Achieving success via his trading company has afforded Secker the opportunity to work with Sir Richard Branson through Virgin Unite, resulting in building a new crèche in a rural villages in South Africa.

Secker — who has founded a not-for-profit organization simply called The Greg Secker Foundation (and is a unique international speaker and generous philanthropist respected for his commitment to helping people and communities around the world) — changes lives through his foundation’s various programs: Early Childhood Development Program, Flying Trader Project, Global Tradeathons, Starkey Hearing Foundation, The Christmas Basket Brigade, Youth Leadership Summit.

OneLogin Put Customers First During 2017

OneLogin under went changes in 2017. Here are the highlights that you might have missed.


Brad Brooks became OneLogin’s new CEO in August. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the leading of successful global technology companies. OneLogin is excited to have Brad. According to Brad Brooks the opportunity at OneLogin not only matches all his criteria but is a great choice for the existing and future customers.

Top Ten Employers

Fortune Magazine ranked OneLogin has one of the top ten of the Bay Area’s best small workplaces. OneLogin has also previously been recognized by Fortune, San Francisco Business Times and Glassdor in the past making this the fourth award in two years for OneLogin that celebrates it as a great company for employees.

OneLogin Family Adds Airbus

Airbus, a manufacturer in space and aeronautics, become one of the more than two thousand global customers of OneLogin in August of 2017. Head of the Digital Accelerator at Airbus, Chris Taylor stated that OneLogin was part of the initiative of a larger transformation digitally. Airbus is in the process of redesigning the systems for information technology to add value to the business. OneLogin will be providing Access and Identity Management.

Satisfied Customers

Fourteen new stories from customers in education, high technology, finance and manufacturing for advocacy and satisfaction with OneLogin. The ease that companies were able to integrate new employees and the applications of the workplace was noted as one of the strengths.


In April Adaptive Authentication was introduced by OneLogin as the next multi-factor authentication method. It was one of Gartner IAM 2017’s hottest topics. The security of a login attempt is determined by the review of details such as network reputation, browser, login time, location, and device through machine learning.

App Access is Smarter

User access to the app is faster thanks to machine learning for the OneLogin Portal. Apps that are used frequently are at your fingertips, searching is more flexible, and it works with any application.

On-Prem Apps Access if Smoother

Managing web access was made one of 2017’s top priorities because several organizations are wondering how to support those applications while they embrace the cloud.

Rocketship Education Puts Children And Communities At The Center Of Education


Rocketship Education has been delivering the educational needs of students and parents since 2006. It consists of a network of charter schools for students in grades K-12. The organization serves low-income communities with limited access to the good schools. The goal of Rocketship Education is to close the achievement gap between school-age children from underserved and resource-deprived areas and those from other communities.

In Rocketship schools, each student is given the instruction that they need at the right time utilizing the right method. This personalized and customized approach to learning is a teacher-led effort that is supported by technology. Rocketship’s blended learning style has received national attention. It departs from the traditional classroom model by making the material and the children learning it more manageable. Small groups of students receive in-depth instruction that is targeted to their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Rocketship is driven by the principle of community involvement. Parents play a pivotal role in Rocketship charter schools. They work with school teachers and administrators to ensure that what is taught in the classroom is actually learned by their children. Rocketship has a program that deeply engages parents. Its aim is to make them learning advocates for their children and education activists in their communities.

In fact, parents are heavily involved in the screening and hiring of new teachers. Some Rocketship schools train select groups of families on how to conduct panel interviews. Other charter schools in the network organize community meetings so that parents can meet the final list of teacher candidates face-to-face.

This arrangement is not one that all teachers find comfortable. Not every job candidate is willing to engage with parents in the intense and persistent way demanded by Rocketship. However, this is one of the qualities that distinguishes the organization from other charter schools, and Rocketship will continue to explore and develop new ways of bringing parents, teachers, and school administers together for the sake of its students.

Nick Vertucci: The Master of Real Estate Flipping

Many individuals have shared their experiences on how to get rich fast, but the method taught by Nick Vertucci is the most popular one. He is known as a real estate flipping guru, and he claims that he managed to become rich in a short span of time. He is now traveling the major cities across North America sharing his experiences and speaking in front of a vast audience explaining how they can also become wealthy because of real estate flipping. Many people are attending his seminars, and they are also intrigued as to how real estate flipping works. Nick Vertucci explained that real estate flipping is a technique where an individual would buy a very cheap property, and then reselling it later on for-profit after renovations have been made.

According to Nick Vertucci, there are a lot of old properties in the United States and Canada that are being sold for a meager price. Then, what he does is he would buy the property and take advantage of its low cost, and he will be checking which parts of the house need to be fixed. According to him, the first things that house buyers would check are the plumbing and the color of the interior walls, floors, and ceilings, and people who would like to check their luck with real estate flipping must invest in these parts of the house. He added that it is not that expensive to repaint the ceilings, walls, and floors, and it would only cost a few hundred bucks for the service of the plumber. After the repairs, a trustworthy real estate broker will be contacted to sell the house. Nick Vertucci stated that newlyweds or those who wanted to move as soon as possible are the ones who purchase the property from real estate flippers, and it usually brings in a huge amount of profit because of the practice.

