Trump Unflinching In His Position On Chinese Tariffs

United States President Donald Trump said on Thursday that the U.S. is prepared to place additional tariffs on Chinese goods equalling more than $100 billion. Many fear that Trump’s statements can only serve to exacerbate an already tenuous situation with Beijing that could end in an all-out trade war.

President Trump expressed that he was responding to what he considers to be “unfair retaliation” from China after Beijing released a statement on Wednesday detailing $50 billion in tariffs to be placed on American imports into China. The move by the Chinese government was in direct response to $50 billion dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods announced by the Trump administration the day before.

Trump went on to express disappointment at the fact that instead of choosing to ‘remedy its misconduct,’ the Chinese government instead chose to take measures that would cause harm to American farmers and manufacturing companies.

The doubling down by Trump comes on the heels of an attempt by his advisors to calm fears of a looming trade war between the world’s two largest economic powers by characterizing the tariff threats made by both nations to be simply the beginning of negotiations.

Financial analysts believe the move by Trump to be a dangerous ploy on the part of the president aiming to back China down and cause Beijing to become compliant with changes America wants to see in regards to Chinese business practices.

The announcement made by Trump drew immediate criticism from politicians, retailers, and manufacturers representing states that depend on agriculture to fuel their economies.

Koch Brothers Break With Trump Over Tariffs

In a surprising political move, the network supported by the highly influential Koch brothers expressed worry about President Donald Trump’s tariff plan. Billionaires Charles and David Koch own Koch Industries, one of the largest and most politically influential corporations in the world. Historically, the corporation has used its economic standing to exert power on the conservative side of the political spectrum, donating massive amounts of money to campaigns and initiatives which support their interests.

One crucial part of the Koch brothers’ empire is the advisement group Americans for Prosperity. On Friday, the group’s President, Tim Phillips, took a stand against Trump’s tariff policies. Phillips expressed his concern that promoting an ideal of protectionism is not good for the country. This will end up hurting American industries because other countries will fight back with their own tariffs. In the end, this will be an additional tax for Amerian consumers on many popular products they demand.

This stance against the tariffs is a direct departure from the support the Koch network bestowed on the Trump administration for its controversial tax cuts that were announced last December and implemented early this year. Following the tax cuts, Americans for Prosperity has continued to drum up support for the measures and stand by the President’s plan for economic growth. However, there is growing concern from the Koch network that the latest in tariff plans will escalate the trade war with China and eventually cancel out all of the economic benefits gained by the tax cut.

Stansberry Research is Not Optimistic for the Future

Stansberry Research is independent of any political affiliation and is acknowledged to report on the economy according to the truth rather than political biases. Owned by Frank Porter Stansberry, they were founded in 1999 and have proved beyond anyone’s imagination that they are a politically unbiased opinion. They have tackled issues of controversy such as Obama’s administration bailing out the banks, the automotive industry bailout, the economic collapse of the European Union, as well as many others.

Stansberry Research is now taking the time to inform on the negative impact that President Donald Trump’s most recent decisions are having on the economy. In their paper Fleet Street Letter, which comes out monthly, they are advising American citizens to purchase any long-lasting items now. This is due to the fact that the deficit has risen exponentially and they are looking at elation increase the value of the dollar. This means companies will hike up their prices to make the same profit margins.

In addition to this problem, Stansberry Research is affirming that the common goods made of steel and aluminum will also be increasing in prices. Things such as canned goods, soda, and even vehicles, will rise by at least 10% to 20% in cost. This is because President Donald Trump is increasing tariffs on the steel industry. He hopes this will convince people to bring jobs to America. Unfortunately, this will only cause them to make prices go up and further weaken the American citizen.

Lastly, Stansberry Research reported in their newsletter True Well that a trade war is looming and everyone will suffer. In an effort to stop the United States from bullying other countries the European Union has threatened to impose their own tariffs on the United States of America. This will harm the most profitable exports we have.

Ultimately, Stansberry Research is telling Americans that the dollar will lose value, that the price of common goods will increase, and layoffs are going to happen on a mass scale ( All in all, this is a recipe for disaster. Let us hope that Trump changes course.

A Happiness Study and Brief Biography of Jorge Moll

A new research study of the mind and body highlights the many benefits of giving. According to the Berkeley University, Greater Good Magazine, people who give are generally happier, healthier and had far greater impact on the community compared to those who don’t. The same results were witnessed in people who make charitable donations for various causes or those who volunteer in home shelters and soup kitchen. To demonstrate these findings, a professor at the Harvard Business School conducted a study in 2008 that suggests giving money to others effectively lifted the recipient’s happiness and spirits. With regards to health, several studies have linked the effects of generosity to better health across diverse groups of people, including the sick and elderly.

A study by University of California, Berkeley professor, Doug Oman established that elderly people who volunteered their time working for 2 or more organizations were shown to be 44% less likely to die over the course of 5 years compared to those who did not volunteer at all. Besides happiness and health, giving has also been shown to evoke instantaneously gratitude along with promoting social connections and corporation. Giving promotes social connection and cooperation because people who give are more likely to receive back. This is so because the generosity is more often than not rewarded down the line. Jorge Moll has been part of many groundbreaking studies on human behaviors in Brazil and across the World.

About Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a widely respected Neurologist and the current President, Director and the Governing Board Member of D’Or Institute for Research and Development. According to his (LinkedIn) profile, Jorge became the President of D’Or Institute for Research and Development in 2007. Some of his other designations include Partner at VHM Ventures and Visiting Research Scholar at Stanford University. Jorge Moll is also a Research Fellow at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Jorge held the position from July 2004 to February 2007. Jorge studied Neurological Medicine at UFRJ from 1989 until 1997. For his PhD in Pathophysiology Experimental, Jorge attended USP from 2000 to 2003. Jorge Moll speaks both English and Portuguese.

Trade War Looks Likely Between China And US

A tense stand-off on trade is happening between President Donald Trump of the United States and China. The President is looking to impose an additional $100 billion tariff on China in addition to the $50 billion that are already imposed on these tariffs. China is not pleased and they are looking to go tit-for-tat in this trade war.

China wasn’t pleased when President Trump first announced new tariffs on Chinese imports entering the United States. An additional $100 billion is no small number, but China responded quickly stating that they would have no hesitation paying any price necessary for them to defend their interests. China went on to state that as to major world powers, the two countries should treat each other with respect and equality, they believe that President Trump has picked the wrong target to mess with. While China has no interest in fighting, they do not fear a trade war with the United States. The risks of a trade war between these two countries would have massive global impacts. In Asia, the market showed no reaction to the trade spat while Hong Kong’s market rose roughly 1% and Japans market edged lower.

It all began when the US announced a 25% tax on steel and a 10% tax on aluminum. This affects multiple countries, but China was one of them. China, in response, imposed their own $3 billion tariffs on a range of goods the US imports including wine and pork. In return, the US then imposed about $50 million in tariffs on Chinese-made items which was met with $50 billion in Chinese tariffs on 106 different key US products. Now, the US is considering adding the additional $100 billion in tariffs as their next move.

It seems that the impact will be big and will affect many countries. At the moment, the Republican Party is cold to the tariffs fearing that it will cost many American jobs and hurt the economy as well as other trading partners. For example, the United States is a huge exporter of soybeans and China purchases 60% of those exports. The tariffs will cut down the need for those exports which will hurt American farmers and the American economy. China would then need a new supplier for the soybeans which would likely be from India who is a huge producer of the product. This would boost their economy greatly while the US suffers. Should China purchase from India or even Argentina or Brazil they would likely pay higher prices which would force the price of other products up causing a major inflation problem.

For now, a complaint from China has been lodged at the World Trade Organization (WHO) over the tariffs and it is scheduled to be heard in May. It could be months before any decision is made, but for now, it looks as though there could be some economic issues that arise as the two countries continue to disagree. For more details on this topic, click here.


Drones have been steadily increasing peoples interest for a while now. Let’s face it, they are fun, fairly easy to use and you can record video of what’s around you. While drones are fun they have had their challenges. New innovations are coming to make that experience even better.

I’ve had a few drones. They are fun yet they do have their troubles. Crashing into trees, your house or even a hard landing. Now imagine new technology that would require little guidance from you and these drones fly on their own!

Two companies in particular have been attacking this issue head on. Skydio and DJI are in the process of getting self flying drones on the market. With multiple camera’s and sensor’s attached these drones will be able to follow you without your constant attention.

If you’ve flown a drone you know that even if it follows you bad things can happen. You have your drone following you as you run or ride your bike when somewhere on your journey a tree branch gets in between you and the drone. Some have better sensors than others but often times your drone, you spent good money on, ends up on the ground leaving you with a broken paper weight.

This new technology will bring a new enjoyment to us drone lovers and added security knowing that the odds are now more in our favor than the tree branches. Check these out and decide for yourselves!Your text to link…

Dr. Scott Rocklage Finds a cure for DM1

Scott Rocklage, PhD. is a Bay Area-based healthcare leader and entrepreneur. He is known for his contribution to 5AM Ventures as Venture Partner and Managing Partner. Dr. Rocklage has over 20 years of experiences in healthcare management and several accomplishments under his belt, including his contribution to the distribution of three FDA approved drugs–Omniscan, Teslacan and Cubicin. Prior to his career in healthcare, Dr. Rocklage was a student at the University of California–Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received both of his bachelor’s and PhD degrees in chemistry. At MIT, he was a student in Dr. Richard R. Schrock’s research laboratory. Dr. Schrock is a Nobel Peace Prize winner in Chemistry in 2005.

In a recent article by the Medical Daily Times, a headline stating that Dr. Rocklage is leading the way to a cure. Dr. Rocklage who oversees Expansion Therapeutics, a medical team that dedicates to genetic disorders research, including Myotonic dystrophy type I, also known as DM1. DM1 is the primary leading cause of muscular dystrophy in adults. Several other reputable business ventures partake in leading the financing the research in order to help find the cure. DM1 is a genetic disorders that can affect generations of family and it passes down genetically. Currently, there is no medical treatment for those diagnosed with DM1.

In a press released by Dr. Rocklage where he announced that Dr. Matthew D. Disney of Expansion Therapeutics will be the leading researcher on the team. Dr. Disney and his team has had over 12 years of disease-related RNA that can be addressed and treated with small molecule medications. They are close to finding the treatment to cure DM1. The team that Dr. Rocklage put together for the breakthrough research seems to show great promising ahead of the medical research community. Learn more:

Nick Vertucci: Bringing Ideas to Life in Business

Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV Real Estate Academy. His family history is quite humble and he was able to make it through life from his youthful days. At the age of 18 years, Nick started a business and specialized in selling computer accessories. His involvement in the real estate industry made the turn around in his life and career pathway. His career thrived in the area of real estate investing after which he founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The entire idea of the company was birthed after he attended a three-day real estate training in 2004. It gave Nick investing knowledge and that became the beginning point in his real estate business life. Some of the activities he could engage in were investing in family rentals through rehabbing, buying foreclosures, renting, and managing them. He launched NV Real Estate Academy in January 2014 with the intention of creating a perfect real estate industry.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Nick Vertucci says that his approach to bringing ideas to accomplishment in business begins with seeing it, believing it, mapping it, and then executing it. He believes in goals being a stepping-stone for a great vision to come true that begins with seeing the vision or rather envision. He insists that a person ought to be clear on what they want to fulfill and then believe in the vision. He says that most people rarely believe that they can make it because of fears to fail. This brings loss of confidence and later limitations. Nick teaches the student at the academy that their minds are their strongest muscles and they can be great. Mapping comes in planning and having a functional system that works and can be doable. Finally, the last step to bringing ideas to life is acting on them by execution.

It means taking action on the vision you conceived. Nick believes that through real estate, many people are making money through proper strategies. Nick is intending to release a new book that he recommends customers and readers embrace known as having the balls to succeed. Nick Vertucci’s growth in business is an inspiration to most people that one can rise from humble beginnings and debts to becoming a great person. Find out more about Nick Vertucci:

Clay Hutson, the musical genius

Clay Hutson is one of the few people who can proudly say that they were able to turn a childhood passion into a thriving career. Clay Hutson developed a passion for music while still in his teenage years. He was not like every other typical teenager who would refer to listening to music as a passion. He was very keen on every little detail about music especially when watching concert events. This led him to seek a career in the industry after majoring in Theatre Design in the University.
For several years, Clay Hutson began his career as a marketer in the music industry but has since then become quite the sound engineer and music producer. Clay worked in a variety of companies in the much sector, each from which he learned a great deal about the industry and developed the skills that make a stand out from the rest today.
During the 2015 bleed like me world tour by Garbage the Band, Clay played the vital role of monitor engineer. The tour lasted for a couple of months and performed on different venues in North America, Australia, and Europe. Clay was also the operator of the automatic rigging system during One Republic’s global tour, the Honda Civic Tour that lasted for three months in North America and Asia. Clay Hutson is famous for regularly but not exclusively working with Rock bands and artists. Other artists that he has worked with include Pink, Kid Rock, Guns and Roses just to name a few.
Clay Hutson owns and operates a firm that provides a wide range of services all leaning in the music scene. These services include tour management, sound engineering services which is Clay’s forte, concert management, concert designing services and production. The company also renders its services to event organizers.
Clay Hutson takes on his tasks as project manager very seriously. He tends to overthink until he gets exactly what the client requested for. This perfectionist nature, interaction and leadership skills toward the employees he employs and passion have made him remain relevant in the industry after more than a decade. Clay is obsessed with every new technology in the industry that would improve on his work. He is continually looking out for the latest gizmo in the market and trying it out. DIGICO products have for one is a must-have for Clay, for this reason, he took on a job managing Lewis Aaron tour just to get a chance to use one of DIGICO’s latest inventions. Learn more:

China Crafts New Cryptocurrency Rules

As in so many other countries, the leaders of China have been grappling with the way in which they intend to handle the issue of cryptocurrency. Recently, they made their opinions a bit more clear. In fact, Chinese regulators are honing in on offshore transactions that Chinese nationals have made in regards to crypto currency. Strict laws will be imposed, and those who do not follow the current guidelines will be punished by having their bank accounts frozen and perhaps even having some of their assets taken over.

In a global economy that has gone crazy for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it’s not difficult to see that the actions of these regulators will have a huge impact upon the world economy at large. This, of course, is a far cry from where China one stood in relation to cryptocurrency. In fact, China was once a haven for cryptocurrencies. However, recent rules and regulations have been put into place, and those who have invested in crypto currency‘s are feeling the pain. Perhaps this is why so many offshore platforms were created in order to serve as a sort of loophole, allowing Chinese citizens to participate in the crypto craze. However, it is recently become obvious that authorities are aware of these loopholes and are taking major steps to ensure that they are closed up.