US Calls Out China for Strong-arming American Companies

As trade tensions continue to simmer between the United States and China over tariff threats by both countries, a new controversy is erupting regarding China’s decision to instruct foreign airlines to remove information that insinuates that Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong are not part of their country. Not happy with this perceived act of coercion by China, the White House is publicly speaking out about China’s strong-arming. The issue stems from The Civil Aviation Administration of China recent’s directive to 30 international airlines, including those owned and operated by US companies.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the act “Orwellian nonsense”, stating that China was imposing its Communist views on the rest of the global economy. Chinese government officials consider Taiwan to be a territory, while Macau and Hong Kong are widely recognized as special administrative regions. Sanders and other US officials believe this force of power by China is a reflection of that country’s desire to impress its Communist philosophies on American companies.

This is not the first act of hostile action directed toward US companies by China in relation to this issue. Early this year, China blocked Marriott’s websites and apps in its country for one week after the hotel chain recognized Taiwan, Macau, Tibet, and Hong Kong as individual countries. Delta Airlines also raised the ire of China after it listed Tibet and Taiwan as distinct countries.

The Early Career of Cassio Audi

Over the years, rock music has received its fair share of criticism. Besides, there have been questions about the best genre of music. Consequently, people have presented their opinion regarding different sub-genres of rock music. While most of these people can agree that rock music is vehemently overriding the ladder of some of the most emotional music genres, others are of the opinion that rock music is too aggressive for a typical music lover. However, Cassio Audi is of a different view regarding rock music; he found a career platform that led him to the people of Brazil. Here is a short narration of his early life, music career and delving into a career in financial services.

The Beginning of his Career

Cassio Audi was born in Brazil. At a tender age, he developed a particular passion for music. Therefore, he joined a few friends namely; Felipe, Pit, and Andre alongside Yves to form a band called Viper Rock Band. Since 1985 after the formation of the rock band, he spent most of his life initiating viable ideas that would later help him to connect with his fans more naturally. For instance, Cassio Audi chaired the formation of new songs namely; Killera, Nightmare alongside Princess from Hell.

Following his Success

Moreover, Audi assisted in composing the new albums including Soldiers of Sunset, launched in 1987. Over and above, the album was creatively structured to showcase different flavors of rock music. Thereafter, Audi contributed to the composition of Theater of Fate in 1989. Similarly, the album was vastly appreciated by their fans. From that moment onwards, Cassio’s band landed huge record deals inclusive of essential road trips to Europe and America. Other than that, Cassio Audi had strong personal links with his fans. To know more about him click here.

Joining School and the World of Business

Consequently, Audi interacted with them with the intention of understanding their personal lives. For that reason, he quit music to join the University for higher education. Having majored in business administration, he chose to help the people of Brazil with financial management strategies.

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Investment Guru Warren Buffett Thinks The U.S. Economy’s Growth Rate Is Higher Than Two Percent

For the last seven years, the U.S. economy has plugged along at a meager two percent growth rate. When that rate is compared to India’s and China’s economic growth, the U.S. is not even in the ball game. India and China’s economic growth rate is in the six to eight percent category. But the Trump administration thinks maintaining a 2.3 percent rate is good news. But something isn’t adding up, according to some economists. The unemployment rate in the U.S. is 3.9 percent, so more Americans are working, but the GDP output is not increasing. Trump wants a three percent growth rate, and according to investor Warren Buffett, he may already have his three percent economic growth rate.



Mr. Buffet said the economy grew by 2.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2017. And he thinks U.S. economic growth now equals or surpasses that growth. But Buffett also said there is no way to tell what the growth percentage is, according to a Reuters article. But the president’s tax cut should help increase economic growth, according to Buffett.



The current 2.3 growth rate that the Commerce Department released last week is not what Trump was expecting. But the president believes his $1.5 trillion income tax package will do the trick once people start spending the money they are getting back from the government. That sounds like it could work if consumers spend the money instead of saving it. But Buffet feels comfortable talking about positive growth even though Trump is on the verge of starting a trade war that could negatively impact U.S. economic growth.

