Dr. Scott Rocklage Finds a cure for DM1

Scott Rocklage, PhD. is a Bay Area-based healthcare leader and entrepreneur. He is known for his contribution to 5AM Ventures as Venture Partner and Managing Partner. Dr. Rocklage has over 20 years of experiences in healthcare management and several accomplishments under his belt, including his contribution to the distribution of three FDA approved drugs–Omniscan, Teslacan and Cubicin. Prior to his career in healthcare, Dr. Rocklage was a student at the University of California–Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received both of his bachelor’s and PhD degrees in chemistry. At MIT, he was a student in Dr. Richard R. Schrock’s research laboratory. Dr. Schrock is a Nobel Peace Prize winner in Chemistry in 2005.

In a recent article by the Medical Daily Times, a headline stating that Dr. Rocklage is leading the way to a cure. Dr. Rocklage who oversees Expansion Therapeutics, a medical team that dedicates to genetic disorders research, including Myotonic dystrophy type I, also known as DM1. DM1 is the primary leading cause of muscular dystrophy in adults. Several other reputable business ventures partake in leading the financing the research in order to help find the cure. DM1 is a genetic disorders that can affect generations of family and it passes down genetically. Currently, there is no medical treatment for those diagnosed with DM1.

In a press released by Dr. Rocklage where he announced that Dr. Matthew D. Disney of Expansion Therapeutics will be the leading researcher on the team. Dr. Disney and his team has had over 12 years of disease-related RNA that can be addressed and treated with small molecule medications. They are close to finding the treatment to cure DM1. The team that Dr. Rocklage put together for the breakthrough research seems to show great promising ahead of the medical research community. Learn more: http://www.thestylemaponline.com/the-amazing-career-of-scott-rocklage-of-5am-ventures/

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