George Soros Upstages Trump At Davos But The Billionaire’s Real Mission Is To Stop Brexit

George Soros is not a Trump fan. In fact, the hedge fund billionaire and philanthropist never liked Trump even though he invested in one of Trump’s hotels in Chicago. Trump went to the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to tell economists and world leaders that the United States is making the world great again. But many of the attendees thought Trump’s appearance was nothing but Hollywood hype. Soros knows how Trump operates, and he is spending millions of dollars to set up a Trump demise in 2020.

But Trump is not the only thorn in Soros wealthy fingers. The Brexit vote was a shocker for Soros. Mr. Soros is a staunch European Union critic, but he also knows the EU is Europe’s economic hope on the world stage. Soros wants the U.K. to stay in the EU, and he is putting his money where it counts. George is supporting the anti-Brexit movement in the U.K. That movement, The Best for Britain movement just got a $560,000 check from the Soros Open Society Foundation. George also had a party in his London home to gain support for nixing Brexit.

Soros and former UN Deputy Secretary-General, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown are planning a comprehensive ad campaign to push for another referendum vote that could reverse Brexit. Reversing Brexit is a Soros mission, but his main mission is to send Donald back to Trump Tower permanently. And he has the money and the power to do it, especially if his Democratic Party gets its act together.

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