Michel Terpins’ commitment to sports.

It is not a coincidence that Michel Terpins is such a successful driver in Brazil. His career has been geared towards this, and by starting from the cross country, it ensured that he acquired some invaluable skills that only experience could instill. The former champion had joined the sport in 2012 at a time when it was only beginning to gain ground in the country but was experiencing a very high level of competition given the number of experienced riders that were taking part in the competitions at that time. The experience gained from these competitions would enhance his navigation skills something that he would carry within when he moved into rallying. In fact, this are the same skills that would see him get Maykel Justo his current partner and navigator who they have teamed up together in the 24th and the 25th edition of the serto0es rally. The pair has proved to be a powerful combination of skill and talent as attested by their performance in the various stages of this two races. Michel Terpins and his brother were able to capture the attention of one of the best car developers in Brazil when they partnered with MEM. This was a dream partnership as it brought together man and machine in a unique manner. MEM had the know-how on building superior T1 prototype category cars while Michel under the Bull Sertoes Rally team had the skills to drive this powerful machine and win stages and circuits in the various rally editions all over Brazil. MEM would bring on board there T-Rex a specially developed two-wheel drive car that met all the requirements of the T1 prototype category, they then made several enhancements to make it at per with the others that were taking part in the competition. The developer had a track record of finesse and his cars had under various other teams won championships. The team was thus sure that by bringing them on just before the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally was not a gamble. The car would go on to prove itself by producing spectacular results even though it suffered some mechanical hitches.

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