Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape South Africa’s Economic Development

AI are the buzz letters for the economic future in the United States and in countries around the world. AI will inject more than $32 million in labor productivity into the U.S. over the next 17 years. The World Economic Forum is projecting a loss of five million jobs by 2020. And in South Africa, 41 percent of the jobs will vanish because of AI. But AI is offering South Africa a chance to pull itself up by its economic bootstraps and become a BRICS nation that enjoys positive GDP growth over the next 20 years.

Reliable power is still a challenge in Africa, but AI will propel new growth in healthcare, financial services, agricultural technology, logistics, and skills development. Fintech companies in Africa are already reaching more customers and improving efficiency by tailoring products to specific markets. Africa is still the home of 2 billion people who don’t have access to traditional banking. But mobile penetration in countries like Ghana is giving Africans a chance to bank digitally. Africa is now the home of 15 of the top 20 mobile banking countries.

And when it comes to healthcare, Africa is dreadfully behind. Africa is the home of only two to three percent of the world’s doctors. Half the population doesn’t have access to modern medical services, but thanks to AI, Africans will be able to get remote diagnosis using new medical apps. Good healthcare is part of productivity, and Africa’s AI industry will play an important role in stimulating the country’s productivity.

The Success of Nick Vertucci and his Successful NVREA System.

Real estate investing is gratifying and effective way to gain wealth and success for yourself and family, provided you have the appropriate tools and knowledge to recognize the opportunities and navigate the buying and selling real estate profitably.

Nick Vertucci, who had formerly operated a computer parts store, attended a real estate seminar after the dot com crash. At that seminar, he found his passion in real estate investments. After careful study, investigation and a lot persistence, he developed a methodology that made real estate investing an easy and direct transaction, giving him unlimited personal freedom, a healthy income and a secure financial future.

Wanting to share his prosperous system, Nick Vertucci founded the NV Real Estate Academy. His academy, headquartered in Santa Ana, California, provides educational seminars throughout the country. The seminars provide extensive information about Nick Vertucci’s NVREA system. Future investors are taught the techniques to locate ideal properties, recondition these properties to a marketable condition and prepare for the sale. Nick Vertucci’s NV Real Estate Academy provides thorough information on all the facets of “flipping”, including the wholesale market, contracts and commercial properties. His seminars also contain information about asset protection, leveraging IRA or 401K for investment funding and buying real estate for income production.

The feedback from NV Real Estate Academy has been recommendatory, attendees say they have felt motivated by the academy’s seminars and gained the knowledge to succeed. The in-depth look at purchases, and the inclusive information on repairs and renovations give attendees the courage to tackle these challenges without overpaying or overworking and the information provided on the housing sells was thorough and complete. Many have taken the tools provided by Nick Vertucci and his academy and have gone on to their own financial freedom through real estate investment and the NVREA system.

The Career And Service To Telereal Of Graham Edwards

When Telereal was created in 2001, Graham Edwards became the Chief Executive. The transaction he initiated enabled 6,700 properties to be transferred to Telereal from BT. This property outsourcing deal was worth £2.4bn. He was additionally responsible for acquiring Trillium from the Land Securities Group by leading the negotiations in January of 2009. This was when Telereal Trillium became firmly established as a leader in the markets of investment and outsourcing. The annual revenue of the company exceeded £1 billion (uk.linkedin).


The Journey of Graham Edwards

Prior to coming to Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards had served Talisman Global Asset Management as the Chief Investment Officer. He additionally worked for Merrill Lynch Investment Management as a fund manager and served as the BT Group’s head of finance. He served Cambridge University as the reader of economics and is a member of the Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the UK Society of Investment Professionals,the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Since 2011, Graham Edwards has worked for Telereal Trillium as the CEO, British Telecom Plc as the service provider and landlord and the UK Department of Work and Pensions. He has many varied and substantial business interests encompassing engineering, water, software, mining and real estate.

