Cancer Treatment Centers of America Treat Their Patients With Compassion

When a patient receives the diagnosis they have cancer, it can disrupt their lives physically and emotionally. Receiving devastating news affects not only them, but the people who love and care about them. Many institutions will go through the steps of treating cancer with chemotherapy, surgery, and other tools to bring the cancer into check. Over time, the patient’s quality of life can start to decline and the institution may not take the necessary steps to treat the side effects of the harsher treatments.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America takes it one step further with their integrative care to treat their patients. Up to 80 percent of adults who are living with cancer are malnourished and one in five patients will receive spiritual support from their doctor. Integrative care helps by the patient by going through two layers, the first being the conventional treats used to attack the disease. Supportive therapies are delivered simultaneously to help with the side effects to give the patient a better quality of life.

CTCA provides a large number of supportive therapies to treat the symptoms of their patients. One of the first symptoms patients will experience is anxiety and stress that is sparked by the shock of receiving their diagnosis. The feeling of losing control, fear of the unknown, and other factors can lead patients to suffer from insomnia, loss of appetite, and other symptoms.

One of the therapies that help relieve these symptoms is mind body medicine to ease the stress and anxiety patients feel. Referred to as ‘whole person care’, it lends recognition to how powerful behavioral, social, and mental factors play a direct role into the health of the patient. Spiritual support is also offered to help patients to cope with the challenges that lay ahead of them when treating their cancer. This is done through worship services, group prayer, spiritual counseling, or other services.

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