The Multi-talented Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is an event Tour rigger, and also a sound engineer, stage manager and tour producer and he is based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. In that case, he could as well be said to be an entrepreneur as he owns a business in the music industry. He has been involved in various tours, and this year, he has joined Tim McGraw and the likes of Faith Hill on the second leg of their Soul2Soul which is a world tour. Clay Hutson’s presence in the tour being a respected and renowned tour producer means that it will be well managed and presented. His experience is of over 20 years, he has assisted various musicians to put up live performances and managed their stage and offered them excellent sound. Initially, Clay Hutson worked only as a sound engineer and once toured with the sound team of Billy Graham. With time though, his love for rock ‘n’ roll pushed him to venture into the music industry entirely. From then moving forward, he has been traveling to various states from Europe, Australia and North America where he does what he loves best; assisting musicians put up live shows to entertain their fans. His hard work and dedication to his work have made him become recommended by various artists who find his work appealing.

To back his passion and career in the music industry, Clay Hutson studied Theatre Design & Technical Production and earned his MBA from Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the Michigan University. He has worked for various individuals and companies from being a manager with Getagrip Touring Inc., Ronin Event Creative, and stage manager for Halsey and rigger for Kid Rock. Others include Garbage, Guns N’ Roses and Pink as well as Kelly Clarkson. The best thing with Clay Hutson is that he values all events whether big or small and offers them the best which makes him most people’s favorite person for the job.


Clay Hutson became involved in the music industry from childhood, and that means that his experience is well founded and has improved over the years. He is also known for his love and mastery for DiGiCo consoles and prefers specific music systems that fit his work and helps him deliver efficiently no matter the event. With his company, he offers a wide range of other services such as production design, show production, monitor engineering, logistics management, production management and rigging. In that case, he offers his clients a one-stop facility where they can find everything related to entertainment and live events. Learn more:

The Trump Administration Wants China To Cut The Trade Deficit by Sixty Percent Over The Next Two Years

President Trump is playing with economic fire, and he thinks he’s not going to get burned. Last week, the Trump administration sent an economic delegation to China to make a deal. His trade sanctions started an economic sparing match, and that’s not good news for American consumers. The delegation wants China to reduce the trade deficit by $200 billion over the next two years. The trade deficit was $336 billion in 2017. And the U.S. delegation also asked China to stop taking U.S. intellectual property from the U.S. companies who sell that property in China. If China does what Trump wants, he will take away his tariff threat. That threat impacts about $50 billion worth of Chinese goods.

That sounds like an economic hardball at its finest, according to a article. The head of the White House National Trade Council, Peter Navarro, is in charge of the negotiations. Navarro is not as cooperative and he is not as fair when it comes to negotiating as Larry Kudlow, Trump’s top economic advisor. The Chinese rejected Navarro’s offer. According to associate director of the Cato Institute’s Center of Trade Policy Studies, Simon Lester the delegation knew the Chinese would reject a deal like that.

Lester thinks the Trump administration is putting on a show so the Chinese will turn down the offer and Trump will enforce his tariff plan. There’s a big difference between what China will do and what the U.S. wants from China. And the Chinese are not backing down. A trade war with China will fuel inflation in the U.S., according to some economists and U.S. consumers will pay a heavy price for wanting to buy China products that other countries can’t produce.

Argentinian and Turkish Economies Continue to Falter

As investors continue to flock to the stability and strength of financial markets such as the United States and China, the emerging markets of other less stable economies are feeling the brunt. On Friday, interest rates in Argentina hit 40% as that nation’s central bank forced its third rate hike in just eight days. Prior to the string of hikes, interest rates were hovering at about 27.25%. National officials are executing the hikes as an attempt to stop the Argentine peso from falling more against the stronger US dollar. So far in 2018, the peso is down approximately 15% against the dollar. Argentina is especially vulnerable in this impending economic crisis because of its low rate of imports compared to its country’s amount of exports, known as an account deficit.

