Could Another Round Of Tax Cuts Be In The Works?

Is it possible that another round of tax cuts is in the works from Congress? Not likely say most political observers, but that has not stopped the speculation following comments from President Donald Trump.

While the President was addressing Republican members of Congress, he made some comments that most are taking in a joking matter says CNBC. The President had suggested that there could be a second round of tax cuts by saying: “we will get em’ even lower”.

These comments were taken light-heartedly around the room. Everyone there understood the massive amount of work they just went through to get the first round of cuts to become a thing in the first place. With that in mind, there is not much appetite for more tax cuts at the moment. It is probably for the best that the party let the tax break that they just gave to nearly every American settle in to begin with.

The President has been largely congratulatory of himself as of late. He has felt very good about how the tax situation worked its way through Congress, and now it seems like he doesn’t even mind throwing some jokes around about how he would like to do even another round of tax cuts if he is permitted to do so. Again, most are not taking this all that seriously. They understand that the political realities prevent this from really happening. Still, it is interesting to see a President who is so upbeat about the progress he has made thus far.

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