Nick Vertucci revealed during one of his seminars that he does not know anything about real estate flipping before, and he was just invited by a friend to listen to a speaker who shared the practice. Now, he is proud that his company is changing the lives of many only by teaching them how to do real estate flipping.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci:

Talk Fusion Announces New Software Featuring WebRTC

Talk Fusion, an innovative company in the video marketing field, recently made a big announcement with the improved version of Live Meetings. This is a computer program the company offers the allows users to have real-time communication via the internet. The update to Live Meetings includes a new interface and also includes the very popular WebRTC system.


Talk Fusion is very excited to bring something even better to their customers. The company, who has always been a leader in the field of video communications, has now upped their game with their newly remodeled Live Meetings. This program is an easy way to have meetings and presentations with up to 15 different hosts and 500 participants. All guests of these presentations can connect with computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets.


One of the biggest additions is the new software that equips a type of recording technology that requires no new download. Users can simply access it via web browsers which raises the convenience factor as well as saves time. Talk Fusion is a leader in their industry and is thrilled to continue to embrace new technology as it becomes available. The addition of WebRTC is a great benefit to the package, as it is useful for both professional settings or for the average customer. It has the ability to allow people to simply use their browser on their device to communicate by voice. Other updates include an improvement on confusing echoes or distortion in the audio as well as a “waiting room” that allows hosts to test the system prior to the presentation.


Talk Fusion is run by its founder, Bob Reina, who has devoted a lot of time and energy to head one of the most innovative video marketing technology companies around. He saw a need for the capability to email videos and that spurred his entire dream for Talk Fusion. Prior to creating Talk Fusion, Reina attended college in Florida then went on to serve as a Police officer for quite a few years. In order to earn extra income he got into the sales game, which is when he realized sales was where his potential was.


Reina began working on Talk Fusion in 2004, and it officially launched three years later. Over the past decade, aside from working hard at continuing to build Talk Fusion, Reina has also given a lot of time, energy, and financial support to numerous philanthropic endeavors. Some of his top charities include an orphanage located in Indonesia and the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Reina is so driven in the aspect of giving back that he pushes each of his associates to give away one free Video Suite software package to their favorite charity. Learn more:





Troy McQuagge’sUSHealth Program for Charity

Troy McQuagge US Health is at the epicenter of building a vision for the USHEALTH group, in which he is the CEO. His company has experienced strong growth, with USHEALTH being over 10 times the he started with. USHEALTH created a HOPE banner that exemplifies the practices of giving and charity that transformed the local community. USHEALTH primarily works in high risk scenarios, in particular working in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

The Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) initiative was influential in becoming a strong anchor and buffer against the tragedy and havoc of Katrina. With donations, many rallied around the cause and were able to make a positive contribution to relief efforts. The lower mid- city of New Orleans was ensured safe and sound housing because of HOPE’s ability to gather and commit thousands of volunteers to the cause. Their efforts expanded in 2011 when the organization provided useful food, shoes, and necessities to the crisis nursery in the Phoenix branch of NOLA.

HOPE began as a small organization and grew substantially over time to become a systemic defining force in the area. A year after 2011, HOPE was back on the map and ready to deliver on it’s promise of giving back to the community in the form of donating 25,000 dollars to children with cancer, then, again a year later by awarding 45,000 dollars to a charity in North, Texas. Over time the support and financial backing of USHA grew to new heights. Inspired by giving to the people who were struggling in the area, HOPE has become a life-changing model for charity and activism.

Currently, the homes warrior project provides housing mortgage free to army vets, and more specifically, veterans in need. Following this, the wounded warrior project was set up to provide essential services to military families. These programs provide a active engaging role to the communities as well as the organizations.

Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Troy McQuagges role in funding, operating, and pushing the company towards where it is currently is commendable. His dedication to having a strong conscience and ethic towards giving back to his community and the neighboring states has spread towards other people and organizations. From Arizona to Louisiana, and all the way towards Florida, USHA continues to expand and make positive contributions to this day.


The Story Behind the Devout Entrepreneur, Greg Secker

The international business guru, Greg Secker, was born in 1975, February. His career’s journey began when he joined Thomas Cook Financial services, then to Virtual Trading Desk, a by then new foreign exchange business. After a while, Greg moved to Mellon Financial Corporation, as the vice president and by then his career was on the uprise, thanks to his dedication to work and desire to learn.

It’s while working at Mellon when he decided to start his own trading company. He quitted his job and founded Learn to Trade, the very first company of the Knowledge to Action Group. The company already has offices in Sydney, London, Manila, and Johannesburg. Other than Learn to Trade, Greg’s group of companies has subsidiaries such as SmartCharts software, Capital Index, FX Capital, the three working in complementation of each other, and Greg foundation.

