More Americans Giving Trump Credit For Current Economic Climate

In what could be a first for the American public, they appear to be separating their personal feelings from political reality. Although many Americans do not like President Donald Trump, they do like the way he is handling the U.S. economy.

Many Americans are very optimistic about the future of the economy and are happy with the current state of the economy. Additionally, many people are giving Trump credit for the nation’s improving finances. However, Trump’s approval rating is still at historically low levels, but his approval numbers have shown signs of improving.

A recent poll from Quinnipiac College shows that Trump’s approval rating is around 40 percent, but 70 percent of respondents say that current economic conditions under Trump are either good or excellent The poll also showed that 48 percent of respondents think Donald Trump has more to do with the current state of the economy than former President Barak Obama.

Some polling experts are sitting up and taking notice. Many more Americans now think that Trump did not inherit a good economy from Obama, but instead believe Trump is the reason for the stronger economy. Experts also think that many Americans are coming to terms with the fact that they do not like Trump on a personal level, but overall he is good for the U.S. economy. The results seem to indicate that more Americans do not need to like a president on a personal level as long as things get done.

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