Telereal Trillium Ltd is classified as an investment and commercial property management company. Their headquarters is located in central London. The William Pears Group EBT and the B Pears Trust hold the ordinary shares. The William Pears Group EBT and The William Pears Group hold the preference shares. Telereal Trillium manages buildings including the Department for Work and Pensions job centres with a contract worth £3.2 billion. Telereal Trillium Ltd additionally manages property for the DVLA.

Last year the taxes for the UK corporation were paid in full. £163 million of the companies profits from post-taxes were funneled in share dividends to a parent company. This company is based within the British Virgin Islands where the corporation and income tax rate stands at zero. Share payments have been given to the offshore owner of the Trillium Group in the amount of £673 million since the year 2010.


Real Estate Expert Graham Edwards Brings Success to Telereal

The world of property management and investing comes naturally to Graham Edwards, chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium located in London, England. Graham is someone who can turn a small opportunity into major success and has proved this time and again. He is amazing with money and is definitely someone you want handling your assets.

Telereal Trillium has been in existence for 2001 and Graham has been on board since the beginning. He received his education from Cambridge University in England with a degree in economics. He has worked for several companies and has greatly impacted each of them.


More Life Story of Graham Edwards

Graham was in charge of a major acquisition from Land Securities Group Plc in 2009. These negotiations earned Telereal billions and further advanced Graham’s reputation in the industry. He is someone who takes calculated risks and follows through to see a positive outcome. His expertise is widely sought after and he lends a hand to companies all over England. It was soon after that Graham was considered a major name in the property management field (

Graham Edwards is a man of learning and has returned to school to earn a master’s degree in International Relations. He studies the Middle East and foreign affairs. He has several interests including real estate and engineering. In addition to his love of education, Graham resides on several boards throughout the country. He is a member of the Institute for Chartered Accountants as well as the UK Society of Investment Professionals.

Graham Edwards is definitely someone to keep an eye on if you want to get into the property management and investment fields. Furthermore, his expertise with money is something to be admired. He has brought in billions since the start of Telereal and things can only get better for him and the company.


Perry Mandera-A Role Model For Business and The Community

Perry Mandera is the founder, owner, President and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. in Northlake Illinois. He is a philanthropist, an Entrepreneur, and a mentor to his community. Through his dedication to his career as well as his community he has catapulted to the forefront of the global transportation arena.


Success Story of Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera has a highly respected transportation background that aides in his success story as well as his willingness to contribute to his community. He was a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserves which started his love of trucking and transportation. Part of his training in the Marine Corp Reserves was geared toward making deliveries to the greater Chicago area. And with this knowledge, In 1986, Perry Mandera started The Custom Companies Inc.

Perry Mandera has immersed himself into providing superior customer service to the clients that he serves, additionally he possesses a highly-respected plan for the way his company runs. The Custom Companies provides a quality pick and pack transportation package that provides a fast and efficient service to his customers.

The One Stop Shop business model provides a hones service to new and existing companies that eliminates the middle man from their shipping needs.

Perry Mandera also contributes by giving back to the community. As a member of the Board of Directors, his company contributes to community organizations such as the Jesse White Tumblers and it’s very own charitable organization Custom Care Charities. Through his contributions he has helped inner-city youth to remain focused on an activity that keeps the children away from gang related activity and provides positive reinforcement. He also serves as an athletic coach.

Through his career Perry Mandera has earned several accolades throughout his career such as the Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year, and was listed in the top 100 Transportation executives by the Illinois Trucking Association.


Perry Mandera – A Life Full of Achievement

You would be hard-pressed to find many people who have achieved more in their life than the president and founder of Custom Companies Inc, Perry Mandera. Through consistent hard work and determination, he has been able to create a revolutionary multi-million dollar transportation company and been able to give back to the community through numerous charitable donations. Although Perry Mandera has achieved much in his lifetime, he started out from square one just like all other young Americans must.


