The Success of Nick Vertucci and his Successful NVREA System.

Real estate investing is gratifying and effective way to gain wealth and success for yourself and family, provided you have the appropriate tools and knowledge to recognize the opportunities and navigate the buying and selling real estate profitably.

Nick Vertucci, who had formerly operated a computer parts store, attended a real estate seminar after the dot com crash. At that seminar, he found his passion in real estate investments. After careful study, investigation and a lot persistence, he developed a methodology that made real estate investing an easy and direct transaction, giving him unlimited personal freedom, a healthy income and a secure financial future.

Wanting to share his prosperous system, Nick Vertucci founded the NV Real Estate Academy. His academy, headquartered in Santa Ana, California, provides educational seminars throughout the country. The seminars provide extensive information about Nick Vertucci’s NVREA system. Future investors are taught the techniques to locate ideal properties, recondition these properties to a marketable condition and prepare for the sale. Nick Vertucci’s NV Real Estate Academy provides thorough information on all the facets of “flipping”, including the wholesale market, contracts and commercial properties. His seminars also contain information about asset protection, leveraging IRA or 401K for investment funding and buying real estate for income production.

The feedback from NV Real Estate Academy has been recommendatory, attendees say they have felt motivated by the academy’s seminars and gained the knowledge to succeed. The in-depth look at purchases, and the inclusive information on repairs and renovations give attendees the courage to tackle these challenges without overpaying or overworking and the information provided on the housing sells was thorough and complete. Many have taken the tools provided by Nick Vertucci and his academy and have gone on to their own financial freedom through real estate investment and the NVREA system.

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