On the other side of the ocean, Turkey is also feeling the pain of large account deficit and sliding value of its national currency. The lira has dropped 11% against the US dollar this year alone, while Turkey’s stock market index is also down 11% in 2018. In addition to the account deficit, the threat of political instability, as well as high inflation, are contributing to the perilous economic situation.

Investors leaving these two countries are pouring their money into the more stable US markets due to the increasing bond yields and the strong US dollar. The dollar has boasted a 4 percent surge against other similar currencies since mid-April.

Trump may have won the first round of Chinese trade way, but remains silent on what victory entails

President Trump started a trade war with the Chinese. The controversial conflict has had some positive effects on the economy, even as the negative effects continue to proliferate. The former-reality television star may have won the first round of the trade war, according to a recent article in The Hill.

The Hill article remains silent about which particular victory won. The author decided to keep it shrouded in secrecy, noting only the secrecy is needed. Perhaps like many other claims of the Donald and his supporters, this claim must be put into the false category. The article also speculates that their may be good reason for the secrecy as well.

Both China and the United States worried about North Korea’s recent missile tests. Neither nation wants to see a nuclear war. President Xi cannot afford to lose face and neither can the president of the United States. Despite this, the current trade war threatens the economic relationship between the two countries.

Trum first expressed his concerns about China and its economic policies in his 2000 book Crippled America. He expressed his concern in writing again in 2015. The Hill report suggest the White House’s economic team demanded sweeping concessions from the country that threatened the foundation of the country’s communist party’s constitution.

At home soybean farmer worry that the American farmer will no longer be able to sell soybeans in the Chinese market. China is one of the largest market for soybeans even before ethanol demand is considered.

Iowas governor Signed an Abortion Law

Iowas governor Kim Reynolds has recently signed one of the countries most restriction abortion ban into law. Now Kim Reynolds understands that this type of policy can be controversial but she has already explained that regardless of what people feel she is not going to be backing down on what she believes in.

“Planned Parenthood” has already overheard and has been expressing their outrage over this. Executive Vice president of planned parenthood has already explained that they will be suing the state of Iowa over law and that she is tired of politicians in Iowa being hell bent on controlling women’s bodies.

Now the stipulations for this law include exceptions in which an abortion would still be allowed. These exceptions include a situation where pregnancy threatens the life of the pregnant woman or if theirs a case in which the fetus will not survive birth. Now there are also open exceptions for cases of rape or incest, but the woman would have to report on it within 45 days which has been stated at

Due to there being two conflicting sides to the argument there will be more to be discussed therefore, it is unsure if this law would even pass or not. These types of bills have had their fair share of history trying to get passed but never really got signed until this one. There has been one in Iowa once before in 2016 but got vetoed by Republican John Kasich. So overall, this bill may cause a high amount of controversy but will continue to be looked at and discussed.

Trump administration holds off on imposing tariffs on Mexico, Canada and the EU

Trump threatened to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum from China, Mexico, the European Union and Canada. While the fate of the Chinese tariff remains uncertain, Trump announced he would hold off on imposing tariffs on Mexico, Canada and the European Union, according to the Chicago Tribune. The president remains concerned with many Chinese economic policies and is waiting for the nation to make concessions.

China’s lax treatment of international intellectual property laws has been a problem for administrations before the current one. Previous presidents kept the current policy intact while making noise about getting the Chinese to respect the intellectual property rights of other nations. Trump is the second president to do more than just make noise. George W. Bush also attempted to correct the situation during his administration.

His policy on the European Union has confused many people as he praises individual countries while criticizing others. Trade relations with Mexico have cooled since the administration placed tariffs on the import of certain produce from the nation. Tensions have increased over the course of his presidency. Comments he made during the campaign and his repeated threat to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Mexican president Vicente Fox took to national television to make it clear that Mexico had no intention of paying for Trump’s wall.

All of these trade wars come during Robert Mueller’s investigation and continued accusation of the president’s campaign. The president’s recent hire Rudi Giuliani to help with his legal woes. As the case gets closer, the president’s threats to fire Mueller increase.