Service in the Corps

Shortly after graduating from high school in 1975, Perry joined the US Marine Corps and served his country for a number of years. His primary duty as a marine corps reservist was to drive trucks. This experience would prompt Perry to continue building a career in the trucking industry as a regular employee for various transportation companies after he was honorably discharged from the military.


A Journey into Entrepreneurship

As Mr. Madera’s expertise within the transportation industry grew, he sought to make a larger impact in the field by starting his own company Custom Companies Inc in 1986. Custom Companies have been providing world-class customer service in the goods transportation industry for over 30 years and continues to grow larger each year. Since expanding operations into warehousing and distribution, Custom Companies Inc has been able to consistently generate over $200 million in annual revenue on a consistent basis through great leadership and vision displayed by Perry Mandera.


 Illinois Transportation Association

Perry Mandera was recognized in 2000 by the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) as a Top 100 American Transportation Executive of the Millenium. He later joined the ITA board of directors where he still serves today. Perry and other ITA leaders had recently announced support for the support of Illinois bill 662 which would repeal a 14.35% sales tax on truck license plates nationwide. The ITA estimates that the current tax costs the transportation industry $50 million a year which has a negative impact on all businesses nationwide. Perry and the ITA continue to negotiate better policies for the transportation industry and will continue to do everything possible to improve the business for everyone involved.


A Lifetime of Success

Perry Mandera is a prime example of what consistent work on a specific goal can do for any person in the United States. Perry has been able to achieve the American dream of living life on his terms and making the community around him a better place. Anyone who is looking for inspiration would be well served by studying his lifetime of achievements.


Troy McQuagge takes Insurance Industry to a New Level

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., has received a title of the Gold Winner in One Planet Awards as chief executive officer of the Year. The popular One Planet Awards aim at honoring professional and business excellence in every sector across the world. It accepts applications from both the public and private organizations from any part of the world.

In 2010, Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH and embarked on changing the entity. He started by replacing USHEALTH Advisors. His success in re-tooling Advisors enabled Mr. McQuagge to become CEO and President of USHEALTH Group, Inc. under his tenure the group has registered unparalleled growth, success, and profitability in the competitive health insurance industry.

Troy McQuagge US Health says that it was an honor to receive peer recognition from the One Planet Awards. He dedicates the award to all stakeholders of USHEALTH Group, Inc. the talented executive attributes the gift to the ongoing commitment of the company to solving the medical affordability condition for clients by offering them with advanced coverage that grows with their health care demands.

USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. devotes its services to providing excellent and innovative healthcare solutions. The organization enabled Mr. McQuagge to win the competitive awards. USHEALTH Group values their staffs and recognizes their contributions towards achieving the company goals. When McQuagge won the One Planet Awards honor, he appreciated the firm and staffs for their support.

USHEALTH Group has its facility in Fort Worth. The leading insurance firm concentrates on serving the America market with its health cover policies. The products are ideal for self-employed persons and business owners. It tries to combine the talents of its agents and employees to remain at the top in the field. Clients receive superior and satisfying services from a team of committed and trained specialists. All employees adhere to the organization motto of assisting all visitors who come to the entity. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has been on the field for more than three decades. He is a humble man with an unfathomable passion to his work. McQuagge puts the interest of other people first. His personality has contributed to the success of USHEALTH Group.

Mr. McQuagge graduated in 1982 from the University of Central Florida. The Bachelor holder in legal studies joined the insurance industry in 1995 where he was working in Allstate before joining UGA and USHEALTH Group in 2010. Troy McQuagge is a leader and mentor. He works with charitable organizations as a way of giving back to the society. Check more:

Was China Star of Davos Conference?

While many expected President Donald Trump to be the star at this year’s Davos Conference he was upstaged by a predictable rival- China. The World Economic Forum’s conference in Davos, Switzerland is considered to be the premiere destination worldwide for economic policymakers. Everyone from kings to dictators attends the star studded speeches and at night- parties.