Learn to Trade has garnered several awards, including that of the Best Forex Educators in Europe, South Africa, UK, and Australia for 3 consecutive years, I.e 2015-2017. Knowledge to Action was ranked in 2010 as one of the top 100 fast-growing companies in the world.

Greg desire to impart investment knowledge to people has seen him do much of motivational speaking internationally, on several books for renown writers on related topics. This has enabled him to exchange ideas with many successful personalities such as Tony Blair, Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder among others.

The Secret

In an interview, Greg Secker said that his Business ideas were a result of boredom of just sitting behind the screen working and the prevailing opportunities. He wanted something more motivating, and teaching people and giving them working tools for investment success seemed just like it. To provide better services, Greg and his team have come up with a business model that has become very successful.

Pre-visioning his ideas have helped Greg bring the ideas to reality, and getting enthusiastic about them gears them on. Greg believes that as much as work is good it is important to take time and think. Thinking opens up the mind, but when engrossed in work, thinking is impossible. Reading also complements thinking.

The Philanthropist

The happy father is also a philanthropist, who has used the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization, to improve people’s life, through education, Youth Leadership initiatives, and Life Skills. This is implemented through the various programs in the foundation. Greg also donates to various charities.

Daniel Taub of Israeli Leaves Behind An Admirable Legacy

In his second year in office, trade between the people of Israel and the United Kingdom doubled. Daniel Taub, who will be resigning this summer, will be remembered for his input in business, as the United Kingdom Ambassador for Israeli. Since he took over the office four year ago, trade has deepened and progressed in multiple ways. In addition to that, academic platforms and businesses have expanded between the two countries.


Background Data


In a statement by the British Secretary of Business, Mr Sajid Javid, Daniel had fostered trade between the two countries to a level that hit the golden era. Until now, more than 300 Israeli businesses have successfully set up in the United Kingdom. In a report by the chamber of commerce, these enterprises are approximately over $5.5 billion.


His Early Life


Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom. He was appointed the ambassador of Israeli in 2011 and has since played a pivotal role as a negotiator and peace facilitator. He once, as a peace negotiator, joined his counterparts in a journey to Northern Ireland. His sole purpose for travelling was learning their culture, political and economic atmospheres. A couple of years before Britain’s most significant student union that voted for adopting a boycott in Israel, Daniel, in an interview, said that he was worried for campus students and the environment in which they grew up. He also warned the administrators to foster the freedom of speech as every student was entitled to one.


His Contribution


In 2014, Daniel Taub paid a visit to Bradford. The tour came after the city’s parliament representative, Mr George Galloway, declared the place out of bounds from Israelis. Until now, Taub has been industrious in what would be termed as peacekeeping. Even though his successor has not yet been announced, it is evident that it will be challenging to fit into his shoes.




Daniel Taub attended multiple universities including Oxford University College, the Harvard University and the University College of London. In 1989, he moved to Israel. He was appointed as a combat medic for Israel Defense Forces. Subsequently, he landed a position at the IDF’s law division. He also worked as a communications expert where he juggled speech writing and advisory roles. In 1991, he was entrusted with an executive position at the foreign ministry for Israeli.


The Conclusion


Daniel has an impressive track record of work and peace facilitation. He fits the description of a perfect peace ambassador. As he leaves the office to explore other challenging fields across the world, it is evident that his services will be missed because of his input in business and peace facilitation. Learn more:



China, Lime Crime & Efficient Expansion

Lime Crime has made a bold move in its quest for cosmetic dominance. This colorful and eclectic brand has built a cult-following over the past few years. Founded by Doe Deere, the company is basically a reflection of her very own self. Since Lime Crime has a firm grip on the competition, it is now looking to expand into other territories. China is one of the biggest and most populous countries in the world. This country is very influential when it comes to fashion, but it’s also big on counterfeiting. Of course, counterfeiting takes away from the official brand’s revenue stream, and it can be extremely difficult to outpace this negative side of the business.

Lime Crime is looking to by-pass the entire shipping process because of its complex technicalities. If you’re trying tp ship products into China, you’ll be introduced to a wide range of expenses for transportation logistics, customer inquiries, international return handling, taxes and manage duties. When it comes to cosmetics, these products are under special scrutiny. There is a mandate that states that all cosmetics that are sold for wholesale, must be animal-tested. This is a big problem with Lime Crime because it goes against everything that the company stands for. Lime Crime doesn’t test its products on animals, and it is a certified vegan cosmetic line. The best possible solution would be to launch straight from the nation of China itself.

By doing so, this company will have to build a unique customer-base. This customer-base won’t be directed to first-tier mavens, but more so for people who truly are passionate about the products. This seems to be a daunting task, especially since China’s counterfeit market has such a strong grip on the prominent retail brands. All in all, the next few months will dictate the true success of this expansion.