Clay Hutson, the musical genius

Clay Hutson is one of the few people who can proudly say that they were able to turn a childhood passion into a thriving career. Clay Hutson developed a passion for music while still in his teenage years. He was not like every other typical teenager who would refer to listening to music as a passion. He was very keen on every little detail about music especially when watching concert events. This led him to seek a career in the industry after majoring in Theatre Design in the University.
For several years, Clay Hutson began his career as a marketer in the music industry but has since then become quite the sound engineer and music producer. Clay worked in a variety of companies in the much sector, each from which he learned a great deal about the industry and developed the skills that make a stand out from the rest today.
During the 2015 bleed like me world tour by Garbage the Band, Clay played the vital role of monitor engineer. The tour lasted for a couple of months and performed on different venues in North America, Australia, and Europe. Clay was also the operator of the automatic rigging system during One Republic’s global tour, the Honda Civic Tour that lasted for three months in North America and Asia. Clay Hutson is famous for regularly but not exclusively working with Rock bands and artists. Other artists that he has worked with include Pink, Kid Rock, Guns and Roses just to name a few.
Clay Hutson owns and operates a firm that provides a wide range of services all leaning in the music scene. These services include tour management, sound engineering services which is Clay’s forte, concert management, concert designing services and production. The company also renders its services to event organizers.
Clay Hutson takes on his tasks as project manager very seriously. He tends to overthink until he gets exactly what the client requested for. This perfectionist nature, interaction and leadership skills toward the employees he employs and passion have made him remain relevant in the industry after more than a decade. Clay is obsessed with every new technology in the industry that would improve on his work. He is continually looking out for the latest gizmo in the market and trying it out. DIGICO products have for one is a must-have for Clay, for this reason, he took on a job managing Lewis Aaron tour just to get a chance to use one of DIGICO’s latest inventions. Learn more:

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