This year it is clear that the world’s continuing breakout star is China. Chinese representatives cut a deal with the current President of Brazil for road infrastructure development in underserved parts of the country. China also wooed the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahid Abbasi. Pakistan has been the recipient of massive amounts of foreign aid as the United States draws back from aiding the country. Pakistan will be key to China’s “New Silk Road” project which aims to create a superhighway from China to Europe.

Other former suitors of China have not been so lucky. Economic development ministers from the beleaguered country of Venezuela had issues with the length of their meeting with their Chinese counterparts. In addition, old stalwarts like Zimbabwe and Cuba appear to be moving closer to the American orbit- despite Trump.

While the attendees at Davos have no collective power to pass decisions at the conference they have massive amounts of power in their homelands. The importance of this cannot be understated- while Davos has been billed as an economic conference it has become the Olympics of international finance, trade and diplomacy. China making such a splash at the conference is something every finance minister on the planet will take note of.

Solar Tariffs Could Lead To An International Economic Shake Up

The Trump administration has recently decided to levy tariffs on imports of solar modules to the United States. This cam after some module manufacturers in the United States complained that the cheap cost of foreign technology, often driven even lower due to government subsidies, were making it impossible for them to compete on such a lopsided playing field. The tariff tacks on 30% of the panels cost as it comes into the country in an attempt to give domestic manufacturers more of a chance to compete. Similar tariffs against washing machines were also put into place at the same time as the solar tariffs. The countries hit hardest by this decision include both China and South Korea. The United States already had tariffs against Chinese solar modules in place causing them to move many of their operations to nearby South Korea. This could ultimately lead to strained relationships between the United States and these two countries in a time when an alliance between the three is more important than ever. Some sources indicate that China and South Korea could take their claims to the World Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO would likely take years to make a ruling in the case however and given that the tariffs are only set for a four year time frame they may end up having little to no impact on the issue. Some fear that this could lead to an all out trade war which in the end would benefit no one and lead to economic decline for all countries involved. Only time will tell what the outcome of these economic decisions will be both at home and abroad.

Magic in Makeup?!

Just like magic the internet and online world has allowed many new companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their mark on the world, in their own and unique ways. This couldn’t be truer for the proclaimed ” Unicorn Queen” Doe Deere, a Russian born clothing and cosmetic artist with an eye for the magical. Ms. Deere owns her own successful online company known as which is held as one of the first successful online businesses helmed by a female designer. Created in 2008 her business has grown to now produce many products such as: nail polish, lip gloss, eye-liner, eye-shadow, other cosmetics, and even her own self designed fashion lines. Not only are her products much sought after but she takes pride and promotes the fact that all products are animal cruelty free and from vegan sources. a feat that is both unique and honorable in an industry that is thought to be more about the superficial than beneficial.
all this success for Doe Deere is preceded by her moving from Russia to New York as a child,where she studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She dropped out slightly early to pursue her dream of owning a fashion line. Starting out on eBay as a one woman ran operation she took that leap of faith and with her brand name “Lime Crime” in tow she starting making sales within a year. The experiment and business began to flourish but so more with the makeup side than clothing at first. Since she was just one woman she had to model her own fashion and art including makeup which the people seemed to resonate with. She asserts “Ever since I got into makeup, I have never looked back.” This is inspiring to artist still locking for their shot to never doubt ones self and to keep climbing. How did she get started with all this one might ask, and the way she did was to promote her products in videos showing the fun and creative ways to use her products. By listening to the feedback her fans and close collaborators offered her she was able to hone her market skills and now she is a sizeable juggernaut in the fashion world.
Overall her success in her opinion can be attributed to her idea that “Beauty should make you feel happy!” Using this idea she developed a brand centered around “vegan-friendly cosmetics” with “special fantasy twist”. Her brand mascot is a unicorn so the sentiment is definitely felt and is truly unique among the would be competition. In the future her products will be geared toward generation Z who like her company was raised with and around the internet. She never plans to stop or remain stagnant with her designs so its safe to say her products are and will be diverse and will have something for anyone who has that small drop of magic in them, all of us. Lime Crime is truly magical in every sense. Learn more: