Stansberry Research is Not Optimistic for the Future

Stansberry Research is independent of any political affiliation and is acknowledged to report on the economy according to the truth rather than political biases. Owned by Frank Porter Stansberry, they were founded in 1999 and have proved beyond anyone’s imagination that they are a politically unbiased opinion. They have tackled issues of controversy such as Obama’s administration bailing out the banks, the automotive industry bailout, the economic collapse of the European Union, as well as many others.

Stansberry Research is now taking the time to inform on the negative impact that President Donald Trump’s most recent decisions are having on the economy. In their paper Fleet Street Letter, which comes out monthly, they are advising American citizens to purchase any long-lasting items now. This is due to the fact that the deficit has risen exponentially and they are looking at elation increase the value of the dollar. This means companies will hike up their prices to make the same profit margins.

In addition to this problem, Stansberry Research is affirming that the common goods made of steel and aluminum will also be increasing in prices. Things such as canned goods, soda, and even vehicles, will rise by at least 10% to 20% in cost. This is because President Donald Trump is increasing tariffs on the steel industry. He hopes this will convince people to bring jobs to America. Unfortunately, this will only cause them to make prices go up and further weaken the American citizen.

Lastly, Stansberry Research reported in their newsletter True Well that a trade war is looming and everyone will suffer. In an effort to stop the United States from bullying other countries the European Union has threatened to impose their own tariffs on the United States of America. This will harm the most profitable exports we have.

Ultimately, Stansberry Research is telling Americans that the dollar will lose value, that the price of common goods will increase, and layoffs are going to happen on a mass scale ( All in all, this is a recipe for disaster. Let us hope that Trump changes course.

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